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Just'a Waiting
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This thread is a place to post all challenges. All challenges on this site need to be SessKag. If you have any questions contact a moderator.
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TOPIC: Just'a Waiting
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Just'a Waiting 4 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 0
Hey Dokuga Fam!
Soooo obviously school is starting (for those of use who still have to yet to be rid of it lol) and I decided I wanted to issue a story prompt er challenge whatever! I originally was going to just keep the idea to myself but I find that with working full time and going to school full time makes it incredibly hard to write continuously...I already have you guys waiting on one story...

So here it goes:

Sesshoumaru has to be either involved with another woman-it could be heavy or it could be mild- or married but the implication that he is seeing someone (other than Kagome) HAS to be there.

Kagome MUST be a waitress/college student. You can obviously decide the school, her schedule, classes etc However the restaurant MUST be a VEGAN RESTAURANT. Do your research Ladies *cough* and Gentlemen. She could either be single or taken it doesn't matter. I just think that a man going to a restaurant with his significant other and falling for the waitress is kind of cute haha.

On to the specs...I'm a sucker for romance *cheeses* and I WANNA FEEL lol. This work MUST be a Sess/Kag pairing and each chapter can be from 100 to 300 words. Or if anyone thinks they can make this a one-shot feel free. Also the rating can be K+ or MA just make sure to mention which you are using!

I just really am looking forward to reading a story similar to my idea...yes it came to me in a dream! I might still put out my own version but there is definitely no time limit on that.

Please post chapters/one shots to this thread! I will try to create a banner for this challenge(unless someone wants to make one for me?? No? Okay)
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