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Jessica (Chapter 42) - Sun 06 May 2018

Sooooo good please keep going. I made three of my favorite world's work.

Toni (Chapter 39) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your story  to have so many different characters inermingling makes th story fun and leave your readers wing more  keep up yhe good work  

you could use some help with proof reading though  

Shiranui (Chapter 41) - Sat 14 Apr 2018

Thanks for the update! I read it a time ago and really loved this story in spite of the grammar mistakes. I'm glad that you updated this!! <3 Continue the good work! Oh and your grammar improved :) Seems the practice helps

Katrina Kee (Chapter 40) - Tue 17 Nov 2015

Oh wow oh wow wow wow!!! What more is there to say! I love how all worlds are incorporated together! Whoever doesn't like that ....well poo on you! This is one planet so it makes perfect sense for magical folk to "hide" in plain sight from greedy humans........too bad the avengers aren't around! I wouldn't personally mind some name dropping in casual conversation between characters like Thor's name or perhaps how irriated Sesshomaru is about SHIELD sniffing around, etc....... Now to the most important part... please send more chapters soon! Thank you so much for writing this!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 40) - Sat 14 Nov 2015

Great, keep it coming.

Hyacinth (Chapter 39) - Fri 16 Oct 2015

Very good story =]! The crossover worked out really well. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 39) - Sun 11 Oct 2015

You have not upload a new chapter for this story in two years and three months, I'm glad there's a new chapter now! Nice chapter, please update the next chapter quickly, keep it coming.

Shaelin (Chapter 38) - Thu 07 May 2015

There..there has to be more!!! *heavy breathing* continue!! 

Sara (Chapter 38) - Mon 09 Mar 2015

I really enjoyed this story. I liked the build up to romance and the action and blending of universes. If only all crossovers could be so nicely blended.

Crystal (Chapter 38) - Sat 10 Jan 2015

Please come back to us and write another chapter! PLEASE!! *puppy dog eyes* You're breaking my heart to not read anymore of this story in a year and half. It's the only one like this, so I wish it'll continue!

Mimiru (Chapter 8) - Mon 01 Jul 2013

Of course they would say that, they both are very similar xDDDD

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 38) - Mon 01 Jul 2013

Keep it coming. 

mari (Chapter 38) - Mon 01 Jul 2013

thanks for the update .

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 37) - Tue 25 Jun 2013

Keep it coming.

mari (Chapter 37) - Tue 25 Jun 2013

loved the update.

LM Bluejay (Chapter 1) - Tue 25 Jun 2013

All I saw was "Bleach" and I'm like "I'm so there!" 

Definitely favored for future reading. I can hardly wait to catch up with the plot. :)

Killercandycane (Chapter 4) - Wed 08 May 2013

Does that mean he's collecting her xDDDD

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 36) - Thu 25 Apr 2013

Keep it coming.

mari (Chapter 36) - Thu 25 Apr 2013

loved it.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 35) - Wed 24 Apr 2013

Both chapters are great, keep it coming.

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