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Little Red One by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Little Red One

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha nor do I own 'Little red Riding Hood'.


: Horror/Smut


: Sesshoumaru/Kagome


: The story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' with a darker twist. Written for the 'Fairy Tale Twist' challenge.

Little Red One

x . . . . x

Auriferous eyes gazed upon the small cottage surrounded by foliage with harrowing yearning. The large, sleek body paced with agitation within the shadows of the trees as it ached with hunger and need. A long, pink tongue quickly licked the black lips and gums as the creature quietly salivated. Its muscles bunched under a soft, white coat of fur as it resisted the urge to run toward the cottage and take what it wanted.

Patience was key here and oh how patient it had been.

Years it had waited for her to reach ripeness, just the right age for plucking, for corrupting, for devouring.

It was more like waiting for an apple to reach maturity before taking a large bite and allowing it’s sweetness to fill a hungry belly, its juices coating eager lips as it was consumed.

When the creature stumbled upon the family of ningen, she had been no more then a toddler but he scented the sweetness of her blood and how he had coveted at that time to sink his teeth into her soft childish flesh. Yet, he had seen her potential to be even more delicious as she aged so he patiently waited as she grew, every now and then coming to wait in the shade of the trees to see how she was developing.

This time though, he knew, it was time.

Her scent swarmed around him enticingly and filled his every sense.

He would have her today, this he knew.

So he waited, patiently, as she gathered her things, her mother giving her a basket of goodies to take to her grandmother.

Soon.” He growled to himself as she stepped out of the cottage, wearing a deep crimson half cloak with lace trim, [Half cloaks reach about mid upper arm] that tied in a bow just under her neck. On her body she wore a lighter crimson dress that reached about mid thigh. She wore a cream colored apron that tied behind her back and over her shoulders, black gloves adorned her hands and black stockings reached her mid thighs.

She looked delicious and a soft whine fell pass his lips.

She took off down a worn path as she waved farewell to her family and headed into the dark forest beyond. With a low, rumbling growl, he took off silently, large paws making no sound as twisted through branches and underbrush. Creatures in the forest began to hide as slivers of sun light streamed from the trees above glinted off his pale fur.

The youkai was tracking its prey and no creature wanted to be in the middle of that.


Kagome was humming softly, the soft scent of cookies, bread, and other pastries filling her nostrils. She yawned as she continued her trek toward her grandmother’s home. Recently, it had been increasingly difficult for the older woman to move and so her mother had been taking food over to her but today her mother was going to busy and wouldn’t have the time. So naturally, being the middle child, Kagome went to deliver it for her mother even though she wasn’t overly close to her grandmother.

Kikyo was helping mother out around the house and Souta was too young to walk the trail alone.

She followed the dirt path that had been walked many times and her thoughts floated and drifted away from her as she observed the nature around her. Flowers swayed slowly in the gentle breeze trying to entice her away from her duties.

It was known fact that Kagome was the dreamer, her head always in a book, her mind wanting better- greater things. If she wasn’t reading, she was outside, frolicking through fields of flowers, enjoying a beautiful day which is what she currently wanted. She itched with the feeling of wanting nothing more then to lie in the cool grass and bask in the sun. The urge was overwhelming but she fought it back knowing that duty called first and then she could do what she wanted with the rest of her time.

Her concentration on the field next to her distracted her from the danger behind her.

He was quiet as he padded along the trail, off to the side, shrouded in shadows. He was so close that if he reached out a paw, he could touch her. He had waited so long for this moment that he couldn’t let it end in just a few bites here and there so he revealed himself to her, leaping from his cover.


Kagome jumped back, startled by the creature that had revealed himself to her. Her eyes were wide as she took in the wolf-like animal that easily bigger then she  when it stood on it’s hind legs. It’s lips were pulled back into a dog-like smile, revealing two rows of pointed, gleaming white teeth, gums black.

It’s eyes were golden and the creature had several magenta facial markings and a dark blue crescent along it’s forehead. It’s tail was curly, rather then wolfishly long, and it’s ears were almost floppy. It’s paws were larger then her hands and she flinched as a low, baritone growl rumbled toward her.

Fear jolted through her as the wolf like creature began to circle her like predator. It playfully snapped it’s teeth at her, nipping the hem of her dress and she screeched softly. Even as the creature teased her, she couldn’t deny its beauty and as her life flashed before her eyes she couldn’t help but find it’s beauty fitting.

