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Moral Violation by Aurora Antheia Raine

Blurring The Lines

This was written for Dokuga's Secret Valentine Exchange. I received Hatter Theory's prompts, which included Green, Russia, Brie Cheese, and Caliper. She also has an interest in Music, Motorcycles, and Tattoos. ( ...And Smut... but that wasn't on her list. It's just an added bonus. XD ) Much thanks to Smo, who beta-ed this for me at a shocking 5 a.m. Thanks to Lillian, MissKatt, Hatter (who did not know I was writing for her at the time!), Zan, Skye, Naq, Lyra, Smo, and many others in chat who cheered me on during this writing process. Thanks to Maddie who gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone by writing a genre I've never written before and thanks to Hatter, again, who gave me the prompts that led to this story.

This will be separated into four parts the way I had imagined it would be if it had made its first appearance here on Dokuga. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it, despite all my grumblings! HATTER, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Part 1 of 4

- o0o -

The patrons of Paper Moon were loud and the music even louder. Still, it could not drown out the sound of his own rapid heartbeat pounding and rushing through his ears as the woman straddling him continued to rhythmically grind her wet, slick heat against his hardened length.

He moaned - a low guttural sound that betrayed him, vocalizing the evidence of how much he desired her, wanted her, needed her. His hands tightened its grip on her bare hips, intent on pushing her away before he lost control, but only ended up drawing her closer to his heated body. His fingers slipped, hooking beneath the thin strap of her panties as she moved above him. Gritting his teeth in restraint, he fought the urge to thrust his hips upwards to meet her halfway like how he desperately wanted to.

He had not come here for this, but he would be lying if he said he had never once fantasized about her in the years they had worked together. From the first moment they met, when Toga, Director of the CIA, introduced the rookie agent as his new partner, he had felt his cock stirring to life. She had felt desire too - of that he was certain, but any relations other than professional had been strictly prohibited.

It was unethical. Dangerous. Sinful. Forbidden.

But all things forbidden only made Sesshoumaru throb with further want and need. He had lost track of how many nights he had woken to a raging hard on caused by another erotic dream of her. Always her. And yet, they had managed to stay professional, fighting their mutual lust for each other. Until now.

Until he had been forced to step foot inside the gentlemen's club as a client where Kagome was working undercover as a server. He had been unable to hold back the groan when his eyes raked over her scantily clad form, holding a tray of food in one hand while coyly flirting and conversing with her male customers.

Sesshoumaru had never wanted to rip off a woman's lacy red bra and equally as revealing panties as he did at that moment. The stockings she wore, paired with the heels on her dainty feet, made her smooth legs appear long and endless. He wanted to run his fingers along her skin, wanted to hear her gasp in pleasure, wanted to feel those legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded himself into her. Instantly, he was rock hard and throbbing.

When she turned and their eyes met, her face gave no indication that she was surprised to find him there or that she even knew who he was. He needed to let her know that the operation was in jeopardy and that her identity might be compromised. He needed to get closer to her and at a gentlemen's club, it wouldn't be a difficult task to accomplish with the stack of cash in his wallet.

It wasn't long before Kagome approached him inside a private room, which wasn't really as private as he had imagined, shoved him into a seat and straddled him, angry fire burning in her eyes. Her anger fueled her harsh, quick movements as she rotated her hips, pressing her heated core into his throbbing cock, but it only continued to ignite the flames of lust that surrounded them, burned them.

His hands twitched against her hip, wanting to feel her silky hair sliding between his fingers, to draw her closer to him, to take her, devour her, pleasure her, fuck her like she had never been fucked before. Her hands clutched at the fabric of his dress shirt, her soft breasts swaying so tantalizingly close to his face with each movement that if he wanted, he could simply lean forward and take those peaked, hardened nipples covered by a scrap of cloth into his eager mouth.


The mental image of what he could do to her, of what he wanted to do to her made his cock lurch and he released another groan. His pants were too tight and he itched to let his cock spring free from its confines but they could not take it that far. This was an act - a role they were forced to play in order to insure their identity and, at the same time, their safety.

Had this occurred under different circumstances, Sesshoumaru would not have hesitated to touch her, taste her, tease her until she begged him to take her. The intensity was almost overbearing. He had never been so hard for a woman before and if Kagome continued to rock against him, her breath hitching the way that it was, he feared that his release would be inevitable.

"W-Wait...," he suddenly rasped, needing a moment to reign himself back in.

She didn't.

Instead, her fingers slowly moved to the buttons on his shirt, running her hands teasingly over his chest and passed his necklace, before ripping his shirt open, sending buttons flying. Sesshoumaru's breath caught in his throat and his mouth went dry as she raked her nails down his chest, over his nipples, and teased along the edge of his pants.

