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Smortz'z House of Drabble Doom by Smortz


Prompt: Bobbed

Word Count: 235

Discovery: March 13, GMDDN

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.

Sesshoumaru's cock flexed at the sight of her. He watched her head bob back and forth. His mouth felt dry. His balls felt tight. He swallowed, struggling to come up with an answer. “T-There is a meaning to this,” he got out nervously, “right?”

Chocolate eyes looked up into his. Her mouth slid off once more before she pulled the popsicle from her mouth. Her tongue was cherry red from the Big Stick she had been sucking on. Once again, his dick throbbed. “Meaning?” Kagome asked, tilting her head to the side. “It tastes good,” she murmured, her eyes going back to the television.

Sesshoumaru wanted to yell at her. She had no idea what she was doing to his body. It felt as if he was on fire, his legs were numb, and he slipped his hands down his boxers to grasp his hardened member. “Kagome,” he growled to his mate. He had to pause to refocus his thinking above his waist when she sucked the sweet back into her mouth. Once again, her head bobbed up and down on the length of the treat. His body shuddered. There was no way he would climax like this, not like a teenage boy that just hit puberty.

He grabbed her wrist. His eyes fierce as he smirked at her. “I have something else you can suck on,” he suggested.


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