Tana_san (Chapter 4) - Thu 11 Dec 2014

I figured since I've caught up on all my back stories that 'd check back under your fics and see how you started. My, my, our Kagome was a very naughty vixen. Though Kagome may have had just a little experience and all the future's teachings, Sesshoumaru surely showed her he's an astute student and gave her what she craved and more!

I rather like the way you interpret your sex scenes. It gets a girl hot and keep her wanting more. Great job. Now I've got to go cool off because unfortunately I'm in no condition to have this alleviated. I wonder, does a cold shower work for a girl too?  JEN

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 4) - Mon 26 May 2014

This was nice story and I enjoyed it!

KittyMejia (Chapter 4) - Thu 22 May 2014

The end as in end of chapter/ series

Kessa (Chapter 4) - Thu 22 May 2014

Very nice!!  Loved reading this chapter. 

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 3) - Mon 19 May 2014

Oh really great this far^^

Can´t wait for the last chapter!!!

How will she teach him?

Really love this!!!!
Have fun!!



LoveAndFaith (Chapter 3) - Mon 19 May 2014

Keep it up, keep it coming.

Kessa (Chapter 3) - Mon 19 May 2014

I like how Kagome takes charge.  Can't wait to see more. 

dancingfingers (Chapter 2) - Sun 18 May 2014

OOOOOO Kagome, I can't wait for the private... tutoring! LOL

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 2) - Sat 17 May 2014

Nice chapter, keep it coming.


Kessa (Chapter 2) - Sat 17 May 2014

Niiice!   To see Sesshomaru screwup, ah, priceless.  Can't wait to see more :). 

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 2) - Sat 17 May 2014


Poor Sesshomaru!!!!!!!!

Oh Kagome, that was a bit mean:P

Hopefully the others will not see the little marks Sesshomaru had left.

And I look forward to his first lesson:)

Have fun!!!


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Fri 16 May 2014

Nice, keep it coming.

How God Created Mother

Good took the fragrance of a flower,
The majesty of a tree,
The gentleness of a morning a dew
The calm of a quiet sea,
The beauty of a twilight hour
The soul of a starry night
The laughter of the rippling brook,
The grace of a bird in flight,
Then God fashioned from these things
A creation like no other,
And when His masterpiece was through,
He called it simply...MOTHER.

Happy Mother's Day!

Kessa (Chapter 1) - Fri 16 May 2014

Nice!  This looks very interesting, I cant wait to see more :)

Kitten (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 May 2014

Interesting. I would like to read more.

Jekya (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 May 2014

Very good cnt wait till the next installment

cassandra (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 May 2014

This is going to be an awesome story I just know it! 

consuelo marquez (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 May 2014

oh my god yessssss. i cant wait to read (if you plan on continuing) a fic where sesshoumaru is not shy, but LIKE that and kagome knowsa bit more than him.   its ooc a bit  but who cares?!

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 May 2014

Oh Ho, know it will become interesting^^

A really good start and I can´t await the next chapters.

Now what will Kagome do to our Sesshomaru?

Have fun!!!



Lchan (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 May 2014

Can't wait for the next update. Sounds good already and it's nice for a change that Sesshomaru hasn't

already been with half of Japan this time >.< like most other stories. 

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