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Delightful Delicacies by ChaoticReverie


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.

Prompt: Narrow

Word count: 500

Sesshomaru marveled at just how hard he had fallen, disgusted by the mere thought that he’d stooped so low as to spy on a woman as she bathed. Not just any woman, mind you – a human woman, a human priestess. When had his honor left him? Where was his renowned self-control now?

His peers would be appalled, his reputation destroyed, and all the respect he’d earned for himself would disappear in the blink of an eye if anyone were to find out of his scandal.

One might wonder, with so much at risk, what would prompt him to do something so despicable? The answer stood but a scant few meters away, oblivious to his presence and the unholy inner-workings of his mind.

Barely larger in stature than a child, the cause of his fall was anything but what one might expect her to be. With an aura so large that it was miraculous her tiny form could house it, the Shikon priestess was the perfect combination of power and delicate, genial femininity.

Her tenderness and innocent appeal lured males of all species; he was no exception. That charisma drew the attention, but it was her looks that drew the eye. While her size may have suggested otherwise, beneath those flowing priestess’ robes she was all woman.

Her face gave her a fragile appearance, sparking the instinct to protect in many a male. Sky-blue eyes rimmed with long, curving lashes were her most striking feature, complimented by petal-pink lips and high cheekbones dusted with the lightest hint of rose. Yet, while alluring, her face was not what had drawn him to watch her.

Skin kissed with the barest touch of sun covered her from head to toe, and while her height may have been lacking, her figure certainly was not. It was what brought him back time and again, unable to help himself. A trim, narrow waist flared into sensual, curving hips, a sign that her body – while small – was adequate for bearing young. Her breasts were high and full, tipped with beautiful pink nipples that had him salivating at the barest glance. Her legs were slender and her backside firm and inviting, making his beast rumble appreciatively.

Then, there was the apex of her thighs, where her most treasured secrets lay. That lovely bit of untouched flesh looked ripe and tantalizing, bare of any hair – save the small, immaculately kept thatch above it. Her smell… it was the smell of her, that rich, seductively heady aroma, that had ensnared him and made it impossible for him to ignore her. She smelled so clean and enticing and pure that it took every last bit of his control not to reveal himself to her and claim her as his own.

It was her, this tiny mortal priestess, that had caused his fall, had caused him to abandon his honor and commit such an unforgivable sin. Yet… if this was truly so wrong… he wasn’t sure he wanted to be in the right.

Hmm, peeping now, are we? Dirty, dirty dog. Perhaps he should get in there and have a bath with her, no? Clean all of those filthy thoughts right out of his head... well... not really.

Hope it was enjoyable. They get better, trust me. ;)


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