Kagaku-sha (Chapter 4) - Mon 17 Apr 2017

Loved it!

Loveyaa (Chapter 4) - Wed 30 Sep 2015

Quite an enjoyable little story. Looks like they've got each others back in more ways than one. Hope there's more where this came from :)

Irihi-Chan (Chapter 4) - Thu 16 Feb 2012

I'm literally screaming in delight(; 

Keep it up! <3



insomniac_amy (Chapter 4) - Thu 16 Feb 2012

Wow! This was so hot! Great plot and two very hot and steamy encounters. Great job Theia

Irihi-Chan (Chapter 3) - Thu 16 Feb 2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I feel like I'm watching NCIS: LA, but with my two favorite characters EVER! 

Please Update soon, again, LOVE LOVELOVELOVELOVE!<3

Saraniya (Chapter 4) - Thu 16 Feb 2012

Hot! I love how you started this story hot and end it with an even hotter chapter! Awesome story my only regret that it was so short because it was so amazing but then all good things must come to an end. :) Maybe somewhere down the line you'll crave to write a one shot for it... :)

amy (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Feb 2012

Too good for valentine's day!

Luna (Chapter 1) - Wed 15 Feb 2012

Amazing!! hot stuff, goddess!!

Saraniya (Chapter 3) - Wed 15 Feb 2012

Action packed awesomeness!!!! I love it and kind of never wanted it to end... The chemistry in action between them is awesome!

Saraniya (Chapter 2) - Wed 15 Feb 2012

Oh my gosh! This is so awesome! I have no idea what plot bunnies run around in your head but they are amazing! The details are just brilliant! I'm kind of sad that this story is only so long but I have yet to read the next chapter so off I go!

Saraniya (Chapter 1) - Wed 15 Feb 2012

That was so hot and then you made it turn so cold literally with just that mention of the one word! I loved the twist did not see that coming! Awesome work as always this is rapidly becoming my favourite piece of yours!

Rurouni Jasmine (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Feb 2012

I just...I don't have any words. *bows down to your literary prowess* Forgive me, for I do not have the proper words to articulate how much I enjoyed reading this story. The action, the plot, the sex...I just have no words. Amazing~

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