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With the Rain by Azurena


A/N It’s ridiculous how many thoughts I always have running through my mind. I know I haven’t finished Once a Year or Nights of the New Moon yet, but sometimes I get ideas that I HAVE TO WRITE! :P I can’t help it.

I fully intend to finish my other works . . . Eventually :D

Please just bear with my overactive muse! Thank you!


Chapter One: Sacrifice


My mother’s tears fell like drops of crystal, and I reached out to her, wanting to soothe her pain away.

She shuffled back, and I let my hand fall. She cried harder.

“Forgive me. Please forgive me.”

I offered her a wan smile, which only served to send her further into hysterics. “There is nothing to forgive.”

I lifted my arms, and she shambled behind me, choosing to wrap me in my shiro-maku instead of embrace me. The wedding kimono was beautiful to be sure, and accented my own beauty perfectly.

The thought made me grimace.

Gently, as if she thought I would break, my mother rested her palms on my shoulders and guided me to a silk cushion. Once seated, I felt her fingers twist into my hair, shaping it into the traditional bunkin-takashimada style before adorning it with golden kanzashi. Without a doubt, I would look breathtaking, and I felt myself burn with anger.

“There,” she said as she helped me to my feet. “Now you need only one last thing.”

I watched as she turned to the side and unfolded a turquoise uchikake, richly embroidered and obviously expensive. I’d never seen one in a blue shade, but I knew why this outer kimono was special.

It was usually worn over the wedding kimono during the reception. As I slipped into it, luxuriating in its silky feel, I understood why my mother had given this to me now.

There would be no reception for me.


A/N: Kind of a prologue. These chapters won’t be very long, unless I really get into it, and it’ll be kinda sporadic, but let me know what you think! :P


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