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sr (Chapter 12) - Mon 12 Mar 2018

please say that you're going to come back to this...

sr (Chapter 6) - Mon 12 Mar 2018

lmao!  i like it!

vhfluffy (Chapter 15) - Mon 20 Mar 2017

Wow...just came across this deliciousness. So good!

Sanu Wolff (Chapter 15) - Thu 17 Jul 2014

Mmm. Mugyu

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 15) - Thu 06 Mar 2014

This story is awesome, please update it because it's been a year and ten months since you have, keep it coming.

satuross (Chapter 15) - Sat 07 Sep 2013

hee hee hee. thanks for the update!

I Love The Stuff I Review (Chapter 15) - Thu 20 Jun 2013

I-is there m-more? THERE HAS TO BE MORE!!!!

Tessitura (Chapter 15) - Mon 18 Jun 2012

Ah the power of boinking.  It is indeed a power relaxer and motivator to acheive great things.  pink pixie *shakes head in disgust* blue pixie <<? wha, you don't like me pose?

RubyJeweler (Chapter 15) - Mon 04 Jun 2012 chapter! Lol. A guy, or in this case a male, who isn't disgusted by a woman's monthly cycle. :) Thank you for updating.

Midnight Song (Chapter 15) - Fri 01 Jun 2012

Always amused when I read these but half the time I'm fighting a blush, lol. I think this is an awesome story and you're an awesome writer. Keep up the good work!

DescendingFrost (Chapter 15) - Fri 01 Jun 2012

Dahhh I love it--I just reread the whole thing before reading the newer instalments--I loved them both by the way. Absolutey love your writing--it's my guilty pleasure. :P Can't wait for more!

amy (Chapter 15) - Thu 31 May 2012


sugar0o (Chapter 15) - Thu 31 May 2012

hahahahaha he's gunna end up with a preggo miko sooner or later x=  wonder what he'll do then ^_^

Tessitura (Chapter 14) - Mon 28 May 2012

uhm, ya know that helps with cramps.  pink pixie >> ? blue pixie << wha? I'm jus sayin'

FayeMegan (Chapter 14) - Mon 28 May 2012

Mmm mmm mmm, so naughty! I like it.

sugar0o (Chapter 14) - Mon 28 May 2012

LMAO poor kagome, she's NEVER gunna not have that puppy between her thighs, lucky bi*ch! wonder how long til she's pupped x= more please!

amy (Chapter 13) - Sat 28 Jan 2012

Wonderful story, I love your  new  installment!

sugar0o (Chapter 13) - Sat 28 Jan 2012

PEARL NECKLACESHIRT?!?! =x oh my! loves!

Andrea (Chapter 12) - Tue 03 Jan 2012

I absolutely LOVE reading this!! <3

Ceysna (Chapter 12) - Sun 07 Aug 2011

Soooo... how many reviews does it take for an update? lol. Great story! Very hot! I love it when Kags teases Sesshy. Hmmm..... Are you gonna do a turn of the tables kind of chap where Sesshy teases Kags? You know, she that SHE jumps HIM? Might be very hot...

Awesome fic, hope to see more updates!

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