Object of my desire! by Moonlight Silk

Object of my desire!

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It was days like these that Sesshomaru hated the most, the miko walking in front of him unhurriedly, her hips swaying in tandem with the breeze without a single thought as to what she was doing to him. A gentle wind lifted the short green skirt that she always wore which made his heart beat twice as fast, erratically.

Unbidden, sexual tension had him almost reaching out to touch the salacious image that it presented. Long legs that seemed to stretch endlessly for days, the edge of the lacy pink undergarments that she wore exposed a round, firm butt. He hissed, then licked his lips that had become dry with thirst.

The spasm in his loins sent shockwaves of delight throughout his manhood and it hardened painfully. The bulge prominent and he had a mind to leave before he was seen in such a compromising position. But he re-considered as he walked alone at the back of the group un-noticed.

“Inuyasha,” she shouted, “jewel shards up ahead.”

The hanyou nodded and charged forward without conveying his intentions, although obvious, he thought the boy to be hasty and brash. He snorted in disgust as the object of his desire made a mad dash after his brother and called out his name.

How he wished that she would notice him, because he could never put into words all the indecent thoughts and images his mind conjured up relentlessly. He knew that he wanted her and in the worst way. But alas he knew nothing about pleasing a woman.

His formative years were spent training and fighting, and by the time he should have had his first experience his father had died for a woman and the desire had waned, until now.


In the cover of darkness he watched and waited for the priestess to come and bathe in the river. It was a nightly ritual, one that he found pleasing because she always smelled so clean and fresh.

The bush his camouflage and there he remained still as a stone. He didn’t wait too long as the woman who tormented his mind, body and soul came into view.

She had company; it was the tajiya and the kitsune. He didn’t wish to witness anything the other two did, only her, and so he looked away. The moon caught his attentions and he stared at it in a blind haze for some time.

Luck, it must be with him tonight, as he heard the one called Sango leaving.

“Don’t stay out here too long,” she said as she walked away with the kitsune.

“I will be there shortly, tell Inuyasha not to come looking for me.” she replied cheerily.

With her head resting on the side of the small pond and her arms outstretched she closed her eyes, sighed and then uttered.

“Sesshomaru I know that you watch…Stop hiding and come to me.”


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