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A La Smut~ by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Sensei, Sensei


: She goes by Higurashi-sensei, High School junior History teacher and her student, Sesshoumaru Matsuda was going to be her death.

A La Smut~
Installment One: Sensei, Sensei

Warnings: Hot, steamy, sex!!

x . . . . . x

It had to be a sin to look as good as the male seated in the third row furthest from the door, second seat back away from the front desk did. Pale, thinned lips were pressed into a firm line as his pencil worked across the paper with fluid grace. She shifted lightly, her hands in her lap as her mouth began to dry, when said male tossed the length of his silver hair over one shoulder because it was getting in the way of the test he was currently attempting to take. The crisp white uniformed school shirt had no wrinkles was pressed to perfection. The column of his throat had been slightly exposed from when he loosened his shirt and she ached to run her tongue along the warm flesh.

The male’s golden gaze moved over his paper, once, twice before he nodded to himself and began to make corrections here and there. Heat pooled at her core when his long, elegant fingers began to shift over the paper, pushing away any eraser bits and pencil shavings. She darted her head down toward her work when she saw him began to shift and move. Her ears caught the scrape of his chair and the slow, steady footsteps toward the front of the classroom. Through a fringe of sooty, thick lashes, she was able to observe the long, well-toned legs she knew were hidden beneath the black slacks.

The clearing of his throat had her glance upward with a soft, “Hm?” The golden orbs of his were firmly planted on her form, a thin ebony brow arching upward. His test was handed over silently and she filed it away with the others, ensuring it didn’t get mixed with the other class periods.

There was an odd light in his eyes when he spoke softly, his words causing a jolt of confusion, “Higurashi-sensei, I am in need of assistance in regards to my topic of research for my individual project. I am unable to locate any sound information to cite for my paper. Is it possible for me to stay after class today so that you may help?”

Her brows creased as she nodded her head, “Alright – but the topic you were given is widely known and there should be information everywhere. You can’t find anything?”

The young man shook his head and began again, “Therein lies my issue – it is widely known so there is much fact and fiction and I can’t seem to sort through it all.”

Again she nodded her head and took a glance at the clock; there was fifteen minutes left of class before school broke for the end of the day, “Alright, Matsuda, after class we’ll take a look.”

The light in his eyes seemed to darken and her breath caught in her throat as he gave her a quick incline of his head before retreating to his desk. As he walked away from her, her eyes seemed to navigate immediately to his a firm backside and a light blush filled her cheeks.

Oh, yes, it was a sin to look so good because he was her junior year student and she was most definitely his twenty seven year old teacher, ten years his senior.

Sesshoumaru Matsuda was sex walking and Kagome Higurashi was helpless to deny his spell.



When the bell rang, signaling the end of the day, the students filed out quickly, waves and farewells issued to the well-liked teacher. Kagome though pursed her lips when she saw her sexy student still seated as his desk. She made her way toward him, her history book held to her chest, three inch black pumps clicking against the tile of classroom floor. Her palms grew sweaty and she immediately felt as though she were under dressed even though she wore an array of similar outfits to work. Today’s was a simple white pencil skirt [oh so daring if you know what I mean] that stopped just above her knees with a two inch slit in the center, bottom, back. Her shirt was a crimson button-up, long sleeved, silken, soft to the touch, with the first two button’s undone. Her ebony hair had been pulled into an elegant yet slightly messy bun, leaving her slender neck exposed to the cool temperature of the classroom.

She knew she was a fairly attractive woman and she always dressed to impress yet today she seemed exposed somehow to the cool gaze of her student. She paused when she reached his desk, pleased to note that he already had his notes out and ready to work. Giving him a quick smile from scarlet lips, she took a seat beside him at one of the desks after pushing it slightly closer to his. “Well now, Matsuda, tell me what you have already.” The silver haired male was silent for a moment, gaze firmly on his papers and she frowned lightly, brows creasing together. “Matsuda? Matsuda? Sesshoumaru – are you alright?” Tentatively she brought lightly trembling fingers to his shoulder. Before she could make contact, his own hand swiftly darted outward and caught hers. The young man turned his seat toward her and rather than the cool aloofness she was used to, there was a slight heat and quick smirk on his sensual lips.

