Jemaverick (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 Jul 2018

I'm not a horror fan but I liked it, disgusting and sexy. :P

Raynell (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 Sep 2015

I love this reinterpretation of Red Riding Hood. It was dark, disturbing and yet so sexy. I blanched at the cannibal bits, and the bestiality bit seriously made me wonder about my sexual preferences! But your tale entertained and titillated so ... well done.

Katrina Kee (Chapter 1) - Wed 31 Dec 2014

...!!!!!.......????????.... Ok that was...........yeah.............

Saraniya (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 Dec 2011

I can't believe I read this and enjoyed it... I blame it on the fact that I like whatever you write so there! It was an amazing piece of work though 

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 1) - Wed 12 Oct 2011

Not even phased honestly, some of the Grimme Fairytales were pretty dark. Red Riding Hood was teach that dangerous beast were in the forest, that defiled and raped young girls. Each story had moral or outlandish (by today's standard) tale to explain something most didnt understand.

TamashaToko (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 Aug 2011

Gah I was like all ewww when it became time to eat the grandma, but then I read your author's note and felt a lot better

Great adaption, great detail, and you did an awesome job writing the lemon scene.  It made me terrified for her and somehow excited at the same time if that is possible.

Sunset Senshi (Chapter 1) - Sat 16 Apr 2011

Gorey but not over the top , it was very very very manageable. LOVE the story and the adaptation of it . It leaves me in wonderment at what happens to Kagome now . Sequel maybe ? haha who knows all I do know is this was amazing .

Anon (Chapter 1) - Mon 14 Mar 2011

Loved it. :) Creative adaptation.

amy (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 Mar 2011


kay (Chapter 1) - Thu 10 Mar 2011

wow! I loved it! twisted and dark... with tint of "romance??"

good job.. wish there was more.. or something like this from you in near future.

Elle (Chapter 1) - Thu 10 Mar 2011

Wow... This was rather unexpected but at the same time, good in its own way... :P

serasvictoria666 (Chapter 1) - Thu 10 Mar 2011

WoW! That was amazing! I definitely loved it and hope you might do another dark fairy tale twist story. Oh, and i hope you update your other fics soon too. ^-^ take care!

Discontent Winter (Chapter 1) - Thu 10 Mar 2011

First thing that comes to mind is.......


"Little girls, this seems to say,

Never stop upon your way;

Never trust a stranger friend,

No one knows how it will end.

As you're pretty, so be wise;

Wolves may lurk in everyguise.

Now as then, 'tis simple truth,

That sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth."

~Company of Wolves/Charles Perrault



Ashes (Chapter 1) - Wed 09 Mar 2011

Eeeeewwwwwww! I'm glad I didn't get to the gorey part till after I'd eaten all my corned beef. *shudders* You did a good job.

Just FYI: Just after Sess-dog says “This one is no wolf, red child, it is youkai.” you used 'no' instead of 'know', either that or a few words got left out of the sentence.

Where did you find the other adaptations of Red Ridinghood? I'm always super curious about the original format of fairy tales that I'd been told as a child. A lot of them are made of pure nightmare juice.

Jay_chAn (Chapter 1) - Wed 09 Mar 2011

LOVED IT!! this was one of the best fanfic fariy tale stories i have ever read! To be honest i havn't read a re-make of Little Red Riding Hood. Great job! =]

TheMikoShivae (Chapter 1) - Wed 09 Mar 2011

Loved it..  though..  i am wondering if it would have been better if he stayed in dog form.. 

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