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Revang (Chapter 39) - Wed 01 May 2019

Lol poor Sesshoumaru, getting the whole “we need to talk” line.

Seluna Maru (Chapter 50) - Thu 12 Apr 2018

Good Tale

Seluna Maru (Chapter 46) - Tue 10 Apr 2018

I admire your thought process and explanation at the end about the dark miko. But it could just as easily be argued that reiki and youki can coexist despite the battle. I give u the shikon jewel. But even that argument isn't full proof because there's a battle in the bloody thing and if u wish on it all things go to shit. But still the jewel was formed so it isn't that far fetched that a Kagome could have kept the pure light, ying and yang. 

Seluna Maru (Chapter 31) - Sat 31 Mar 2018

Woa friendxone but he doesn't even get it ????. I liked that bed crawl scene ♥?

Blythe (Chapter 34) - Thu 17 Aug 2017

So, I've only finished chapter 34. I read your note at the end and I chuckled. Just wanted to say that I personally like the pairing of Sango and Miroku, however, I do enjoy mixing things up with original characters and such when there's a good story, and I simply LOVE this story. I can't stop reading it.

Also, congrats, this is the first review I'm posting here on Dokuga. :D

Elwin Ailred (Chapter 50) - Fri 23 Jun 2017

Great story. Really left me craving for more with each chapter. Definitely worth the read. 

Fareeda Yusuf (Chapter 50) - Wed 19 Apr 2017

This Fanfic is Amazing... it took 2 weeks to read but i love it!!!!

It had all the right parts emotions man... I was TRIGGERED

I wish that Sango Shippo And Miroku could have been at the wedding though!!!!

this was Loverly as Ian Kabra from 39 clues would say!!

i comend the author!!!


ponpiri (Chapter 48) - Tue 14 Mar 2017

Seriously kagome is a bit annoying and really dense in this story. EXTRA dense. If the demonic energy from the shikon was slowly leaking into her body/soul, then it follows that she would have converted anyway and would have died without a strong demon's aid. The reason why Kikyo fell prey to Naraku's deception is because her love with Inu wasn't 'pure' as they thought. And she never found happiness in her rebirth because she carried her bitterness with her. 

I think this story is amazing, but my gosh Kagome shows her ignorance and hyopcrisy so blatantly without realizing or admitting it. I'm glad you were able to point this out in a believable way via Naraku's accusations re: her so-called forgiveness, Sesshou pointing it out by the way she regarded him against Inu and her not being able to cleanse the jewel because of misplaced blame. Even though I like Kagome's character for the most part, she tends to be absolved of a lot of her flaws just because she's the main. It's refreshing to see an author that tries to tackle who she is without turning her into a living saint.

ponpiri (Chapter 31) - Tue 14 Mar 2017

Ok. Kagome is being a bit selfish and acting just like the 'love' of her life, Inuyasha. You friendzone the guy and then use him for comfort? That ain't nice at all...

ponpiri (Chapter 27) - Mon 13 Mar 2017

I'm sensing a very strong theme, here. I guess you could say being a youkai that isn't tied down by human sentamentality is more free. I can totally get Sess' frustrations at Kagome (and humans in general) hypocrisy. 

BittersweetLady (Chapter 50) - Fri 07 Oct 2016

I absolutely loved this story. Its been one of my absolute favorites from the beginning. I could not stop once I started and read the whole thing again. Looking forward to read more of your stories.

Toni (Chapter 23) - Sun 11 Sep 2016

I just found this story and I am really enjoying it   looking forward to reading more of your stories


Roseanna (Chapter 50) - Thu 01 Sep 2016

Great story!  I really enjoyed the development of the characters over time through this fanfiction.  Keep writing, for you definitely bring out the characters' personalities! :)

Hooka (Chapter 50) - Sat 06 Feb 2016

Ohmygod that was absolutely wonderful. I haven't read a great story like that in a while. I loved the concept and the way you didn't just center on kagome and sesshoumaru but instead wove a beautiful story with all the characters. Also, big props for having a lesbian crush for kagome. I always read about sesshoumaru having a gay stalker so it was nice to have the roles reversed. It was a fun read and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you!

Nadge27 (Chapter 50) - Wed 28 Oct 2015

Really loved this story. Well thought out and developed. I felt that Sesshoumaru was treated like second best and was so not pleased lol but all's well that ends well.

Loveyaa (Chapter 50) - Thu 08 Oct 2015

What a story. Lots of be happy with who you are, give love time, family isn't only blood, and other fun little lessons. Quite the story with its ups and downs. You did a great job with it. I can't wait to see what other stories you come up with :)

Silverblossom (Chapter 1) - Thu 27 Aug 2015

This was such a cute fanfic to read. I like the way you made them end up in a sort of relationship/commitment to each other but most important of all, I love how once Sesshomaru decided that he wanted her for himself, he never once faltered in his resolve to do anything to keep her by his side. Great fanfic, please keep writing. :)

candace peaches (Chapter 50) - Sat 01 Aug 2015

WONDERFUL! thats all i can say. i loved it from start to end. i liked how sesshy came into his feelings gradually. i know men arent suppose to show feelings b/c i would make them look weak, but not feeling anything makes for a cold, empty life. im glad he got the chance to know love and show love. great writing. keep it up and i'll read more if you do. c'ya

Sleepy Space Bby (Chapter 48) - Wed 17 Jun 2015

I have to say,

this entire story wonderfully written. Kinda left a little breathless, to be honest. 



Anonymous (Chapter 50) - Fri 27 Feb 2015

Awesome, especially when Sesshoumaru was in a Suit! XOXO

Loved the Story line and the development!!!!

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