“Higurashi-sensei…” he began slowly, enunciating each syllable carefully. “… come now. Do you honestly believe the top student in this school would need help with something so trivial as research?”

Kagome’s lips pursed and she narrowed her eyes, “I thought it was odd but didn’t question it – after all, everyone needs help sometimes and it is my duty as your teacher to provide it.”

His chuckle was smooth and jerked something low within her, “Oh Higurashi-sensei… I see the way you look at me.” He leaned in close, uncomfortably slow as her azure gaze widened and the flush brought to her cheeks was heavy. “Such want, such need.” He leaned closer still, his lips just centimeters from hers. He brought his unoccupied hand to her cheek, finger tips brushing her flesh lightly. “Honestly, Kah-goh-meh… I am a fairly observant student.” Her name from his lips brought a shudder from her body and he chuckled smoothly, his fingertips, dipping into hair and undoing the clip that held it back. Ebony waves cascaded along her shoulders and he grasped several strands between his thumb and forefinger. “I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.” She parted her lips to berate him, scold him, anything but all that came out was a choked gasp. He chuckled once more and nodded his head to himself, leaning forward, almost closing the distance between them yet not quite. “I believe I have your answer Higurashi-sensei.”

“W-wait – Sesshoumaru!” she hissed, her mind not completely fogged by the images his words were presenting. He hummed his response softly, gazing at her through lidded eyes. “This is not something that can happen.”

He shrugged his shoulders lightly but his amusement was clear, “I am not inexperienced, Higurashi-sensei.”

Her blush brightened by his bold declaration, “That-that’s not what I mean! I’m a teacher and you are my student! I can lose my job!”

He sniffed lightly at the strands of hair in his hand and shook his head at her, “Who will know?”

The distance was then breeched by him, by her, she couldn’t tell but his lips were warm upon hers, soft, inviting. His tongue was pressed between his lips as he forcefully invaded her mouth. She gave to him, her mind screaming against the wrongness of the situation, her body responding to his ministrations. He stood from his desk, long, lean form, allowing him remain locking lips with her as he walked around his desk and to the student desk she was seated in.

He pulled her up, his tongue battling against hers, vying for dominance that she was all too ready to give. She whimpered when her body made contact with his, curves pressed to his hard, unyielding form. He lifted her in his large hands, seating her on Tsume Nakamura’s desk. His hands squeezed the flesh of her rear and she wrapped her legs around his waist in response. She gave a quiet moan against his lips and she could feel his smirk. Her fingers made quick work of her button up blouse exposing the white of her lace bra. He pulled from her then, arching her back upward, his hands pressing against her waist. He moved his lips from hers and slowly made his way downward, licking, sucking, nibbling at her neck. Her eyes closed as she concentrated just on sensation. His teeth found her cleavage and issued a quick bite to top of her left breast. He pushed her bra down, beneath her breasts, baring them to his gaze.

He descended hungrily upon her right nipple, tongue lathering, hardening it instantly. Her left breast was occupied by his hand, plucking and pulling the small nub between his forefinger and thumb. She arched further against him, her dainty hands clenching the sides of the desk top. She whimpered and he pressed himself against her, her core tight against his firm length. The teacher hiked her skirt up, showing a lace white thong to match her bra, allowing the shite skirt to bunch at her hips. Her hands moved to his own button up, pushing the shirt from his shoulders and leaving him in a white under shirt. Clear painted nails pulled the under shirt from where it was tucked into his pants and moved along the hard expanse of his abs. The muscles quivered beneath her touch as he switched his mouth to her other breast and applied the same attention. His words replayed within her head as she began to undo the silver buckle of his belt.

Who will know?

She shuddered delightfully against him when he moved his middle finger to rub lightly against her damp core. He chuckled lightly as she panted softly as he pressed more insistently. Sliding his finger beneath her thong, he found her core and pressed two fingers within. She sighed with pleasure as he began to spread her wide, his fingers curling within her as she bit her bottom lip to refrain from moaning too loud. Pleased with her response he pulled his pants and boxers down in one swoop, pulling his lips from her breast. Sesshoumaru moved her from her perched position and flipped her around. She stood, her back pressed to his front, his length rubbing against her ass. She wriggled in response and he lightly groaned. With a quiet grunt, he pressed her stomach down on the desk in front of her, his hand holding her in place by her hair.