I see you...” The creature rumbled, the sound moving through her, low and seductive. “…staring out at the clearing with it’s flowers. Why do you hesitate, little red one? Nature calls to you and you deny its eager call.” He practically purred as he rubbed his body along her trembling form.

“What do you want, wolf?” she asked as her hair stood on end with having such a dangerous animal touching her. A barking laughter filled the forest and she practically fell backward at the sound.

This one is no wolf, red child, it is youkai.” It murmured, its lips moving as it formed words she had no it could speak. His tongue came out and moved along the top of her thighs sensuously and she cringed away from the feeling.

“Youkai?” she said with disbelief. She had heard of them but had never actually seen one. The youkai lifted a paw and lazily ran it’s sharp claws along her arm. She tried to pull away but a growl of warning surrounded her and she didn’t move. She flinched from the sharp pain and red welts rose on the pale skin. Tears welled within her cerulean eyes and the wind teased her ebony tresses.

I can smell your tears, red child. Why do you cry?” he asked soothingly.

“What do you want with me?” she whispered, eyes closed for several moments as she awaited her fate.

I want to know where you are going that causes you to deny the all of the wild.” The youkai whispered low and with gentleness that was brought on only by want. He wanted to touch her. He wanted to taint her. Eat her. He wanted to do what ever he wanted with her and he would.

He craved her for so long that his hunger had turned into a different sort of hunger all together and he hadn’t noticed it until he was so achingly close.

So he would have her.

He entranced her like a snake entranced a mouse and he knew it.

He would corrupt her so thoroughly that she would not b able to say ‘no’ even if she wanted to.

“Grandmother’s house. I am headed to my grandmother’s house.” She answered and he nodded his large head at her. Her eyes followed the movement, taking in the sun glinting off his fur.

I see.” He murmured, golden gaze watching her follow his every movement, partly from fear and partly from fascination.

She was innocent, living in the forest her whole life, never coming in contact with anyone but her family and he was different and new so of course she was enamored.

It would be her downfall, he was sure.

Touch me, red one, touch my fur like you yearn to.” He practically begged, wanting to feel her dainty fingers running along his body. He watched her debate with herself before pulling off her glove and tentatively running her fingers along his body. He shuddered at the sensation and pressed his body to hers and she almost fell.

She marveled at the sensation of his softness along her flesh.

What is your name, red one?” he inquired as ran his cold nose along her upper thigh, like he had done with her tongue and took immense pleasure in the spike in her scent.

“Kagome. Yours?” she asked softly and he once again gave a wolfish grin.

You may call me, Sesshoumaru.”

“Sesshoumaru.” She repeated with a bright smile and with that she sealed her fate.



She played with the flowers, distracted from her task by the inu-youkai, as he told her after he got tired of her calling him wolf. Soon, she came and sat beside her companion and fell asleep in the shade of tree as she had wanted to do earlier, his calm breathing lulling her into the land of dreams. When she awoke, Sesshoumaru was gone, leaving the girl to wonder if it had all been a dream.

The sun was low in the sky and she quickly made her way toward her grandmother’s, knowing that she was going to be in heaps of trouble. She ran, avoiding tree branches and brush as she did so. Soon the cottage was view and she breathed a sigh of relief though the sun was setting casting shadows and painting the sky orange, red, blue, and purple.

She opened the door to the small home and made her way to the kitchen, lighting lamps and candles as she went. “Grandmother?” she called tentatively. When she received no answer, she shrugged, knowing that the older woman sometimes fell asleep at early hours of the evening. She unloaded her basket and brought one of the candles to the living room to see if her grandmother had fallen asleep in the rocking chair. Her brows creased when she didn’t see her there and trekked toward the bedroom.

The door was closed so she opened it slowly, unprepared for the sight that greeted her. She stepped into the room and the light from the little sun left combined with the light from her candle allowed her to see with horror filled eyes the chunks of gore on the bedroom floor.

Blood covered most of the floor and lumps of discarded flesh and bone were in small piles around the room. She brought a trembling hand to her mouth as she tried desperately not to scream. She slipped to her knees, the candle falling from her grasp and to the ground. The sun set over the horizon and she was encased in darkness, tears filling her eyes as she began to hyperventilate.

Chuckling filled the room and Kagome stiffened with fear as something jumped off the bed. She could hear it padding toward her and she tried to move but her fear prevented her from doing so. Her eyes widened in horror as slowly a growl fell upon her ears. In moments the creature from the darkness was face to face with her and her heart dropped in her chest as she saw the red stained muzzle of the inu-youkai she had met previously.

