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Treason by TamashaToko

Queens and Dragons

Tallenvale was nothing more than a small village in the North of Osmouth, the largest country in the realm and home to all humans. The village wasn't an ideal place for anyone though, the winters were long and it produced almost no crops, but lately everyone was talking about it. They did so because it was home to Kagome Higurashi, future queen of the Five Kingdoms.

The girl, who was no more than 15, was the only child of Naraku Higurashi, who'd been given a large estate in Tallenvale in exchange for his services during the war. Along with the household and servants came the betrothal of his daughter to the King's youngest son. It was a great honor to have such a daughter, and today she'd be escorted to the Grand Castle to remain until the wedding.

"What all are you taking?" Kagome was asked by one of her servants.

The raven-haired maiden sighed as she removed herself from her warm bed. She dreaded this day, but there seemed to be no more avoiding or delaying it. Her homeland was cold and harsh, but it was home. The contract stated she'd marry Prince Inuyasha when she first started her monthly bleed. That was two years ago… her lying and attempts at running away had bought her this much time, but she doubted she'd be given anymore.

"I have to pack light," Kagome sighed. "Everything replaceable will be at the castle for me I'm sure, and even a royal escort service wouldn't fare well in this snow with too much baggage."

Kagome went in her closet and stared at all the dresses and shoes she'd never see again. She now lived the life of royal kimonos and shoes with too big heels.

"All the jewelry my mom left me," Kagome sighed, "I want that packed up as well as her letters. I'm sure there are things my father wishes me to deliver to King Inutashio, because I take it he's not coming?"

"No, Lady Kagome, he'll remain here until the wedding."

"I expected as much."

Kagome never expected her father to care about anything concerning her, let alone her last day in Tallenvale. Maybe being taken to her doom by a few members of the King's royal army would be better though. Her father was cold; they never had too many discussions.

"Your father did leave word, my lady, that you should bring your scriptures and scrolls. He said that even if you refuse to practice and no longer consider yourself a miko, the texts are still a Higurashi heirloom."

"Then my father can hold on to them," Kagome sighed, changing into something warm for the journey. "I will take my bow and quiver though."

When Kagome was little, she didn't take classes on dancing or cross stitch like other ladies from noble families. Instead, her father had her harnessing her spiritual powers. She'd been a talented miko for her age, but seeing as how it held no place in her future, she had given it up.

"Your father insisted."

"If I take them, I shall burn them in effigy for my childhood," she happily declared. "Besides, the teachings and practices, much to my displeasure, I can still recite word for word. I don't need them, just like I don't need him."

"Lady Kagome, you shouldn't speak so ill of Lord Naraku," her servant urged. "He was so worried about you when you ran away."

"Because his nobility depends on me," Kagome sighed, "nothing more."

The Five Kingdoms, known by the rest of the world as Wednesburn, used to house six different countries of six different races. All these were ruled by one King. In Naraku's youth, the throne was controlled by Dragon Demons, the strongest breed of demon out there. Sadly, they could never have enough power, and they forced Wednesburn into many harsh wars, even plotting genocide to the humans and wolf demons, fearing their numbers. Civil war broke out and eventually Inutashio, a powerful dog demon, killed the former king and claimed the throne. Kagome's father helped him in ways that were still a mystery to her, and because of this, upon her birth she was engaged to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha," Kagome whispered as she put her coat on. "I'd rather be in a blizzard than see you again."

Naraku remained in his chambers, and despite his coldness towards his child, he would have made an attempt to say some parting words to her if he had not had a visitor. A visitor who held the future of this kingdom in his hands.

The visitor's name was Vincent, and he was in disguise, taking on a human form with short black hair, bright green eyes, and a wicked smirk always on his face.

"How does your clan fare on the mountains?" Naraku dared to ask, uncomfortable with small talk but making an attempt.

"Freezing with no food, and once powerful warriors dropping dead every cycle," Vincent growled. "Luckily I was forced to grow up there and hold immunity to those elements now. Perhaps I should thank you and your despicable king for the exile."

Vincent was one of very few dragons left alive after the war. Inutashio not only had them exiled to the mountains to die, but had all the females, except the queen, executed so they could no longer breed. Even Inutashio had thought it cruel when it was proposed, but all dragons turned insane or murderous eventually. They'd been an unfit race.

"Had the people recognized my achievements during the war instead of Inutashio's, I'd be king of this realm," Naraku spoke coldly. "If your father destroyed me during his reign, you'd been king of all six kingdoms. Some things are left to chance."

"I've heard the kingdom of my race is now split between kitsunes and dogs," Vincent growled. "That land, as well as the throne, is my birth right."

Naraku simply nodded. "I'm sure your mother spoke of our arrangement. Since you braved your way down the mountains, I assume I have to deliver on my end of the agreement?"

The dragon nodded. "Where is your daughter? Is my mother to believe her engagement to the prince is a sign you've changed your mind? Your daughter could be Queen after all, so why promise her to me?"

Naraku almost laughed. "That engagement was a pity offering. I created the weapon he used in the war, and he got the glory from simply swinging it. This cold estate was another pity gift, but to me it's an insult. I should have been Duke of Osmouth at the least. The worst of it was Inuyasha was a bastard child during the arrangement, hence the arrangement with you. I couldn't have predicted the Queen at the time would die and the King would marry Inuyasha's human mother."

"So the half-breed indeed has a right to the throne? Perhaps your daughter's fate is also determined by chance, but she seems to have a bit more luck."

"I won't allow her to be that lucky. Kagome is yours to do whatever you please… as long as you help me claim the throne."

"We don't want it. We are more concerned with restoring our race. Your daughter will carry a fertilized sacred dragon egg and hatch it. She will continue to do so until she gives me a daughter."