In a swift movement he pushed himself within her. She shuddered again with a soft pant and mewl. He leaned his body over her, pressing a quick kiss to her temple before moving lower and digging his teeth into the smooth juncture of her throat and shoulder, leaving a love bite. Pulling himself from her slick, tight passage, he pushed into her pliant body once again. She jerked with the force of the action, her hair falling into her face in disarray. He hummed in pleasure, continuing to pound into her relentlessly while she held onto the desk, fingers clawing at the smooth wood. “Please, please, please.” She whispered in gasping whimpers and moans between thrusts.

Sesshoumaru gripped her hips tighter, angling her rear upward, allowing him to dig his nails into soft hips. She was an adult female, comfortable with her body and sexuality and completely different from the high school girls that currently occupied his time. She was open, ready for his ministrations, experienced and body accepting of his every move. She was seasoned whereas the high school girls still squirmed with occasional pain or couldn’t meet his movements with their own. Kagome already knew how things worked and she allowed him free reign of her body and it was something that he took full advantage of.

He could feel her inner walls clenching and reached down between them to move his fingers along her clit. She bucked in response and her stomach muscles clenched and coiled. She cried out, covering her mouth with her hand, as her release stormed through her. Sesshoumaru continued moving within her as she rode out her orgasm. He turned her over once more sitting her atop the desk. She looked divine as far as he was concerned, breasts popping from her shirt and bra, hair tousled messily, her skirt above her hips, panties hanging onto a single shoe. His thrusting did not cease as her lips came to press along his chest, taking his flat male nipples into her mouth and biting down roughly. His head titled back in pleasure and ran her fingers along the hard planes of his stomach and chest. Her own hands soon found their way to his own firm rear where she dug her nails and held him.

He grunted and she whimpered against his chest, “Oh, God, yes.” A second orgasm rolled through her and her nails found his back, clawing lightly and he pressed his glistening body against hers. His muscles coiled beneath her hands and she shuddered helplessly in his arms. “Fuck!” she cursed lightly amongst her pleasure and he couldn’t stop the slight widening of his eyes at the profanity. His lips pursed as he felt his own peak coming soon and continued is rough pounding. She took every thrust in stride and instead of recoiling she merely mewed softly, her lips brushing and hands brushing as much his flesh as they could.

Peak fast approaching, the young man gripped his teacher and forced her on her knees. She didn’t even seemed phased when her mouth was suddenly filled with his hard and heavy length. She set to work immediately and  gripped his hips while her tongue lathered his head and her lips suckled the rest of him. She moved quickly, sucking him down until she practically gagged. There were no teeth used and Sesshoumaru silently knew she had done this multiple times before. Only inexperienced women used teeth and she was by far sucking like a pro. He grunted as he gripped her hair, thrusting his hips in time with her sucks until he finally held her in place with both hands. She stayed unmoving and he began to thrust into her mouth with earnest, her throat convulsing around his pulsing length. As he grew inside her mouth, she knew he was close and accommodated by opening her mouth wider.

There was no warning, she didn’t need one as he fucked her face and his balls began to tighten. Moments later his seed spilled into her mouth and she resumed sucking and swallowing. He made a sound between a groan and sigh as his body tightened and coiled with his release, jerking her head roughly around his length. She sucked him clean, saliva coating her chin, some of his seed seeping from the corners of her mouth. He looked down at her dazed but sated face and satisfaction rolled through him quickly. He leaned down to her level and pressed a quick kiss to her wet mouth and chuckled darkly when she responded.

Who would know?

Kagome silently answered the question, No one.




‘Gome Yuki:: Honestly – I don’t add much dialogue during sex because if you can say anything more then, “God”, “yes”, “fuck”, or “please” you’re not doing it right, haha. Mmm. Yeah~ because normally Sesshoumaru is the teacher and Kagome is the student. Not this time! This will be a one-shot collection of smut. There may or may not be a continuation! This is for my Luna and her GM challenge!


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