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Sesshomaru tries take Shippo from Kagome
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Just make a thread outlining as much about the general plot as you can remember, and any defining details that made the story stick with you. Good luck!
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TOPIC: Sesshomaru tries take Shippo from Kagome
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Sesshomaru tries take Shippo from Kagome 2 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0
I am desperately trying to find a story I read years ago, either here or on FF.Net. These are snippets that I remember from it.

- Kagome meets a modern version of Sesshomaru during one of her trips home through the well. The present-day Sesshomaru has changed over the centuries and is worlds apart from his feudal counterpart. He also goes by another name in the modern era (I can't remember it) that Kagome refers to when speaking about him in the past.

- Kagome and future Sesshomaru continue meeting up whenever she is home in her era, and he gives her solid advice on how to deal with certain situations in the past (without giving too much away) and how to deal with his past self to gain his assistance in defeating Naraku

- Feudal era Sesshomaru is attracted to Kagome, which infuriates him to no end and causes him to act even colder with a liberal amount of prime grade A+ ass most of the time.

- Somehow, Shippo can travel to Kagome's time and meets the future Sesshomaru and agrees to keep his identity a secret. He approves of this of the daiyouaki for his mother figure.

- At some point, past Sesshomaru learns about Kagome's possible relationship (not who) and tries to persuade her to choose him, and invites both Miko and her kitsune kit to his shiro. The Western Lord tried to court Kagome but continued to fail due to his lack of understanding about humans in general. In retaliation, Shessomaru invited a Kitsune lord of some distant relation to Shippou to try and separate the pair.

- It backfired, and Kagome rejected Sesshomaru's suit very publicly right there. Humiliated and not used to being denied, Sesshomaru loses it and attacks Kagome, but before the attack could land (I think), Future Sesshomaru appears and protects her. In the process, future Sesshomaru visibly bestows a particular scar on his younger self which would cause (past) him a lot of shame in youkai society because of attacking his (their) intended.

- Kagome and her Sesshomaru (not sure about Shippou) return to the future. They talk and settle things. Unfortunately, present-day Sesshomaru has a relatively highly persistent (obsessive) admirer who turns out to be Kouga and Ayame's daughter. The wolf girl doesn't believe Kagome is who she says she is, nor that the relationship between Kagome and Sesshomaru is genuine. So she attacks Kagome, which by youkai law, is easily a death sentence. As a result, she is permitted to live a life of shame and forbidden to have a mate or children of her own.
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Re:Sesshomaru tries take Shippo from Kagome 2 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 134
Finding her strength
yes the link works

MA just in case, as Sesshomaru is a bit of a dick in the past
I do hope this is it, it is a fantastic read.
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the very well beaten and freshly tenderized demon was carried away by his friends
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