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ponpiri (Chapter 23) - Sun 20 Jan 2019

Aw poor Kagome. She thinks he only sees her as sex... but since when has a fwb saved their partner from dying??? These fools typically don't bother to text a good morning LOL

Will Sesshoumaru's mother make an appearance? 

Gee (Chapter 23) - Sat 19 Jan 2019

Aww. I hope Sesshomaru won't be that dense & understand what Kagome feels but... Iguess he will be dense. I'm not even sure if he knows what he's feeling himself. Kagome mught end up running away from him more before he realuzes... 

Alison (Chapter 23) - Sat 19 Jan 2019

Everything was going perfectly until the end where you broke my heart in two. I love your story and this couple I want them together so bad!!!! It makes complete sense that she's upset because she's falling in love with him and while he's definitely possessive of her I fear like Kagome that he only sees her as an object of his lust and obsession. I would really like him to see her as more but I don't know how since her lifespan is a lot shorter and she is human. *Sigh* You both made and ruined my day.  

R (Chapter 23) - Sat 19 Jan 2019

Painfully heartbreaking in those final moments. Dark and entrancing, as expected. This moment changes everything; I can’t wait to see which way it goes.

Inuyaoi (Chapter 23) - Sat 19 Jan 2019

Dark, damn near evil. I love this. No one writes smut to my liking as well as you. 

Jennifer (Chapter 23) - Sat 19 Jan 2019

Update again soon!!!

ponpiri (Chapter 22) - Wed 16 Jan 2019

This chapter was really heart-warming.

Lorena (Chapter 22) - Wed 16 Jan 2019

Oooh,  did Sesshomaru overhear Kagome's conversation with Ayame??? I am so excited to read what is next, but I wonder why she chose to withhold her confession- Is it because they're going to battle or is it out of respect or some other emotion for Sesshomaru? 

R (Chapter 22) - Tue 15 Jan 2019

I think that every other reviewer can agree that this story is painfully good to read. I feel like my heart was slowing to a stop at the end of that last chapter. You have woven a kind of magic into their complex tension; the lines between love, self-recrimination, bigotry, and the self-effacing internal change that is born of hardship is just so well-written. I love the tension and restraint that you’ve curated Sesshoumaru‘s character with; it seems so perfectly right. You’ve also done such a lovely job in peppering such lovely details (like them both smelling of the same shampoo) that as a reader you just feel stolen up into the vivid moments. I simply can’t wait to see what dark, youki brewhaha he‘s going to rain down on her somber little bedroom parade. Thank you for all of the hard work you give to this piece!

Gee (Chapter 22) - Tue 15 Jan 2019

Just wanted to say I love reading this story and am looking forward for the next chapters! 

lacey (Chapter 22) - Mon 14 Jan 2019

Omg I am litteral dying here!!!! Give me more I can’t live on the edge of the cliff like this!!! Lmao but seriously this was an amazing chapter! Keep up the great worI!!

Alison (Chapter 22) - Mon 14 Jan 2019

You JerK! WHY DID YOU END IT THERE?!?!?!? I must know what happens next!

Koree (Chapter 21) - Tue 01 Jan 2019

Kagome is daring lol stealing kisses from Sesshomaru then riding away like it was nothing! Definitely didn’t see that coming 

HikariMizu (Chapter 21) - Sun 23 Dec 2018

Please update as soon as possible OMG I can't wait to read more!!!!!!

Blommie8 (Chapter 21) - Sun 23 Dec 2018

erika (Chapter 21) - Sun 23 Dec 2018

I love your work and look forward to your updates!! Can't wait for more!! Please update soon!! 

Gee (Chapter 21) - Sat 22 Dec 2018

Ahh. Sesshomaru distracted, this dog. Haha

Kagome better watch out once she recovers. ????

Alison (Chapter 21) - Sat 22 Dec 2018

They are my OTP. You made them both so amazing and I love Sesshomaru's inner conflict and how that effects Tensagia. This is my favorite story with these two (and I've read a lot) You've captured all the characters so well I love it. 

Jennifer (Chapter 21) - Sat 22 Dec 2018

Update again soon!!! Each chapter is better than the last!!

ponpiri (Chapter 20) - Sun 16 Dec 2018

This is the best chapter yet. There are so many characters interacting with each other, yet you've managed to give the distinct voices that are true the original work. Good job! I can't wait to see how this all ends.

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