She leaned into him, hands still stroking his bare flesh, and placed hot open-mouthed kisses upon his neck, trailing up to his ear with her tongue. She took his earlobe into her mouth and suckled, nibbling before releasing. He let out a strangled moan.

"You paid two grand for a private lap dance from a server when you could have paid a fraction of that for a stripper. Don't you think we'll be gaining some unwanted attention? Would you still like me to wait and get us both killed?" She hissed in his ear, cutting through the haze in his mind, but her voice was soft and breathy, laced with underlying fury and it turned him on even more.

Before he could respond, she ground herself into him roughly and mutual groans were wrenched from their parted lips. His entire body shuddered with pleasure and Kagome's core throbbed. She needed him to touch her, to ease the ache deep within her and she wanted to feel him - flesh against flesh with no barriers between them.

"The two bodyguards by the door," Kagome whispered, her lips brushing against the shell of his ear with each word. "Russian KGB agents gone rogue. The targets we've been looking for. To the left, Kirill Sokolov, and on the right, Mikhail Kozlov."

She pulled back suddenly and stared down at him, their eyes locked upon each other to silently communicate their mutual understanding of the situation they were in. Sesshoumaru inhaled sharply through clenched teeth when his gaze drifted to the sight of her soft lips gleaming from her ministrations on his body. He fought the urge to slam his lips forcefully over hers, but Kagome's restraints were not quite so strong.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she covered his lips with hers, running her tongue along his bottom lip as she continued to rock her body against him. The friction nearly drove him wild as he quickly dominated the kiss, sweeping his tongue inside her mouth to taste and savor her. His hands freely roamed her body - touching, teasing, caressing; slowly stroking her until she positively burned for him.

Kagome tore her mouth away from his, panting for breath as he palmed her breast, reaching inside her bra to pinch and pull at her taunt nipple. She groaned as her back arched, the new angle of her body positioning her clit closer to his hard cock. She was close - so close - and she tightened her arms around Sesshoumaru's neck as she lifted herself higher.

She wanted - no, needed - the release; just once to know what it would feel like to reach completion with Sesshoumaru. Kagome gasped soundlessly, head thrown back in pleasure as she rode him. Her movements became erratic, legs growing taunt and muscles flexing as she hung on the precipice of something mind-shattering. Her entire body hummed and tingled and with one final thrust of her hips over his straining cock, she tumbled over the edge, moaning her release with shaky breaths as her blunt nails dug into his shoulder blades.

The mild pain mixed with pleasure almost made Sesshoumaru spill his seed, but he held himself back with effort. He ripped his hands away from Kagome to clench them into tight fists, squeezing his eyes shut while gritting his teeth in restraint. He wouldn't do this. Not here. Not with an audience.  

With a content but worn sigh, Kagome slumped forward to rest her head against his shoulder. Feeling the hardness still nestled in between her thighs, she slowly began to rotate her hips again. "Come for me, Sesshoumaru," she whispered. "This doesn't end until you get your pleasure, so let go. Just let it go."

Her words, husky with the remnant of her desire, caused the last of his self control to completely slip away. A strangled groan escaped his lips as she straightened, increasing the speed and friction of her movements as she sought his release. She wanted to see and burn into her memory of the way he looked when he reached completion. There would never be another opportunity like this and Kagome would savor this moment. She would remember this always.

His eyes flickered open to meet her steady gaze and with locked eyes, Sesshoumaru began to thrust upwards into her heated core. His hands returned to its secure position upon her hips, taking in the sight of her gleaming eyes, rosy cheeks, and flushed skin.

He wondered if he would ever get another peaceful night's rest after knowing what she felt like, tasted like. After knowing how she looked when she climaxed and knowing the sounds she made in the throes of ecstasy. Would he ever be able to sleep again knowing what the heat between her thighs felt like nestled upon his throbbing cock?

Still sensitive after her recent release, Kagome let out a soft, breathy moan as she felt the tightening in her abdomen and the tingling in her core again. She panted, feeling a different type of pleasure in the way their bodies met in unison - taking pleasure in the realization of how perfectly in tune they were with each other.

"Kagome!" Sesshoumaru snarled as he exploded, his entire body growing rigid then shuddering from the aftermath.

Hearing her name cried out with such passion spurred her second release and Kagome voiced her pleasure in a scream, her legs quaking with its intensity. Only when she descended from her high did she realize their fatal error.

Staring at him with unreadable eyes, she stated flatly but softly. "My name is Airi..."

But the damage had been done and when they felt the cold barrel of a gun pressed firmly in the middle of both their backs, they realized that this just might be their very last mission.

- o0o -

End Part One.


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