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xXKillorbeKilledXx (Chapter 40) - Wed 12 Feb 2014

Fantastic story! Couldn't stop reading, update soon!

Teyah Mckenzue (Chapter 40) - Thu 07 Nov 2013

This is definitely the best story i have read so far. It's amazing, interesting, and your writing is super descriptive. Please update soon because I'm dying for the next chapter.

s_spina (Chapter 40) - Tue 24 Sep 2013

Wow.... You have taken me in quite a ride! I could not place my tablet down u til the last chapter :D

Can't wait for the next updates, and I have a feeling that the ending is approaching also?

Gah can't wait! 

DancesWithWolvesandStuff (Chapter 12) - Mon 26 Aug 2013

Seriously enjoying this story and it's only the begining!

Kjinuyasha (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Aug 2013

First I'd like to tell you how extremely entertainingly distracting this tale that you've woven is. Lol. I hate that you've encoutered difficulties with deciding on a title. Why not simply name it The Thief of Bliss?... or rather Capturing Bliss... that way it has a double connotation; one of which describing the Nah Rah Ku character's way of feeding from his victims' most intimate pleasures as well as the undertones you've created with Kagome's character slowly captruing his heart. Scholars generations from now would come up with many different senarios as to the title's signifigance to the story.

..................................................................................Actual Review/ feedback.................................................................................

I love how you're allowing the reader to experience Kagome's emotions... how you've made us almost want to empathize with the main antagonist by making us aware that there's a posibility that he is capable of emotions such as love; that perhaps he loved Lyka... maybe they were star crossed lovers, and she knew that her father would never allow her to be the bride of their diety, so she took the drastic measures of making sure they'd be together forever. It makes me think about Erik from Le Fantom del Opera... Though he was a monster by appearance and the 'bad guy' he was truly just a mentally disturbed individual who did not comprehend 'how' to express his love properly. I wish I had the time to comb the main page of this site like a crazed maniac daily in search of your next update. Alas, life does not permit such luxaries. I'll eagerly await your next update... I just hope it's sooner rather than later.


I apologize for the lengthy review, I'm sure you have to read through several daily.



Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 40) - Sun 18 Aug 2013

Aw. That's too bad about the title; I too like "Stealing Heaven." However I see why a change would be desired. I'm not sure what advice I can give you (I hate naming stories...) but personally I think you should stick to something with only 2-4 words in the title. This story has had a short title for so long, that to change now to something particularly wordy would be unfitting.

Leave it to Kagome to save a soul inadvertantly just by being herself. Perfect.

Thanks for writing.

Loveyaa (Chapter 40) - Sun 18 Aug 2013

aww...well at least some good for sure came out of this. Poor Lyka. It seems everyone is a bit of a tragic character. Snaps for adding so much depth. I wonder if Kagome's plan will work. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

mari (Chapter 40) - Sun 18 Aug 2013

thanks for the update.

Elizabeth (Chapter 40) - Sun 18 Aug 2013

Yay!!!  I have been hoping for so long that this would be continued!  I would squeal if it wasn't the middle of the night.


Such a Kagome thing to do, forgive a transgression before it even happens, lol.  I am greatly looking forward to the next chapter.  I hope it comes soon.

Puroro-chan (Chapter 39) - Fri 12 Jul 2013

Oh my gosh I hope you update soon! This story has been soooooooo amazing but I can't help but wonder if Kagome will truly banish Nah Ra Ku. I really hope she doesn't because I have actually come to like him and I believe that he genuinely likes her so I hope she realizes it. Update soon!

Laura (Chapter 39) - Sun 30 Jun 2013

This is an amazing read.  I can't say more I feel hooked on this story.  I'm pretty speechless right now, which never really happens.  Great job and may your creative juices continue to flow.

Elizabeth (Chapter 39) - Wed 01 May 2013

Oh what a cliff hanger.  I just found your story, and was hanging on every word.  Now, I am so disappointed it wasn't already finished when I found it.  I hope you update soon, and often.  I am sure I will be enjoying this story until the end.

vicki (Chapter 39) - Wed 10 Apr 2013

gah you really really need to update this story it's so amazing...side note Naraku is the theif of Bliss..lmao ....maybe i was just slow realizing it lmao. 


Awesome Story


Ankita (Chapter 39) - Wed 20 Mar 2013

it's been such a long time you updated a new chapter thank you ...

And please please update sooonnn really excited about the new chapter

Kat (Chapter 1) - Fri 15 Mar 2013

Besides that the plot sounds really interesting-I might just read it because of how it's written. Your a really good writer! 



Madam Fluffy (Chapter 39) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

  I'm so glad to be reading this again,  I like the fact that Kagome got to talk to Sesshomau's sprit before she had to face Na Ra ku. this is a story I can read over and over again.

Loveyaa (Chapter 39) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

You're back!! And quite the kickoff chapter. At least they got him back and then Kagome is off again. Interesting that Kagome really puts her training into use and goes back into time. I wonder what she is hoping to find, or what will happen now that she's been found out. I can't wait to see what happens next and hopefully soon :)

marielle (Chapter 39) - Wed 13 Mar 2013


oh i could kiss you right now.. thank you so much for updating.. XD

WOW! (Chapter 39) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

Holly F*cking Sh*t!! You are alive AND you updated!! I think I'm going to have a heart attack! What can I say? As usual you left me breathless and hungry for more! The cliffie at the end just made me think of all the posibilities and my head is spinning! Welcome back! I can't tell you how much I love this story and I swear that if you promise to finish it, I will wait for you forever! Please update soon!

randomfan17 (Chapter 39) - Tue 12 Mar 2013

Ugh oh, she's in trouble now. I wonder if Nah Ra Ku's going to worry about it. Maybe she can move forward in time without any trouble. I loved it, i can't wait to see what happens next!

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