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KaminokoDaughters (Chapter 1) - Fri 17 Jan 2014

I hope this review finds you in good health and spirits. I will continue to patiently await your least outwardly. 

Emma (Chapter 11) - Mon 01 Oct 2012

This story is just....omg. perfection


ChaoticReverie (Chapter 11) - Fri 14 Sep 2012

OMG O__O You updated!!!! I'm sooooo happ!y TTvTT

Poor Kagome. I imagine that would be some immensely difficult dead weight to move around.

I love this story... I can't wait to see how things pan out for the lovely couple, and for one dastardly, cheating asshole!

You are amazing and I <3 you.


TruGemini (Chapter 11) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

Hey Knife!!! So glad to see you posting again. I have missed you! reading this chapter and the mention of Kagome moving dead weight, wonder what else she does at the bail bonds place. Looking forward to the next chapter!

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 11) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

~~Oh my goodness! I feel like it's been forever since I read this, I had to re-read it to figure out which fic it was lol but I'm soooo glad I did, I wouldn't have been able to fully appreciate how great this fic is if I hadn't! ^__^ Keep it up! I'm eagerly waiting to read more!

iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 11) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

Holy crap, you updated it!!!  And it was beautiful and sad and just absolutely fantastic!  I just love reading your stories, and this has been one I've been waiting for, lemmie tell you :)

Fabulous, dahling.  Simply fabulous!

Kanna37 (Chapter 11) - Tue 11 Sep 2012

Wow... long time no hear, woman!  Nice to see something from you again!


ChaoticReverie (Chapter 10) - Wed 25 Apr 2012

This story is too good. :) I can't believe I haven't read it before. I do hope you haven't discontinued, and that you find time to update soon. No pressure!! I'm just another ridiculous fangirl who wants a fix, and it's wishful thinking.

KaminokoDaughters (Chapter 10) - Fri 26 Aug 2011

Where. Is. The. Rest!!!!?


--Kaminoko (c)2011

Vrey (Chapter 10) - Tue 02 Nov 2010



can't wait till u update ;)

DarkAngel (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Sep 2010


Kogasangel (Chapter 10) - Thu 05 Aug 2010

Well, while I've been to a few 'rodeos' myself, I would not mind being a frequent rider if Sesshomaru were the horse.  LOL.  Great job on the chapter, girl.  You've got my full attention and I can't wait for the next chapter.

His Lady (Chapter 10) - Sat 31 Jul 2010

sheesh that was a tad bit short......hope you update soon

FayeMegan (Chapter 10) - Thu 29 Jul 2010

Oh noes! Hopefully when Kagome gets him to a safe place and regains consiousness he can control himself ;) lol~ Thanks for the update.

Sala (Chapter 10) - Thu 29 Jul 2010

I'm sad this chapter was so short.  I hope that means the next one will be especially long and delicious. :)

iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 10) - Thu 29 Jul 2010

Yay!  I have been so looking forward to an update XD  

Man, just when things were starting get good, Sesshoumaru has to go and pass out, lol!  I'm sure Kagome will take good care of him though.  If Sesshoumaru is that bad off, wonder what happened to InuPapa.  

Can't wait for more, keep up the wonderful work!

Black Light Brightness (Chapter 10) - Thu 29 Jul 2010

okay i like the story A-FREALING-LOT but the parking lot thing came out of NOWHERE! i'm following but i'm SO lost... if you could maybe provide me with an explination....????



ANYWAYS PLease keep writing~!

Chrissie (Chapter 10) - Thu 29 Jul 2010

Oh I hope you update soon... this chapter was not what I was expecting and left too many questions unanswered... like why was he bleeding... why did he passout... what is going on... there wasn't the usual substance to this chapter as you usually have.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 10) - Thu 29 Jul 2010

lol =x *is amused*

Seshiepersonalpriestess (Chapter 9) - Fri 23 Jul 2010

yes I do accept your term not lets get a job!!

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