Reviews for Confessions by Chie

sessxkagfan (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 Oct 2015

Loved this

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Thu 27 Aug 2015

On wow this was one shot? Aw that's so sad .This would be a great story.

Uncoloured186 (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Feb 2013


I'm stopping by to read more of your stories. Well, more like your old stories. Whatever.

Have anyone told you that you're quite cruel for leaving the story just like that? If no, I'd be the first one! :))

Expect more reviews from me! XD

_S. Hasegawa

Soul Wolf (Chapter 1) - Sun 13 Nov 2011



I love this. No idea why, but I do.


Very much.

GreyEcho (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Aug 2009
I saw this on the way to reading your other fic and had to give it a read. >.< I loved it! Nice one shot.

Saholia (Chapter 1) - Mon 26 Jan 2009

What?! That's it?!

Please write more. I'm seriously liking this fic. Great imagery.

Sherri Martin (Chapter 1) - Thu 29 May 2008
Wow. That was simply amazing! Each word kept drawing you in and touched my very soul! The ending was excellent and I agree with Violetcarson a sequel would be great this story has all the makings for one hell of a great story!! The ending line was amazing...Wow!!

Violetcarson (Chapter 1) - Wed 28 May 2008
OMG! That was so sweet! I loved the raw emotion that you could feel in her letter. And I absolutely loved the way he responded when she woke up. it's perfect! I think you should write a sequel, this story is just begging for one! Good job!!

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