Alice (Chapter 23) - Mon 08 Aug 2011

That was adorable. :') I love these little oneshots. c:

addiesmoon (Chapter 24) - Mon 16 May 2011

addiesmoon (Chapter 1) - Mon 16 May 2011

1CarinoInu (Chapter 8) - Mon 16 May 2011

A that what they're calling it nowadays???

*chuckles mercilessly*  hot stuff.  Working through the rest of the chapters... 

lara (Chapter 7) - Mon 14 Mar 2011

now this was different ...........but in a good way.........I hope when/if Kagome & Sessh end up together in your other's as explicit as these are

he he he

 sheesh I'm awful

cakeiton (Chapter 7) - Sun 13 Mar 2011

funny and hot!!! great little collection!

Ceysna (Chapter 7) - Sun 13 Mar 2011

Hot and sweet. I nearly died laughing last chap. Poor Sesshy, but he should know not to get preggy Kags too upset. Cool GMDDN setup. Keep em coming, I love it!!

crin_fausta (Chapter 7) - Sun 13 Mar 2011

I love it. I can wait for another chapter. *wink*

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