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If You Say So... by Makuro767


DISCLAIMER: I don't own Inuyasha, that belong to Takahashi Rumiko-sensei. And I don't own Bleach either, Kubo Tite-sensei own that one. This is a blanket disclaimer, won't pop-up anywhere after this one in the story. Tell me what you think of the story. It came to me after I drawn SessKag with UlquiHime. YES EVERYONE! I ship UlquiHime but the rest of fan-couple will have to be discovered later in the story. Thank you so much for reading. Love you guys! XOXOXO

Higurashi Kagome sighed as she lifted off from her seat in the Shinkansen and headed out of the bullet train as the cool female electronic voice spoke her destination from the train’s speaker; “Karakura Prefecture! Karakura Prefecture...!”

Stepping out of the station, she looked around the urban Karakura town. It was close enough to Tokyo but far enough from the capital city that no one will recognise her here. Exactly what she needed to start anew; new faces, new voices and new surroundings, no more walking down roads and passing buildings that held precious memories of her lost dog eared samurai. No more looking at her friends faces and avoiding their questions about her supposed beau.

No more Feudal Fairy Tale to haunt her nights and days and picking up remnants of broken memories. She shook her head and chanted the mantra; ‘They won’t come back…’

Taking a deep breath, and coughing at the smoke that was farted by a passing lorry, she scrunched her nose at the sputtering lemon vehicle disdainfully; Kagome stepped into her new town. She dug into the pocket of her dark blue jeans and fished out a crumpled folded piece of paper. Opening the A4 size paper printed from the computer, she looked at the map for the place that she was supposed to stay at. She squint her eyes at it, “Damn Souta, my eyes aren’t as bright at yours,”

She walked around, trying to decipher the small wordings printed on the paper as Souta rather than gave her a two piece map, decided to just squeeze all the roads and significant buildings in one paper. After turning the same turn five times, stopping in front of eight different buildings and circling the residential area twelve times only to discover that she was in the wrong residential area by a strange sweet shop owner with bucket hat and clogs, Kagome finally arrived at the marked destination. The sun was dipping in the horizon when she thought that she finally has arrived and could at least take a nap in her trusty sleeping bag before calling her mother to post her things over the next day.

She opened the administration door, hearing the bell clinking overhead, signalling a guest. She stopped in front of the desk and watched a tall, thin woman appeared. For some reason, she sensed some malice in her and Kagome has learned to trust her instinct or hunch or whatever it was when dealing with people. But this time she decided to deal with it at a later date, at the moment, she’s desperate to rest her shoulders and legs, so she smiled at the long faced woman, “Hello, I’m here for the room that I rented over the internet,” She took out the letter that she printed out, “It’s been admitted by a Miss Kodakawa,”

The woman took the letter rather harshly from her and opened the envelope with a snap of a devious looking letter opener. The bird head decorating the handler looked suspiciously sadistic as Kagome waited for the woman’s respond. A moment later she looked up, “Kodakawa you said? She’s been fired two days ago,”

Kagome blinked, “I spoke to her on the phone around four days ago,”

The woman huffed as she handed Kagome the letter, “I can’t say I’m sorry for her. The girl’s a bird brain. She admitted a room that has already been rented a week before. Apparently she didn’t update the availability board,” Kagome blinked, “You mean that the room promised to me was already taken?” She frowned, “But I paid for it as-,”

The woman cut her, “I’m sorry but we can’t return the money,”

Kagome held back a groan of disbelief, “Well, do you have any other room for me to rent?” Please let them have an open room, please let them have an open room, please let them have an open… Her prayer was dashed when the woman shook her head, “Sorry, all rented. Try another place,” She took out a tape of chewing gum and turned away from a gaping Kagome, dismissing her. Kagome gasped in disbelief, all her lost direction and running around only to come up with nothing?!

Huffing, she stomped out from the building, muttering a curse at the stupid, rude administration and cursed for them a quick bankruptcy. As she fuelled out her anger by kicking at random trash on the road, she ended at an empty park. She sat on one of the empty swing and sighed, “What am I to do now? I can’t find a room to rent this late. It’s not easy to find one at the beginning anyway,”

She sat there for a moment, mopping about her down trodden fate as of late before standing up abruptly. She stretched and a wide spread smile appeared on her face, “Well! It’s not the end of the world! I’ve been to war and stuff, I can get pass this! If I don’t then what’s the point of begging my mum to let me stay on my own to be independent?!” She laughed out loud before the laughter slowly died out on her lips.

She sighed, “That being said, I guess I should at least find a budget hotel to stay for the night,” She stretched her limbs a few times more before with a smile on her face, picked up her trusty yellow travelling bag and headed for where she can see the glittering lights of town. It was a good thing that she kept up her level of her active lifestyle from her travelling years. She wasn’t easily tired but there was a limit as to how much she can move around with the kind of luggage she dragged around with her on that particular day.

Finally spotting a budget hotel that wasn’t on the seedy side of town after running around in circles for over an hour, Kagome sighed in utter relief. Hoping earnestly that they have an open room to rent for the night at least, she stepped in. The warm 80’s feeling surrounded her as thought a blast from the past and Kagome held back a shudder at the thoughts floating around in her mind, giving unattractive suggestions of what kind of rooms that the hotel have. There was a reason why budget hotels….budget hotels…

Kagome plastered a smile, though an obviously tired one, at the receptionist behind the counter. Her nametag introduced her as Kaori, and taking that as her cue to be as friendly as possible with hope that even if she can’t sleep in budget hotel, maybe the girl would be sympathetic enough to invite her to her home…hopefully. Kagome spoke in a cheery tired voice, “Hello uh…Kaori-san! Um…do you perhaps have a room open for the night?” She stressed her words in a desperate-hopeful tone, hoping the girl would take her desperate features enough to be sympathetic.

Kaori took one look at the teenager before her, eyeing the girl openly up and down. Kagome felt a tick beginning under her right eye, ‘Seriously! What is WRONG with the people in this town?!!

Kaori speculative face changed in a chirpy one, “We have a room open!”

Kagome let out a sigh of relief, “Thank you,” At least she didn’t appear as rude as she appeared at first.


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