Reviews for Atlantia by Makuro767

Koree (Chapter 5) - Wed 23 Dec 2015

Poor Inu/Sess :(

Ren (Chapter 5) - Tue 15 Dec 2015

I like the story idea and the concept that Sesshomaru and InuYasha are the same person. I can honestly say that in all my years of reading fanfiction I have never come across this idea. I only have two cons to the story, its a little hard to follow because it jumps around a bit but also because I have no idea what they look like. 

You described Kagome as having a yellow and black fin and tail but then say that she has blue green scales and her mer race aren't colorful. So do they have scales on their entire body and their tails are different than the rest of the scales? Sesshomaru...well, he seems quite unattracive with all the different colors, fins popping out everywhere, and stuff hanging off him based on what you described. But then again, its a little hard to follow.

GoofyGrin (Chapter 8) - Sun 17 May 2015


Nolani (Chapter 8) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

Hi. I have been very interested in the possibilities this plot could develop into, but it's becoming harder for me to read it. The story sometimes is too jumpy for me to follow. I would suggest writing it out, then leaving it for a few minutes and then coming back and reading it out loud. That way you can hear it as well as see it to be sure it makes sense and flows smoothly to convey what you were trying to say.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 8) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

Keep it coming.

Kessa (Chapter 8) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

Ohh, an interesting twist in the plot!   I can't wait to see how this will turn out. 


Kessa (Chapter 7) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

A good chapter :). It will be interesting to see what happens with Naraku looking out over Kagome now. 


Kessa (Chapter 6) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

Hmm, looks like Kagura will be trouble.  Can't wait for more.


Leahchan13 (Chapter 5) - Fri 31 May 2013

I really like your story! Can't wait for more~!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 5) - Thu 30 May 2013

This rewrite is great, keep it coming.

Sayah1112 (Chapter 2) - Thu 30 May 2013

I like this story. I think it's a very original concept (I've certainly never read anything like it) and I love that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are the same person! What a great idea! The only thing that I think is messing with the flow of your story is that your grammar sometimes gets iffy. You mess with your tenses, and some sentences are clearly missing words. I would just go back over and re-read it before posting it up here to make sure that it reads the way you want it to. An example is

He shrugged, “Well, I saw Angelfish dove into the water when the ship caught fire…”

It should be I saw Angelfish DIVE into the water when the ship caught fire.

Other than that sort of thing, I think this story is perfect and am looking forward to more chapters from you :)

Kessa (Chapter 5) - Thu 30 May 2013

That's too bad for Kagome...but you could see it coming.  Maybe now Sesshomaru (in his Inuyasha form) try to convince Kagome that Sesshomaru isn't that bad of a person...and take that spell off of her??  Looking forwards to seeing more :)


Kessa (Chapter 4) - Thu 30 May 2013

I just can't get over Naraku!  He may be my faviourite in this.  And I love how Miroku, Sesshomaru and Menomaru take jabs at each other. 


Kessa (Chapter 3) - Thu 30 May 2013

Hm, interesting.  Let's see what other kind of drama will come up.  Will Sesshomaru truly let Kagome go?  Sad...


Kessa (Chapter 2) - Thu 30 May 2013

Ah, Naraku as a good guy.  Don't see that often, but I like it :)  Souta is ridicuously cute too!

Sesshomaru takes on the Inuyasha personality very that apart of the magic that changes him or did he practice a lot?


Kessa (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 May 2013

This is excellent so far.  I remember beginning to read the other two versions, but I think I like this one the best so far.  But I'm a little confused with the sudden output of all the clan names and descriptions..maybe you could give a side note of information regarding them all?  :)


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