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Inamorata Embrace by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Inamorata Embrace

Inamorata Embrace

Original Prompt: Kagome and Sesshomaru are rivals and forced to ballroom dance together.

x . . . . x

Long, elegant fingers gripped her waist almost bruisingly as they traced an upward heated path along her sweat dotted flesh. Pale skin glittered under the rays of the moonlight streaming through the windows, causing their skin to reflect a golden tint. His hands were large, calloused, and they moved up the bare flesh  of her sides to the baby blue sports bra she wore. Said hands stopped just under her arm pits, thumbs resting on the underside of her breasts. She had no warning though her pliant body knew what was about to happen. His right hand went to the small of her back while his left pushed her firmly in the chest, arching her backward, pushing her breasts upward. Her ebony hair practically reached the floor when she went completely limp in his well muscled arm while his silver hair created a curtain around them.

A moment passed and she was jerked to a standing position, her body moving fluidly. Her cheek was pressed to his bare chest, his heart pounding in her ear. In a swift movement she pushed away from him, her heels clacking against the wooden floor as she danced from him, her hips moving in time with music. She made it only a foot or two away before her wrist was grabbed and she was twirled back to his chest. On the third twirl, she ended up back within his arms, heated golden gaze staring down at her. His right arm was wrapped around her back, the left was pressed between their bodies. His left leg hooked behind hers and slowly he extended their legs backward until she was inches from brushing the floor, their bodies never losing contact.

He began to pull them upward in that same slow movement but his hair was stuck beneath her foot and neither realized it until they both fell to the ground in an undignified heap. The female screeched softly, cerulean eyes blazing while her much larger partner fell on top of her, knocking the breath clear from her body. The male grunted and managed to pull himself away from her quickly. Gone was the heated look in his gaze, replaced by a firm coolness. Her glared down at the small slip of a woman and gave her a disgusted glance before  parting his pale lips, “Honestly woman, can you do nothing right?” he growled lowly, his voice brusque and almost cruel.

“It’s Kah-goh-meh, you ass! You know this!” she hissed back, her pert mouth pressed into a thin line, still lying on the floor as she attempted to gain air. The male rolled his eyes which managed to rile her further, “Sesshoumaru! The least you can do is help me up!”

The male shook his head and instead crossed the distance between himself and the ipod and speakers on the further part of the room, swiftly calling back, “It is your own foolishness that caused us to fall therefore help yourself up.” One of his elegant fingers that had been previously touching her almost as intimately as any lover ever could pressed the ‘pause’ button on the home system.

“If your hair had been pulled back as I had requested then this wouldn’t have happened!” she called back, pushing herself up from the ground. Sesshoumaru turned toward her as he gripped a towel and began to run the white length along the swell of his chest, wiping away the sweat.

“My hair will not be up during the performance. It will be down and it is best you learn to dance around its length rather than a top it.” A sleek silver brow disappeared into his bangs as though to say, ‘pathetic female’. Kagome pursed her lips and walked toward her gym bag, pulling on a gray hoodie. Grumbling softly, ignoring him completely, she changed out of the black three inch stiletto heels and into a pair of gray flats. “And where do you think you are going? The performance is tomorrow and there are still some kinks we have to work out in our routine. I believe - ”

“I’m going home! We’ve been at it since eleven this morning and it’s now ten in the evening! I’m exhausted, Sesshoumaru. I’ll see you tomorrow.” The young woman gathered her items and left the dance studio without a second or backwards glance to the man watching her retreating form. The male’s upper lip curled in a quiet snarl as he watched his unwilling partner leave the studio. Not that he cared that she left – not really anyway.


Kagome for her part made it home in record time, exhausted beyond all belief, and wanting nothing more than to snuggle deeply into her covers and curl next to her boyfriend. Sesshoumaru was an asshole slave driver and it was fact. The only reason she had agreed to pair up with the man for the coming competition was because she desperately adored their teacher Jakotsu and when he had come up to her pleading, she could not deny him. His reasoning behind the pairing was that, “Sesshoumaru won’t break you! You’re too tough for that jerk!” Which was true – the other girls were somewhat meek when it came to the dominating man and Kagome was anything but meek. She also had a past with him so if anything it toughened her up when dealing with him. So she agreed and though she semi regretted it, she had to admit, if only to herself, that despite all his issues, he could dance. Bitter rivals they were so she would never tell anyone of that private praise.

