Katrina Kee (Chapter 24) - Fri 12 Aug 2016

Gosh Sesshomaru you are such a horn dog!!! I wish my husband was like that.....(sigh) God bless the Inuyasha series!!! Ha ha!!! Too bad it was Inuyasha and Kagome that got together in the end and not Sessy and kags... makes one wonder what the series would have been like if Sessy started to get interested in Kagome after he saved her the poison master....and she got interested in him as well....oh well. Good thing Dokuga is here to correct that little mistake, ha ha!!!

Great drabble series. I loved how Rin got a little bit jealous and made that horrible sound with her violin, just like any normal child would do, just to keep the attention onto herself. Just shows how she isn't quite the angel that everyone thinks she is!

Alice (Chapter 23) - Mon 08 Aug 2011

That was adorable. :') I love these little oneshots. c:

addiesmoon (Chapter 24) - Mon 16 May 2011

addiesmoon (Chapter 1) - Mon 16 May 2011

1CarinoInu (Chapter 8) - Mon 16 May 2011

A dance...is that what they're calling it nowadays???

*chuckles mercilessly*  hot stuff.  Working through the rest of the chapters... 

lara (Chapter 7) - Mon 14 Mar 2011

now this was different ...........but in a good way.........I hope when/if Kagome & Sessh end up together in your other story...it's as explicit as these are

he he he

 sheesh I'm awful

cakeiton (Chapter 7) - Sun 13 Mar 2011

funny and hot!!! great little collection!

Ceysna (Chapter 7) - Sun 13 Mar 2011

Hot and sweet. I nearly died laughing last chap. Poor Sesshy, but he should know not to get preggy Kags too upset. Cool GMDDN setup. Keep em coming, I love it!!

crin_fausta (Chapter 7) - Sun 13 Mar 2011

I love it. I can wait for another chapter. *wink*

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