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Taylor (Chapter 10) - Sat 03 Feb 2018

Please please update soon, i love reading this and im at the edge of my seat hoping for the next update

Daniella (Chapter 1) - Sun 27 Nov 2016

Keep posting!

Koree (Chapter 10) - Wed 31 Aug 2016

Oh dear :(

REDWOLF (Chapter 10) - Thu 17 Sep 2015

Great fic.

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 10) - Wed 11 Dec 2013


So gut!!!!! Schreib bitte bald weiter, ja?

Das wird alles noch sehr interessant!!!

Tanshin gefällt mir am besten:)

Lg Silence-Midnight

KanadeBlossom (Chapter 10) - Wed 21 Aug 2013

Please hurry and continue, the suspense is killing me!

Katrina Kee (Chapter 10) - Wed 19 Jun 2013

Please write more of this story!!!!!!! I cannot wait to read more!!!!!

Serena530 (Chapter 10) - Tue 11 Jun 2013

I've read this story a few times now and every time I hope that it gets updated soon.  I really enjoy it and I can't wait to find out what happened when Sesshomaru arrived on the scene and saw what Inuyasha was up to.  Please please update soon. =)

KanadeBlossom (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 May 2013

PLEASE continue soon! This story is amazing!

Kula (Chapter 10) - Tue 07 May 2013

Love this story, hope to see an update soon

Lyss (Chapter 10) - Wed 01 Feb 2012

I'm enjoying your story and I look forward to future updates! :) Thanks for writing! :D I wonder who that other person is... the one with Kikyou... 

FoxyLadyKnight (Chapter 10) - Wed 01 Feb 2012

First, CONGRATULATIONS! Dreamcatcher on your baby. I hope both you and the baby are kept safe and everything goes well. I send my prayers to both of you for your continued good health and safety. And lastly, don't worry..this story is soooo amazing,that you have hooked another avid fan that will be with you throughout this whole journey until we can get Sesshoumaru and Kagome to their well-earned "Happy Ending", along witht the rest of their extended pack. I cannot wait to read more. Continue on, when you can...ohhhh talented writer.

Aubrey Simone (Chapter 10) - Sat 21 Jan 2012
Well I've been reading this story since you began, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with what you've written! I love the characterizations, and the plot is original and very well thought out! Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I hope that whatever problems you're having will solve themselves without putting too much stress on you! ~ Aubrey

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 10) - Fri 20 Jan 2012

Verilly, they did as they promised, did they not? Put their lives between Inuyasha's attacks and Kagome.

Thanks for writing.

Andrea (Chapter 10) - Fri 20 Jan 2012

I am loving this story!!

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 Jan 2012

Congrats on a new life!

Venita (Chapter 11) - Thu 19 Jan 2012

Like I said on last story congratulations on your pregnancy I hope you get better, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Taku (Chapter 11) - Thu 19 Jan 2012

raindancer13 (Chapter 11) - Thu 19 Jan 2012
Update soon. K? I'm addicted!

Kula (Chapter 10) - Wed 04 Jan 2012

Love the story, can`t wait for your next update.


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