Yawning softly, Kagome unlocked the front door of her apartment. She knew Kouga would be there because it was Saturday night and she normally did grocery shopping early in the morning. He would venture from his shared apartment with their mutual friend Miroku and stay with her over the weekends. Though Kouga made more than enough to have his own place, he enjoyed living with Miroku which was fine with her. Kagome shut the door behind her and began to shed the hoodie as she went, dropping her gym bag to the floor, and itching for a shower. Looking into the living room, she saw Kouga’s jacket but no Kouga. It was just a little before midnight so it was odd for Kouga to be asleep at this time. Normally Saturdays were video game days and he played against the guys online. Tension immediately seeped through her along with a foreboding feeling as she walked toward the partially closed bedroom door.

Another thing that was odd. Kouga liked to sleep with the door wide open when he was alone. It allowed him to hear for her when she entered the apartment. As she neared the door, Kagome’s ears picked up the sound of soft sighs and mewls. Her gut twisted with apprehension even though she knew what was on the other side. Lips pursed and tears burning behind her briefly shut lids, Kagome pushed the door open. Her mind already knew what would be on the other side though her heart wanted to deny it.

Bronzed flesh upon bronzed flesh, male and female, slicked with sweat. Ebony strands mingling with crimson as their bodies eagerly moved along the other to reach their peaks. Sky blue eyes closed with hazy pleasure, his masculine features scrunched into a mask of need. The broken sob that slipped passed her lips was something that she could not control. Neither was her retreat. She slammed the door shut behind her and made her way to the couch. She could hear their muffled exclamations and not seconds later, Kouga appeared before her in his boxers. He said nothing as she turned her tear filled eyes upward. His sensual lips parted once but no sound came out.

Since he would say nothing, she would, “In my home? Really, Kouga?” she inquired softly, her voice trembling with her sorrow. He grimaced and took a seat beside her, not touching.

“I knew it was shitty.” He murmured, his voice husky with his previous activities. Her hands clenched in her lap and she wiped at her eyes furiously, standing in one graceful movement that symbolized her years of dancing.

She glared down at him, azure gaze burning with anger, “Shitty? Shitty?” she snapped. “You fucking asshole! It’s more than shitty! It’s downright cruel! Did you and your whore get a thrill? Or did you bring her here because Miroku would have had your ass on a platter?” she screeched. When he flinched she knew she had hit the nail on the head, “You make more than enough to get a hotel room, Kouga! Why my home? Why?” she hissed through tears that unwilling slipped along her flushed cheeks.

“I don’t know, Kagome.” He answered wearily, rubbing his hand along the back of his neck.

Anger already gripped her firmly, “You don’t know? That’s a hell of answer! I never would have thought out of all people, you’d be a cheater. After so long pursuing me, this is what you do? How long have you been cheating?”

Kouga looked up at her, gaze pleading, “Since you told me about you and Sesshoumaru doing your dancing thing together.”

Her eyes grew wide, “Oh no – don’t you dare.”

“What am I supposed to think, Kagome?” he finally growled, also standing, glaring angrily. “The fucker and you used to date back in high school! I remember! I remember how much you loved the bastard! I remember how everyone used to say you guys were meant to be and all that shit! Fuck! And then you pull all these late fucking nights? Two months, Kagome! Two god damned months of you spending almost every day with that fucker!”

“That was six years ago! We were young! I was seventeen years old! Are you serious?” she screamed back. He seethed before her, lips curled into a small frown. “I can’t believe this! Why didn’t you just come and see me! You hear how much I bitch about him!”

“You don’t get it! I love you more than fucking anything! Just the thought turns my stomach! I hate you doing anything with him and something as intimate as the tango? It’s worse than sex!”

“No, Kouga. It’s not.” She responded flatly, her eyes darting from the male before her and toward the door that was slowly opening. Her narrowed her eyes not it, “You can get out of my room now, slut.” Kagome snapped.  

