Reviews for Treason by TamashaToko

sesskag493 (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 May 2018

I have re read these three chapters for YEARS....I hope you haven't given up on this story. It's an amazing story with great dramatic twists. I can't wait to hear more about Sess and Kags time together, and Sess life and why he isn't heir

Izzy_Vanity (Chapter 3) - Mon 31 Oct 2011

I almost feel bad for Kagome, I hope that things end with her and Sesshomaru being together.

amy (Chapter 2) - Sat 29 Oct 2011

Help these two,y deserve each other!

reader (Chapter 2) - Sat 29 Oct 2011

*wow!!!i fell in love with your storyyy. . 

sooo qooodddd. sesh is just way too hot. . 

hope you update soon;)*

Anon (Chapter 2) - Fri 28 Oct 2011

Awesome start to a story! The title intrigued me to start reading and the content kept me interested. Keep up the great work! I want to see where this story will go. :) 

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