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Tryst by Skyisthelimit


A/N: So normally, my Weekly Perfection entry is the next addition to my Subtlety drabble series. However, in this one instance, the prompt was difficult enough that it made the drabble go somewhere I didn't want my Subtlety drabble series to go, even though I was quite pleased with how this turned out. So I'm posting it here, separately, as the alternate, funnier chapter 55 of Subtlety.

Disclaimer: Do not own

Prompt: Tryst

Words: 300


Kagome froze, his question ringing in her ears. What was he to her? She considered Hojo a (somewhat) friend, but she would never hug him for any of the gifts he gave her.

Sure, Kagome had heard that in places like America and Europe, hugs were very common. People would give hugs as greetings, girl or boy. In fact, in places like France, they’d even give kisses…

Her lips twitched.

Quickly, Kagome slammed her thoughts and responses to a stop. No. Impossible. Next subject.

“Uh, let’s just continue our little tryst, okay?” she suggested.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened. “Is that your answer, miko?”

Her eyes blinked in innocence. “Huh?” Her scent reeked with ignorance.

Suddenly, an odd glint appeared in his gold eyes. A glint that made Kagome extremely nervous. He stalked toward her, backing her against a nearby tree. Arms entrapping her, he leaned in dangerously close.

“Do you know the meaning of the word you just used, miko?” His warm breath washed over her. Too close.

“H-huh? What word?” she stuttered. Too close, too hot.

“Tryst. Do you know what it means?” he whispered in her ear.

A touch of confusion marked her flushed face. “A challenging journey?” Wasn’t that right? She thought she read it in a book somewhere.

“Incorrect. It means, miko,” his head slowly descended down her neck, “a clandestine meeting…between lovers.” His lips just barely brushed her skin.

She whimpered.

Suddenly, he was gone.

Eyes wide, breath slightly shaken, she stared at him. That glint in his eyes was still there.

“Ignorant human,” he scolded and smirked, “Unaware of your own vocabulary.” He turned and walked away.

He…he was teasing her. That was mischief in his stupid gold eyes!

“Y-you jerk! Get back here so I can purify you and your twisted humor to Timbuktu!”


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