Kouga growled at her, “Don’t call her that, Kagome, it’s not her fault.”

The other woman walked from the room, tears filling her emerald gaze, “Kagome, I - ”

“Don’t even start with me, Ayame.” Kagome glared that red head. “I don’t know what’s worse, Kouga cheating on me with a random woman or a close friend? Close friend, for sure. Get the fuck out before I tear into you.”

“But Kagome - ” Ayame was swiftly cut off by the smaller but fit woman striding across the room and gripping all that luscious red hair in her hand and all but dragged the woman from the apartment and to the door. She opened it quickly and tossed the woman outside. Kouga was there in an instant, his hand gripping her wrist and Kagome turned with  a glare, “You get your hands off me, Kouga. Inuyasha’s dad has his hands in everything. You don’t remove your hand and he will have you ruined. Especially when he finds out what you did.”

Kouga stood there speechless and she took this time to push him out the door, clad only in his boxers. She locked the door behind her, and listened to him yell from the other side. A few minutes later she heard the two walk away. With them gone – Kagome slid to the ground, her back pressed against the door, unable to stop the flood of tears. She wasn’t a violent person, nor was she cruel but when the person you’re supposed to love is having sex with someone on your bed? All reason flies out the window.


Sesshoumaru ran his hand along the length of his hair, pacing with agitatedly. Kagome was never late – it was one of the few things that had not changed about her through the years. When Jakotsu had told him Kagome had entered his dance class, Sesshoumaru had immediately leaped at the chance to see her. So he entered as well and played the part of perfect rival. Despite his treatment of her – Sesshoumaru loved the woman something fierce. No one but Jakotsu and Inuyasha knew of his remaining feelings for the woman and they had kept his secret. Their break-up had been his fault – completely. Kagura and he had been caught in a compromising position and rather than tell Kagome what had been really happening, his pride allowed her to think the worse. If she couldn’t trust him, then she didn’t love him. So they parted ways and it had been the biggest mistake of his life.

So he contented himself with dancing in the same class as her. He hated dancing, truly he did, but for Kagome it was a small price to pay.

The door to the studio opened and Sesshoumaru turned his head to the sound, relief threatening to pour though him though he held it back. The young woman looked like hell. There were bags beneath her eyes and they were red rimmed as though she had been crying. Her nose held a slight rosy color and her hair was pulled into a sloppy ponytail. Over her shoulder was her dress in a plastic bag and on the other shoulder was her gym bag.

“You look awful.” Sesshoumaru commented and for once Kagome didn’t make a smart remark in return. He quickly crossed the distance between them and gripped her chin in his hand. “Tell me what has occurred. You can’t very well dance when you look as though someone killed Buyo.” Kagome’s lips twitched for just a moment, finding it amusing that after all this time he had remembered her fat cat.

She pulled away from him and looked down, “Kouga was cheating on me with Ayame. I caught them in my apartment.”

Sesshoumaru said not a single word but his hands were clenched at his sides, “Kouga?” he inquired lowly, the anger in his voice clear. “That mongrel? Where is he? I’ll render the fool limb from li - ”

Kagome snorted and glared up at him, “I don’t know why. You did something similar to me once before.”

If there was any a good time to tell Kagome the truth it would have been then. He wanted to tell her time and time again but each time the words seemed stuck in his throat. Then she began dating Kouga and that was that. He said nothing. She was single now, though, and he finally felt like he could tell her the truth. “Kagome, about that - ”

Kagome shook her head, “I don’t want to hear anything about it. Let’s just practice – we don’t have much time before we have to get ready.” She murmured, taking off her familiar gray flats and slipping into her stilettos.

Sesshoumaru’s customary mask was back in place and he wrinkled his nose at her, “I agree – you do need to work on your hip movements. They seem to be lacking.”

Her glare was killing.


She dabbed a hint of crimson on her lips and a spot of silver to her eyelids. This tango was traditional and yet not. Most women wore black while the men wore red or it was a complete reverse. This time though the two had decided on a different color for the woman to be wearing. Her dress was halter style, tying behind her neck, and form fitting until it reached mid-thigh, the purest white in color. Upon reaching mid-thigh, the dress split open at the front until it reached the floor and flared behind her in ruffled waves. Along the very edges of the white dress were crimson accents on each wave. Her heels were three inch stilettos and completely clear while her hair was done in wavy ringlets pulled back by a crimson flower clip at the base of her skull.

