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Hassanah (Chapter 38) - Sat 31 May 2014

Yeah sesshoumarus the best lol why does Koga even try?! But that was very sweet ! I love the way Sesshoumaru is trying for kags <3 I hope she comes round to the idea I mean damn who wouldn't wanna be super cool at everything?! Cmon kagomeeeee haha xxx

Hassanah (Chapter 38) - Sat 31 May 2014

Before I started reading I had to review to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY And freaking YESSSSSS an update!!! But you need to update the au kag/sess it was getting steamy!!!!! Urgh! Not good with titles loool xxxx mwah! 

Aryos (Chapter 37) - Sun 27 Apr 2014

Love this chapter! Sesshy fessed up.:D can't wait for next chapter!

Samantha (Chapter 37) - Tue 22 Apr 2014

I can't believe how good you are in writing this story. I'm amazed every time I read a new chapter!! And for sure hope to read more of this story. :) 

His Lady (Chapter 37) - Mon 21 Apr 2014

FINALLY!!!!!! Sesshomaru told Kagome how he felt and Kagome's stubborn behind finally listen, there is a God! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 37) - Tue 15 Apr 2014

awww good chapter!

Cannot wait for more though!

Loveyaa (Chapter 37) - Tue 15 Apr 2014

So much has happened in a week. I wonder how things will change when the gang finally shows up at Sesshoumaru's castle. It's good that Sesshoumaru is finally admitting that he feels something. Great job describing what he (and even Kagome) are going through. Everyone is having such a hard time, hopefully things turn around soon. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

beachvilla (Chapter 37) - Tue 15 Apr 2014

Yay. Enjoyed this chapter. I may have teared up at some point with Kagome's ranting... Or it could be that I really don't want to go to work this morning. Either way. Good job. Can't wait for the next chapter. 

Shaneka (Chapter 37) - Mon 14 Apr 2014

Loved both chapters, hoping for two more soon.

Margarida (Chapter 37) - Mon 14 Apr 2014

You almost made me cry here :3 

That was so intense *-* Sess coming out, Kag accepting it… Ohhhhhhh *-*

Thank soooo much for this two updates *-* <3

Margarida (Chapter 36) - Mon 14 Apr 2014

This chapter was so romantic *-* And scary at the same time. I feel bad for Kags xD 

It's amazing on how you come up with a plausible justification for Kags changing :D


It’s not my birthday, but I will take this gift gladly!

Be right back!

Thank you for the 1º update! <3

mari (Chapter 37) - Mon 14 Apr 2014

LOVED IT.thanks.

Pricila (Chapter 37) - Mon 14 Apr 2014

Loved it, great chapters and I'm excited to read how this will all end!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 37) - Mon 14 Apr 2014

Both chapters was awesome and sweet, keep it coming. Happy Early Easter!

sesskag fanatic (Chapter 37) - Mon 14 Apr 2014

YOU ARE AWESOME! this is the the most sweetest chapter ever!!! thanks and Im gonna go read it again and again^^ 

Loveyaa (Chapter 35) - Sun 13 Apr 2014

I have finally caught up! Both a good and bad thing. It has been quite the story. I do Laurie enjoy the depth of the exploration othat'll these feelings everybody seems to be having. I do like that you show the confusion and that we are all (sorta) human. I can't wait to see what happens next and how all the story lines come back together :)

Aryos (Chapter 35) - Tue 08 Apr 2014

Thank you the chapter! Made my night.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

Saya Otonashi (Chapter 35) - Sun 06 Apr 2014

Oo! Oo! Oo! You know when you should update? Soon! That ending has left me with at least 10 different possibilities! I  practically salivating at 5 he mouth in anticipation!!!!!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 35) - Sun 06 Apr 2014

Next chapter, keep it coming.

Shaneka (Chapter 35) - Sun 06 Apr 2014

Great chapter, please hurry with the next update.

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