Oh, little red one, your fear excites me so.” He chuckled and tears slid down her cheeks freely.

“Why?” she whispered as she looked over the paws were covered in crimson.

Because I crave you and I hungered but I did not want to eat you yet.” He rumbled softly, seductively, in the dark. His tongue came out and caressed her cheek. She caught the scent of meat on his breath and she felt her stomach roil in protest. With a burst of power from youkai before her, the fire place in the corner caught fire. His tongue caressed her tears and bloody paws were on her legs. “Quit the tears, Kagome, it makes me want you more.”

“Will you eat me now?” she asked, cerulean eyes dull.

Not now but soon.” He murmured as he pulled away and fell to the carpet before the fireplace. He lay before it, paws crossed before him as he lifted his head to stare at her. “Take off your clothes and toss them into the fire, red one.” When she didn’t do it he growled lowly. “Do as I ask or I shall devour your family.”

She stood without hesitation, her fingers nimbly working on the tie at her throat. The half-cloak fell away from her shoulders and to the ground. His golden eyes watched her as they slowly bled to a crimson that rivaled her clothing. She moved her hand behind her body as she pulled off the apron and revealed the button at the front of her dress. Her body trembled as she undid each button, revealing the smooth flesh that she had hidden beneath. His eyes devoured her and his tongue came out to lick his lips.

Her fingers moved to the bottom of the pale camisole she wore and pulled it over her head, revealing her breasts to his hungry eyes. She stood before him in her stockings, her pale panties, and her black gloves. “Leave only the stockings, Kagome.” He growled and her fingers touched the panties before the pulling them off her legs and letting them join the pile on the floor, doing the same to the gloves.

Her body shook like a leaf as she met his eyes.

Sit, girl, sit there against the door and pull your legs toward your body so that you are revealed to me.” Kagome closed her eyes, her face burning with humiliation, but did as she was told. She sat, back pressed toward the door, her legs pulled against her so that her most feminine part was presented to the creature before her. “Now touch yourself like a man would.” He demanded lowly, his voice husky.

Her trembling fingers moved along the folds of femininity experimentally, seeing as she had never done this nor had anyone ever touched her. Soon though, her fingers found that one spot that had her shuddering and gasping for air and the youkai was high off the scent she exuded. She allowed her fingers to experimentally press along her core and the sensation was both pleasurable and painful.

She bit her bottom lip and ran her fingers over that bundle of nerves that had her toes curling. She closed her eyes as tears welled unbidden beneath her closed lids. Her first pleasure and it was at the whims of a dreadful creature that wanted to eat her. Pleasure should never be filled with such horror and disgust but she did this so he would leave her family alone.

Her fingers were coated with her juices, her folds slick, and she arched her back slowly as she gasped. Her fingers continued to work that bundle of nerves, eyes closed. “Stop.” Sesshoumru’s firm voice commanded and she stopped immediately. He sounded much closer then he had before and when she opened her eyes she was surprised to see him on the ground, head between his paws only a foot away from her. “Lick your fingers.” He growled and she did as she was told, tasting her own essence.

As she licked her fingers, she felt something warm at her center and jumped at the contact. She looked down to see the inu’s tongue moving along her core, causing a shock to go through her system. She shuddered, her breathing coming labored as he lapped and lapped, drinking in her the scent of her arousal pressed against his cold nose.

She tasted divine and he rolled his scarlet eyes upward to watch her breasts heave as she approached her first orgasm. His teeth scraped gently along her center and she mewled delightfully. His tongue increased it’s pace and applied more pressure. Her fingers found themselves in his fur and he would have laughed at his victory had his mouth not been otherwise occupied.

She cried out as she reached her peak, her body shuddering, her hips moving in time with every lick applied. He drank up every last drop of her juices and purred with pleasure. He pulled away, leaving her gasping form and stood. His tail swished behind him and he gave her a lick to her cheek.

Good girl.” He purred and the he lifted a single paw to caress her cheek. As the paw moved toward her, she was surprised to see that it’s claws had changed in color and were slowly lengthening into ningen fingers. His body was slowly changing before her into that of a man’s.

