Reviews for Tryst by Skyisthelimit

Samara (Chapter 1) - Mon 29 Dec 2014

I think this is a great chapter.  I just finished reading it up to chapter 149.  And I am glad you decided to share this even though it doesn't quite fit the peace of the story.  I can see why you used the original and not this one.  Maybe you could use the same idea in a later chapter... Thanks for sharing...

Aynessa (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Mar 2012

LOL!!!! Too perfect, hahaha.

C-a (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jan 2012

Ha. Sesshomaru and his twisted humor.

Fallen0x (Chapter 1) - Mon 12 Sep 2011

Lol XD love it! :D

Scherherazade (Chapter 1) - Wed 10 Aug 2011

Cute and fun to read.

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 1) - Tue 12 Jul 2011

HAHAHA~! ^_^ Although I'm glad you didn't use this in 'Subtlety' it Was immensely funny! Perhaps it's not a matter of Kagome not knowing her vocabulary so much as a subconscious case of Freudian slip.

Thanks for writing!

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