Naraku nodded. "She hasn't been practicing, but her mother's miko blood is strong in her. She'll be able to endure."

"She better be able to, or it's your head," Vincent said, not toying with the Lord as he flashed his fangs. "Now, what to do about her fiancée?"

"I'd keep him alive," Naraku spoke as he stood up, disliking being threatened and ready to end the conversation. "She and your unborn child will be safer in the castle, and you'll be close to your enemies for when the time is right."

"Fine," the dragon growled. "She'll fulfill her duty to me before we get to the castle. I won't feel threatened by weak demon guards."

"Very well. If anyone asks, I've appointed you as my daughter's personal guard."

Vincent nodded and left the room. He'd like nothing more than to kill the man that provided Inutashio with weapons, but the time would come another day. The weak wretch could have his throne for now. Vincent's orders were only to produce a daughter using sacred dragon eggs left by his ancestors. Half-breeds weren't possible for his kind as no female could carry a dragon child in her womb and survive till full-term, but it was possible for a human woman to carry a sacred egg. Provided they had spiritual power, of course.

He went outside, knowing the idiot's daughter would be awaiting assistance from the King for her journey. Kagome was by the stables, sitting on her auburn colored horse. She was probably a spoiled bitch, getting to live in a big estate with servants all because her father helped doom his race. Vincent himself, on the other hand, was rewarded with training, fighting, and sickness in freezing temperatures. A creature like him showing up in this innocent girl's life would probably be hell for her. Good.

"Lord Naraku sent me," Vincent spoke to her casually as though he'd lived in the Higurashi household for years. "I am also to accompany Lady Kagome to the castle in Sidpolis."

Kagome looked at the man a bit curiously for a moment before giving a slight smile. "The more the merrier, I guess. What an odd gesture coming from my father of all people."

A horse was prepared for the new comer, as Kagome noticed he carried a leather bag and seemed to keep it quite close.

Why would her father appoint a stranger to her as an escort? Was this his way of showing concern? Or perhaps he didn't want her to run away again.

Two of her female servants chattered away about something meaningless as they used another horse to carry her belongings. She'd tried to befriend her servants as most noble women did, but everyone around her was clueless and always getting banished for stealing or misconduct. Sidpolis probably wouldn't be too different.

"Lady Kagome, are you excited?" Clearly the servant who dared to ask was new. "I heard Prince Inuyasha is quite handsome."

Kagome frowned, but didn't answer as the other servant filled the newbie in.

"Lady Kagome is rather displeased with our Prince. He never writes or invites our lady to court."

It was more than that, but the woman was probably afraid to sully Inuyasha's name in public anymore, fearing it'd be treason.

The truth was, they used to meet and play with each other all the time when they were younger, and she had eventually fallen for him. Since they were away from Osmouth, she'd meet the Prince at the Duke's estate. She had known that Inuyasha was a bit older than her, but she still hadn't expected to find him in bed with the Duke's wife, Kikyo. To lay in bed with a married woman, let alone a Duchess, was so dishonorable that he must've held love for the woman.

Kagome couldn't get over the betrayal. She cried to her father about it, demanding for him to tear up the marriage contract, but instead she was smacked and punished for thinking she had a say in this matter. That was when she ran away. She'd found work at an INN where no one recognized her, and she didn't mind getting her hands dirty for a good month of freedom.

She'd love nothing more than to go back there.

"I see a horse," one of the servants called out. "Looks like the king only sent one escort."

"Perhaps if I were a Duchess I'd be worthy of something more grand," Kagome sighed.

She really didn't care about petty things like that, but it seemed like her family was treated as though they deserved nothing. Inutashio stuck her father in the snow, and the Duke and Duchess of Osmouth were always rude and never invited them to anything when the King didn't demand it. Kagome just felt unwanted, and she'd rather be in a place like the shady INN where she was appreciated for her work and people called her beautiful.

"Is the escort Inuyasha?" the chattering servants continued. "Is that royal dog demon hair you can see from here!"

"How romantic."

Kagome rolled her eyes. Inuyasha never went past Kikyo's home when in Osmouth, let alone up north in snow country. At least her new personal guard didn't talk about stupid things and fantasies.

"Oh I know who that is," they continued. "It's the King's eldest son."

"Lord Sesshoumaru? I almost forgot about him. His mother is the late Queen… why is he not a Prince?"

"Sesshoumaru?" Kagome looked up.

She knew a Sesshoumaru, and she knew Inuyasha had an older brother, but never thought they could be the same person. She looked up, and indeed it was the Sesshoumaru she knew.

He was a beautiful man who held a lot of grace as he rode on almost a matching white stallion. For every piece of beauty shown in his solid gold eyes, long silky white hair, and way he rode that horse, there were hints of danger. His claws were sharp, the same eyes that appeared to be warm held a glint of malice, and wherever he went his sword hung by his side, sheathless, reflecting the bright white snow.

Kagome knew him well, which is why his lineage surprised her so much. From first glance, you could tell he was a dog demon, but the son of the King? King Inutashio held a gentleness in his eyes Sesshoumaru could never possess.

So why was it that Inuyasha's brother came out to welcome her, of all people? Maybe Inuyasha had sent him to tell her the marriage was off, because Sesshoumaru probably told his brother the truth… the truth that Sesshoumaru knew Kagome very well….

She was supposed to come to her fiancée as a virgin, but for a month at the INN her maiden body had only known one man, and that man was Sesshoumaru.


Once again I know I don't neeeeeeed to make another fanfic, but I've literally had myself locked in my room for a month watching Game of Thrones and The Tudors and got inspired for a story like this (you can tell what is Game of Thrones inspired)

So enjoy...

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