Katrina Kee (Chapter 1) - Wed 31 Dec 2014

I wonder if they won the dance competition? Ha ha, just kidding! I think that Kagome "won" A better prize than a mere trophy anyway. Thanks for the story!

Temkin Beck (Chapter 1) - Wed 04 Jun 2014

Hi 'gome! I've read and reread your works *cough*ademonlord'scry*cough* and i noticed, you are VERY fond of the phrase 'want her something fierce' 'something fierce'. I'm not saying it's inadequate description, but would it be possible to limit its use? I sometimes see it getting used two times on the same chapter, or on three consecutive chapters of the same character. Or used to describe the feelings of two different characters towards a single individual. Or used on every story. Anyway, enough complaints but will it permissible to use something evoking the same message to readers without recycling the words? It will be immensely appreciated.

RubyJeweler (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jan 2012

You continue to amaze me. I can go to sleep, peacefully, now. LOL.

Venita (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jan 2012

That was hot, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sessygurl (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jan 2012

Wow, that was hot!

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