Walking from the small dressing room she had been provided she went into the waiting room where all the other dancers were gathering until their name was called. Several girls from her class waved at her, calling compliments over the chatter, while she made her way toward one of the few couches and had a seat, waiting for her grumpy, asshole of a partner. Unwittingly, her mind drifted to Kouga and just as soon as the thought came, it was dashed away when a hand on her shoulder pulled her from her thoughts. Looking up, cerulean met tawny gold and there stood Sesshoumaru. She didn’t care how big of a dick he was, he certainly cleaned up well. The silk button up was the same crimson as the flower in her hair and the accents on her dress. Traditionally, he wore black slacks and black dress shoes, easy to dance in and shined to perfection. His hair was done immaculately, all the sleek silver strands brushed as straight as they could be.

“You look …” he could not find the word because words currently eluded him where she was concerned. She was by far the most gorgeous creature to ever grace his presence.

Taking his lack of adjective as a negative response, the young woman rolled her eyes, “You don’t have to try and compliment me, Sesshoumaru. Your opinion hardly matters anyway.”

Which was a damned lie.

When Sesshoumaru began taking the classes, she, like all the other girls, began to dress a little more girly and did their make up just a tad better than they normally would have.

She hated him for what he did to her, yeah.

But a piece of her loved him all the same.

You never forget your first love after all.

Only love could turn two people into such bitter rivals – in her case at least.

She aspired to be better than him because she wanted to throw in his face that she didn’t need him to do good in life – to be happy.

“Words fail me.” He murmured softly, his fingers brushing her cheek. She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes.

“If you’re sick we can still back out.” Was her clever response and he wanted to chuckle.

The only thing that seemed to be on his mind were three little words.

She is single.

Kagome is single.


His chuckle was smooth and low and it curled something deep within her. When was the last time she had heard him make such a sound? She couldn’t recall but when he offered her a low bow and an extended hand, she took it.

Contestants number 35 please make your way to the stage. Number 35 please make your way to the stage.”

“Shall we?” he inquired softly and Kagome nodded her head as they weaved in and out through the couples dressed in their best costumes or outfits. He led her through double doors which led to a small staircase. They ascended the dark stairwell, Kagome’s heart pounding within her chest in sheer nervousness. As though detecting her unease he gripped her hand, “No need to be fluttery.” He murmured soothingly.

Her heals clicked against the wooden floor when they reached the stage, lights dimmed to a soft orangish glow. Breathing in slowly, the two made their way to the center. As was regular in true dance competitions, there was no introduction. The two didn’t see the panel of judges in the darkness but they knew they were there. They simply made their way to the center and took position, Kagome’s front pressed to Sesshoumaru’s back, her small hands, gripping his waist while his lay limply at his sides.

The music began, swelling around them and they told a story.

They told a story of love with the way his eyes drank in her form as she twirled about him.

They told of lust with the way his hands moved over her every crevice and curve and her hands touched along his chest and waist.

They told of betrayal when she was pushed roughly away from him and landed in an elegant heap on the floor.

They told of anger when his hands yanked her up and their movements became frantic, hard, fast.

Finally, they told of forgiveness in the way he spun, guided her delicately around the room, and lifted her high within the air.

When they ended, she was wrapped in his arms, her back pressed to his front, her hands held possessively before her in one of his, the other splayed along her waist.

There was applause from the judges as the two took deep and even breaths when they were released from the other’s grasp, they took low, sweeping bows and walked from the room.

Nothing was said to other as they were both caught up within their own thoughts and each went to the rooms they had been assigned to freshen up within before they would come before the judges again to receive their reviews.

Kagome sat within her dressing room before the vanity, her eyes covered in a sheen of tears, head cradled within her hands as she sulked because there was no way that she still cared for the heartless jerk in a way other than ‘oh-he-was-my-first-love’. It was a random feeling and came from out of nowhere. It was in the way he moved. Sesshoumaru was the type of man that every action held a purpose. Every movement had a meaning. Every facial expression was thought of before actually being done but the performance. There had been no masks, just feelings and actions and so not Sesshoumaru that she had been startled into being swept into his turbulent feelings as though she were a hitch hiker and there was nothing she could do but watch the road as the driver drove.

