Ryo chan (Chapter 1) - Wed 06 Mar 2019

Take my money, as always very well written 

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

Dude you are one sick pupoy

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jun 2011

that was disgusting...  and fun.  I'll take some Brain Bleach if you got any!


Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 1) - Sat 19 Feb 2011

OH STUPID MORBID CURIOUSITY!!! -chunks a twenty at you for the eye bleach- keep the change!!!! oh wonderfully twisted writing....-scrubs retina's like no tomorrow-

ItsyBitsySpider (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Jul 2010

That's so sick.  <3  Lol

DestinysTears (Chapter 1) - Mon 14 Jun 2010

ARGH!!! So gorey and crazy but so strangely great at the same time... 'Nuff said. Eye bleach please. xD Walter, you need an award, like woah.

Quiet Whisper (Chapter 1) - Mon 22 Feb 2010

ack! Gimme the eyebleach quick! *tosses $2.50 at you while clawing at her eyes* Why oh why did I let my curiosity get the best of me?!?!?!?!

phishbon3s (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Jan 2010

Once again, I am glad to have never ran into your muses in a dark alley somewhere. They both scare and fascinates me. As does your stories occasionally.

But per usual, your writings are wonderfully (and sometimes horrifyingly) done.

I applaud you, sir.


Kirai (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Jan 2010

LMAO  That was funny


Naraku (Chapter 1) - Fri 18 Dec 2009

Dx -Blinded. Crashes into the nearest wall in an attempt to remove the scene from his minds eye.- NOOOO!!


Now I don't want to eat my steak. ;-; DAMN YOU!

Sorrows Amaranth (Chapter 1) - Mon 14 Dec 2009

that was tres wrong

laenfante (Chapter 1) - Thu 03 Dec 2009

Hmm...well; that was disgusting enough, I think. You do realize that you've ruined that song for me forever.

Do you accept checks?

Anonymous (Chapter 1) - Thu 03 Dec 2009

eek! that was a bit graphic haha. and a dbsk song!! or at least i think it is. definitely an interesting story.

Inu Guardian (Chapter 1) - Thu 03 Dec 2009

That was....completely....Whoa.  I will NEVER get that out of my mind.  Nicely done, Walter!  *stumbles off* Where's that blasted EyeBleach.....

Sessygurl (Chapter 1) - Thu 03 Dec 2009
Eww!Just a little gross

sesshys_jaded_samuri (Chapter 1) - Thu 03 Dec 2009

OMG!  definitely want eyebleach...now...quickly...before the image is permanently burned into my retinas.

imosea (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Dec 2009

O_O oh geez. um, that was wonderful!!!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Dec 2009

lmao. omg thats so not what i thought you would do with that song! i totally expected  "vore" hahahaha loved it!

MoonlightSerenade (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Dec 2009

0.0 Wow! Walter i am always speechless when i read your stories!! That was different! In a totally good way of course....but now i an off to use some eye bleach.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Dec 2009

Disturbing, very disturbing.

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