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I've got you..... by Walter205

Under under under

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 "I've got you, under my skin....," sang Sesshomaru while Sango took her short sword and carefully used it to remove a section of the demon's skin and upper layer flesh from his newly regenerated arm. Complying with the request from the demon lord, she took the bloody mess and rubbed it over her breasts, shuddering in the strange but somewhat nice feel of his warm bloody flesh coating her breasts with warm red liquid, her nipples hardening and heat starting to pool between her legs.

 Next, it was a naked Kagome's turn to kneel in front of Sesshomaru, who proceeded to run his bloody arm over her breasts, flat stomach, and in between her legs. The pain and heat from doing so flooded through his body and pooled near his groin, forcing him to let out a little grunt. Kagome, who had her eyes closed because of the sickness of the whole thing, let out a little more than just a mere grunt. Moans, and whimpers, from both pleasure and disgust, escaped her lips.

 Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at the demon slayer.

 "The chest cavity next," growled the demon lord in lust.

 Complying with his order, Sango picked up her short sword again and stabbed it into his chest. He grunted in pain, and opening her eyes, Kagome gasped in immediate shock and worry.

 Keeping her sword impaled inside of him, Sango pulled it downwards, splitting his chest cavity open as he had ordered. Sticking two hands inside of the wound, she pulled them apart, opening his rib cage gently apart and exposing his internal organs.

 Sesshomaru groaned as pain coursed through his body.

 "Lick," he ordered both of them. Both girls moved closer and starting licking his internal organs, both of them gagging on his blood and other body fluids. His blood coated the forest floor, but he cared not. Their tongues licking his beating heart and other internal organs, he moaned this time before he began singing again....

 "I've got you, inside of my heart...,"

 The two girls withdrew their heads from his chest cavity, just as it began to close with the healing effects. The linger effect of their touch inside of him was finally enough to send him over the edge, and gripping his dick, he sprayed semen over first Sango's face and chest, then with plenty left over, did the same to Kagome. As he laid back, relaxing to allow his body finish fully healing him and replacing what he's lost in the way of blood and other fluids, both girls looked at each under from the mess of sticky warm liquid, both semen and blood, that covered their bodies.

 "Sango....," Kagome whined. She didn't know she would become sexually aroused from this, and now she was left unsatisfied AND disturbed at the same time.

 "I know Kagome. Next time he wins a bet, we are definitly doing 'stripping and having sex' over 'stripping and testing the limits of his healing abilities'," growled Sango as she felt her own need slowly leaving her body.

 Stupid dogs.


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