A knock startled her and she wiped at her eyes for a moment before calling a hesitant, “Come in!” The door opened and in swept Sesshoumaru, looking every bit the elegant man she knew he would become. Pursing her lips, she didn’t turn around but rather starred at him through the mirror of her vanity. There was a lack of emotion on his face and when he stepped toward her, she stiffened. He paused behind her, so close that she could feel the heat from his body along her bare back. “What do you want?” she sighed softly.

“You did well.” He murmured, silver hair swept behind him, golden eyes boring into hers through the mirror.

She almost rolled her eyes but refrained, “Thanks.”

There was a stiff silence and the man seemed to mull over something before speaking, moving his hands to rest on her shoulders. Her back was straight at the contact but he ignored it, his thumbs working at the knots of her bare shoulders,  “Kouga and you have ended your relations.” He murmured and she narrowed her eyes with a quick nod. He gave her a nod of his own and leaned down to whisper a soft, “Good.” In her ear before his lips brushed the spot along her pulse.

“What are you - ” she began angrily, intent on standing up and slapping him but his hands were firm  on her shoulders, keeping her in place.

“I never cheated on you with Kagura. I allowed you to believe so because I felt if you could not trust me then you did not love me.” He murmured, smoothly interrupting her and sending her into silence. Multiple people had told her back then about what had happened and some had even told her the truth but she ignored it in favor of what she had seen and when she had asked whether or not it was true, he had been silent and she had taken his silence as confirmation. Never once had he told her it had been false and she was inclined to believe otherwise. “Why would I have wanted her when I had you to see every day of my life? Why would I touch her when I could have had your soft, supple body as my own?”

A blush flamed her cheeks, “Why did you wait all these years to tell me?”

“Pride, sheer stubbornness, Kouga – would you have believed me then? Do you believe me now?” he asked, allowing raw emotion to choke him, fill his eyes, not with sadness or anger but rather love, lust, want, need. “You seemed better off. Kouga is out of the picture and he will remain out of the picture.”

Kagome turned in her seat to face him, her back pressed against the small table and his arms moved to either side of her, trapping her in between them. She took in his sincerity and the regret that stained his unnatural golden orbs and she nodded her head softly, “I believe you.” She looked down when she spoke once more, “Do you love me again?” she whispered solemnly.

Sesshoumaru tilted her head upward, his thumb and forefinger holding her chin as he shook his head, his eyes filled with slow warmth and mirth and she felt her heart drop in her chest, “Silly, woman … I never stopped loving you.

That said, his lips descended upon hers, warm and inviting, moving sensually, biting softly on her lower lips seeking entrance. Her lips parted willing and her gently toned arms wound themselves around his neck while the man’s hands gripped her waist. Tongues mingled, saliva mixed, and sharp inhales and exhales filled the room. Sesshoumaru lifted the woman on the vanity table, and sat her down while he took her former seat on the small stool. Their lips never parted and his hands never moved from her waist. Kagome’s fingers moved through the glorious silver hair, her blunt nails scratching at the base of his scalp and he made a soft sigh against her lips. His hands moved upward, following the curve of her side to the undersides of breasts, his thumbs brushing teasingly along the dress.

“Would you, wench, be this Sesshoumaru’s … girlfriend?”


Masculine laughter was heard behind the young man and he scowled.


Cerulean gaze locked on the boys behind the silver haired youth and Kagome arched an ebony brow at him, “Was it a dare? Or is this a pride issue?”


Sesshoumaru mulled on whether or not he should tell the truth and settles on yes he should, “Pride. Inuyasha stated that I would not be able to get you to be my girlfriend.”


“First – no more of the ‘wench’ crap. My name is Kagome and I’ve been Inuyasha’s best friend since middle school. Second, third person? Really? Stop. Third, yeah, sure, but only for a little while, okay?”


Sesshoumaru blinked once and then twice before nodding. Inuyasha’s curses made Sesshoumaru smile.