Fur was replaced by pale flesh, paler then hers even, and long, silver hair caressed his body like a blanket. His markings remained in place but now sat on an aristocratic almost feminine face. His lips were pale and curled into a smirk, his eyes had remained crimson, and he was still on his hands and knees. He crawled toward her, muscles moving in places where ningen just didn’t have them, with a grace that he moved in while in his previous form.

He was still covered in blood, some it dry and flaking while in other places, such as his lips and hands, it was still wet and dripping.

His hand cupped her cheek and nearly covered the whole side of her face, smearing blood. He pulled himself to his knees and she noted that he was aroused and there were stripes along his waist as well as wrists. He brought his head down to hers and pressed his lips against hers roughly, dominating, demanding, plundering. She made a sound caught between horror and want as his tongue touched hers and she could taste the blood on his lips.

She almost gagged but he held still and continued to ravish her mouth before pulling away and bringing his lips to her ear. “Such a good little girl you are.” He muttered his voice still painfully low and seductive. “Come.” He gripped her hand and pulled her to her feet. He was much taller then she and she reached only his shoulder. He pushed her down beside the fire and settled himself beside her.

He lowered her into a lying down position and settled himself above her. “Put your legs around me waist.” He urged and she did as she was told, her cheeks flushed. In a swift movement he sheathed himself within her and she cried out in pain. His lips lowered on her breasts where he pulled each nipple until it was taught and red with his rough loving. He then moved to the other breast and worked on it until it pebbled within his mouth and her hand was on the back of his head, urging him to continue.

He pulled his lips from the soft, round globes and he began to move himself within her. She stiffened at first but soon she began to move her body with his, sweat glistening on her body. She tossed her head back, ebony stands clinging to her neck and cheek. Sesshoumaru brought his fingers to her lips and shoved his thumb into mouth where she bit and caressed the appendage with her tongue.

Her eyes were dark with hazy pleasure and a low, pleased growl rumbled in his chest. His lips moved along the column of her neck as she whimpered and writhed beneath him. She was tight, so wet, and so damnably perfect as he thrust his hips rigorously inside her. She was drunk off the pleasure he was providing her and he chuckled darkly as he stilled inside her.

His hand gripped her waist as he held her still and then he reached to the side to one of the many piles of gore and pulled a small chunk of meat. “Eat it.” He ordered and she shook her head vigorously. He growled and thrust several times causing her body to ache and tighten deliciously. “Eat it.” He growled in her hear, thrusting, her breasts bouncing along his chest. His voice softened, “Eat it.” Sesshoumaru murmured. “Think of what pleasure I bring your body and eat it. Think of your family and what I will do to them if you don’t.” he whispered darkly and in desperation she did.

He continued to offer her chunks of gore as she peaked over and over again, until her stomach could take no more Until her lips were stained red. Until she begged for it. When she clawed at his body after each peak she reached, as he pushed into her positions she hadn’t known existed, the only thought she had was ‘please don’t stop’.

She was on her knees, her head pressed to the ground, one of his arms clutching her shoulders, the other holding her waist, her rear wriggling in the air as he stroked her from within. They were covered in sweat as well as blood but still she continued to move her body with his relentlessly. He slammed into her again and again she peaked, screaming his name. Several, hard thrusts had him reaching his with her and he howled his conquest into the night.

As he leaned over and pressed kisses to her back, nipping her with his fangs, he chuckled. She caught her breath and waited several moments before speaking, her voice hoarse. “Will you eat me now?” she asked.

“Yes.” He whispered solemnly as his lips devoured her again.



He had corrupted her so thoroughly, stolen her innocence away, and he had killed her grandmother.

He humiliated her and forced her to cannibalize the woman that brought her mother into the world.

He bled her and abused her body.

Yet she still begged for his touch and so when the proverbial wolf slipped out into the dim morning, there was a small female riding on his back, clutching his fur.

She couldn’t return home after what she did and after she had been defiled so.

At least, that was what Kagome told herself as Sesshoumaru caused her to sigh and scream each night.




'Gome Yuki:: Some of you are going to go WTF but in all honesty, the original adaptation, the wolf and Little Red fell in love or had sex before he killed her. He also did have her eat her grandmother in some. So this wasn't random smut, it actually happened in some adaptations to the story.

Little Red Riding Hood is my all time favorite fairy tale. I used to work at a restaurant where the wait-staff had to dress up in different characters from shows, moves, stories, etc. and I was Little Red :3 So OF COURSE I had to do this when I saw the challenge.

Her outfit was inspired by this:



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