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Veebee (Chapter 1) - Sat 17 Jun 2017

please im curious of what could be next!!!!

Paradise_Kiss (Chapter 4) - Wed 06 Jun 2012

I agree with r0o this story seems...unfinished ;D

Full-blown incest you say.... Me curious! ^,^ 

sugar0o (Chapter 4) - Tue 05 Jun 2012

so, i demand more from this, i'd like to see naraku finding out, sess kidna caring or even falling in love with her, maybe her even getting preggo, and who ever Sess is supporting, then kagome slitting naraku's throat and taking over as yakuza boss, Kagome-Kumacho! !!!

JeniNeji (Chapter 3) - Wed 18 Apr 2012

:nods: Perfect plan for next chapter :nods: Perfect chapter, this one was too. I believe the logic of it is true too. :nods again: Thanks for writing!

Eve Nighte (Chapter 3) - Wed 18 Apr 2012

Perfect ending to the story! It was refreshing and still HOT >D!

Can hardly wait for the next installment! :)

As for suggestions, I would love to the see two stranded/isolated somewhere together; whether it's on an island or stuck in a elevator, I think the situation would make for one hot, steamy lemon ;). Another one would be possibly in the army or training of some kind.


amy (Chapter 3) - Tue 17 Apr 2012

fANTASTIC, more, more.

Luna (Chapter 3) - Tue 17 Apr 2012

YOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome smut, as always, my dear!!!

dianne (Chapter 3) - Tue 17 Apr 2012

Haha, sessh an unwilling prostitute! I so wanna see that! XD

Lol the chapter was great too, and I think a threesome sounds fun! ;)

Saraniya (Chapter 3) - Tue 17 Apr 2012

Wow... interesting twist I thought it might turn into a threesome but you made it so that she's in love with Touga and uses Sesshoumaru as the outlet... Can't wait to see Sesshoumaru as the prostitute though its going to be so funny!

Maracuya-Chan (Chapter 2) - Tue 20 Mar 2012

MOOOORE! part 2 part 2!!!

Brittany (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012


Brittany (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012


amy (Chapter 2) - Fri 27 Jan 2012

keep up the good work, I love it!

Luna (Chapter 2) - Thu 26 Jan 2012


Do you know how much I love your lemons? I do. Alot. If I could, I'd gather them all and make lemonade, then drink it every day. 

... that just sounds wrong, doesnt? 

lol But it's true! Awesome so far, I can't wait until part two comes!

Rurouni Jasmine (Chapter 2) - Thu 26 Jan 2012
Please, plleeeaassseee continue this one. I'm all for Sess/Kag smuts and my face dropped at this chapter stopping at such a pivotal point. Lol, I can't wait for the next installment!

knifethrower (Chapter 2) - Wed 25 Jan 2012

I am enjoying how you are exploring the facets of Sesshomaru's personality. First you play upon the chilly aspect of Sesshomaru's personality, then bring in his disapproval of his father's foibles, and his covetousness of what belongs to his father.  Not really attractive character traits, but very real and very true to canon and the nature of a young male.  Papa is powerful, but kind of worn smooth by experience, while Sesshy is more jagged.  He's less controlled, and seems to feel more.  Like Kagome, I can't help but be attracted by this younger Inu.  I hope you write more soon! 

knifethrower (Chapter 1) - Wed 25 Jan 2012

I was drawn to this story by the catchy and well-written summary, and this first chapter lives up to that promise. Obsession is such a sexy concept!  The best lemon scenes never neglect the most important sex organ, the brain.  Your writing style is very descriptive, I could picture every detail, and your technical skills are excellent as well, I only noticed one little apostrophe out of place.  I can't wait to find out what happens next...   

RubyJeweler (Chapter 2) - Wed 25 Jan 2012

You should definitely continue! xD

Saraniya (Chapter 2) - Wed 25 Jan 2012

Oh my gosh! Heck yes! You need to continue this... I want to see what happens if Touga finds out! I love the role reversal that you have going on in this fic with the characters. Kagome as wanton instead of the usual horny for just Sesshoumaru. Please excuse my language. :)

FayeMegan (Chapter 1) - Thu 12 Jan 2012

Very hot ;) I like the older Kagome/young Sesshoumaru aspect. Great story!

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