Her hands moved lower, untucking his shirt from his slacks. His lips pulled from hers and moved along her jaw line and neck, working his way downward with nips and sucks until he reached the elegant curve of her collar bone. He suckled gently and swirled his tongue along several spots that had her shudder delightfully against him. He moved lower still, open mouthed kisses touching her sternum to the valley between her breasts while she undid the bow at the base of her neck holding the dress up. As the white straps fell to her waist, his hands moved to bare her pale, perky nipples to his hungry gaze. His eyes were dark, hers were dancing with mischief when her legs wrapped around his waist. His mouth descended upon a perky breast, teasing her nipple delightfully and providing her with treatment that made her toes curl and goose bumps rise upon her skin.

"And the purpose of this creature is?"

"It's a cat - he hunts mice and ... stuff."

"He doesn't look like he could hunt a dead mouse no matter a live one."

"Are you calling Buyo fat?"

"I'm calling that monstrosity unpleasantly plump."

"Isn't it supposed to be 'pleasantly'?"

"There is nothing pleasant about your cat's large form."

His hands moved the dress lower still, running it under her bottom where large hands gripped and groped. She brought her legs in between them, pressed together as the dress descended and found its way on the floor, leaving her in only her lacy, white panties and heals. She made a soft sound of impatience as her fingers worked to undo each button his shirt, her lips moving to his ears where she nibbled delicately and suckled on the lobes, her even warm breathing causing a sound to slip from his throat. The shirt was unbuttoned and removed to join the dress. Her nails moved along the expanse of his chest and the hardened muscles of his abs while Sesshoumaru moved his right hand to undo the crimson flower clip allowing her ebony hair to fall around them releasing her scent in a small wave that nearly knocked him over. God, how he missed her. She mewled softly when her hands fell upon the belt and unbuckled it quickly, impatiently while his middle finger dipped into her panties and brushed along her slick folds.

She glared. He glared.


"Woman, yes."


"I will not ask again."

"Fine - no cuddle time for a week."

"... Two tickets to see 'Twilight'."

"I thought so."

She gasped and moaned at the slight sensation and tingles along her flesh. He parted her legs further as he pushed himself between her thighs, her fingers unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks while he kicked off his shoes. His finger brushed along her clit teasingly, and she nibbled her bottom lip, dark hair strewn about her in an ebony halo, her azure gaze almost black and he found his breath leaving him when he realized he was there with Kagome and he had missed her so much in their time apart. His unoccupied hand lay on her hip, his thumb moving along her stomach slowly, lightly, brushing the warm flesh. She was so unbelievably soft and completely his at this moment that every bit of him ached for her. His lips were occupied with breasts, his hands occupied with her passage and everywhere else he could touch while her hands were stroking, touching, moving in any way that she remembered he liked to be touched, her lips brushing his temple and forehead.

His voice was hoarse with want when he spoke, "It will hurt."

"I know but that's okay - it will be for just a moment."

He nodded and he thrust into her feeling her inner walls clenching around him.

She arched with a soft moan and low sigh and then he began to move within her.

Pride swelled within him - he had made his mark - she would never forget him now. No matter what happened.

Need tore through him when she cupped him through his pants and his thumb brushed her clit while his middle and forefinger entered her roughly. She gasped against his flesh, bucking into his hand. She was slick and wide and ready to go and every piece of him needed her at that moment. Too long he had been without her. Too long and they would have more time later if he had anything to say about it. Right now? There would be no more foreplay. Right now he would make sure she would never leave him again. Right now he would make her his forever. He stood in a single quick, movement and stepped from his pants and boxers, his fingers moving from within her. She made a soft sound of protest but then he was back, his hands yanking down her panties and dropping them to the floor. He grunted softly as he yanked her hips to the edge of the table and angled them upward. She whimpered, her rear wiggling slightly, teasing, and he chuckled, the head of his hardened length brushing her opening. 

"Se-Sesshoumaru?" Kagome whispered taking in the sight of  Kagura atop her boyfriend, the woman's hands at her shirt, prepared to lift it above her head. "I - I - why?"

"Why what?" Sesshoumaru called slowly.

Anger roared through her at him playing innocent, "You know what? Fuck you. Obviously, we're through." Kagome left the room with the slam of the door and Sesshoumaru turned furious eyes on the crimson eyed woman.

"Get. Out. I told you I didn't want you and you forced yourself anyway. Out, woman, before I do something you'll regret."

His cold voice sent shivers along her skin and with tear filled eyes, she too fled the room a heart broken woman, leaving Sesshoumaru to lie on the bed and stew in his anger.

He pushed himself within her, her walls clenching, her lips parting and unleashing a soft moan of pleasure and delight. Her hands gripped his shoulders as he began to move within her, His thrusts low and shallow until she was able to accommodate his length. When that occurred he sheathed himself completely within, and she clung to him, nails digging into his flesh while he groaned his pleasure. She whimpered as he pulled out only slightly and began to thrust, moving his hips in and out of her soft, pliant form. She leaned back, her hands gripping the edge of the table as she arched with every deep thrust. He lowered his lips to the tips of her breasts, biting, licking, sucking, as sweat began to slick their forms.

The door to the studio opened and Kagome was curious as to who would dare coming in late into Jakotsu’s class. He was even tempered until it came to tardiness. She continued to do her warm-ups even as the giggling and whispering began while a few of the guys gave non-committable grunts here and there.


Curious about what sent the girls and guys into a twitter, the woman turned.


Tawny met azure and the world faded for just a moment… at least until her jaw clenched and she turned away with an angry snort.


He flipped her so that she stood on the ground, her stomach pressed to the table while he bent over. Her nails clawed at the wood while he pounded into her. Her murmuring a word here and there, alternating between, “fuck”, “god”, and “please”. Her whimpering little gasps and the fluttering of her lashes as she tightened around him urged him onward while he continued his relentless assault. She orgasmed in a rush of liquid and clenching walls while his hands gripped her ass and waist, continuing to fuck her senseless. She wriggled against his hold, her legs trembling with the force of her orgasm. Her nails continued to claw at the table, her head pressed against the cool wood of the desk. His speed picked up until she could do little more than whimper as he drove them both to their peaks.

“Contestants numbers 35 please make your way to the stage for review. Number 35 please make your way to the stage for review.”


The summons were ignored as Kagome’s second orgasm rolled through her violently, her body trembling, her cry of completion loud. She was still on her high when she was abruptly yanked up and forced on her knees. Kagome immediately knew what was to happen and opened her mouth, her lips already wet to accept the length being forced inside. She immediately set to working, sucking hard and fast, using tongue and lips. Saliva worked its way along the front of her chest while one of her hands gripped his hips, the other moving downward to play with her clit. Sesshoumaru’s right hand held onto the table, while his left gripped all her unruly ebony hair in his hand.

“Final Call: Contestants 35 making your way to the stage for review.”


Sesshoumaru felt the familiar tightening of his balls and Kagome knew he was close in the way he grew within her mouth. Moments passed while she continued to suck, moaning around his length at her own ministrations to her used body just before he came in a rush of liquid in her mouth. She licked and swallowed when the warm liquid filled her mouth and coated her throat. She swallowed, allowing him to thrust slowly into her mouth as he grunted his release. When he was spent and no more could be suckled down Kagome sat down on the floor, unable to move, and after a moment, Sesshoumaru joined her saliva, sweat, semen covered form. Both took a moment to breathe and Kagome finally spoke after a second… or three and Sesshoumaru worried what she would say.

“I never stopped loving you either.” She murmured, leaning over and brushing her lips along his cheek. It was chaste and sweet and as she pulled away his lips caught hers, him tasting himself on her tongue.

When he pulled away, he looked at her through hooded a gaze, a smile curling his lips just for her, “I know.” His eyes were filled with a slow mirth as he took in her trussed and thoroughly loved form, “For the record, I actually hate dancing.”

Her own gaze was puzzled, “Then why did you join?”

He snorted, “Obviously to tell you that you need to work on your footing. I almost lost a toe earlier.”

Her laughter was music to his ears and he leaped on her for another round, leading them into a different dance, one of purely carnal nature, and one he happened to enjoy.  




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