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Sauce for the Gander by knifethrower

Week Four, Kagome's Apartment

"Sauce for the Gander" is a work of fanfiction.  The author does not own the characters from "InuYasha".  This story was inspired by the Stephanie Plum books, written by Janet Evanovich.

“What the fuck.”  InuYasha mumbled.  He had stopped off at the neighborhood bar for a few drinks with the guys, so he glanced at the numbers on the door to the apartment, just to be sure he got off the elevator on the right floor.  He had been out of town for a month, working on an undercover assignment.  During that time, Kagome must have had the building superintendent change the lock.

He was a little annoyed that his key would not open the door, but not worried.  The door showed no signs of jimmying, and besides, he would have heard through the department grapevine if she had reported a burglary. Kagome knew better than to bother him on his cell phone, but she also knew that he checked his text messages periodically, and that he wouldn’t be too mad if she sent him a text about something as important as her apartment being broken into.  She had paged him a couple of weeks earlier.  The page hadn’t been flagged as urgent.  Kikyo had taken a week’s vacation to be with him, so he had not bothered to call Kagome back.  Now he figured she had wanted to let him know about the new lock.  Regardless, he had no intention of knocking on her door like a pet dog begging to be let in.      

By the look of things, the superintendent had swapped the cheap old doorknob out for another one just like it, which meant it was a flimsy piece of shit.  InuYasha got his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a piece of plastic at random.  Glancing at the card, he smirked.  Being a cop didn’t pay much, but that hardly mattered.  Being InuPapa’s favorite son had its perks, one of which was the black American Express card.

Unlike his half-brother Sesshomaru, whom he regarded as a pathetic drone, he was not stuck in an office all day.  His job as a police detective allowed him to make his own schedule and move about freely.  Papa’s financial support further assured that he had the money it took to live his life the way he wanted.  Here in Hartford, he lived in a nice penthouse suite with a view, but not a multi-million dollar one.  He drove a big new Ford pickup.  None of the guys knew he kept a Ferrari in storage.  He was conducting an affair with Kikyo, the departmental secretary, but he bought her a lot of expensive presents and kept up constant pressure on her to keep her mouth shut about their relationship.

InuYasha enjoyed hanging out with the other cops and being regarded as one of the guys.  He liked having a steady girlfriend who loved him for himself, and not his money.  He had taken full advantage of the chance to cut loose afforded him by his undercover status and his father’s money in a city where he was a stranger, but now it felt good to be back in Hartford.  He had noticed Kagome’s car in the parking lot, so he knew she was home.  In a few minutes, she’d be riding the high hard one.

He slid the card into the gap between the door and the doorjamb.  The lock disengaged without a struggle.  Kagome’s apartment was very small, and the door opened directly into her sparse living room.  The tiny room contained an ugly, green, but comfortably overstuffed couch, a coffee table she had purchased for ten bucks from the Salvation Army thrift store, and a television set handed down by her mother.  The television, which was square as a box and decorated in fake wood-grained plastic, resided in an “entertainment center” constructed of boards and milk crates.

He took a deep, appreciative sniff, as he always did when entering Kagome’s apartment.  The place wasn’t much to look at, but he knew it would smell like the fresh lemons she sliced to drink in her water and whatever she was having for dinner.  Kagome did not wear perfume, and hardly any make-up.  She kept her apartment immaculate, without using chemical cleaners or air fresheners, because she knew these things irritated his sinuses. 

The smell of yeast and tomato sauce and garlic and pepperoni and sausage and even bacon filled the air.  ‘Yum, meat lover’s pizza.’  His all-time favorite.  The rich lusciousness overwhelmed his delicate hanyou nose in the most delicious of ways.  He followed his nose to the kitchen, and grabbed a piece of pizza out of the box on the counter.

He could hear the shower running, and the air was full of humidity.  The bathroom vent had not worked since she rented the place five years ago, so whenever she showered, she had to leave the bathroom door open.  Munching the pizza, which tasted as wonderful as it smelled, he made his way toward the bathroom.

Leaning against the wall in the hallway outside the bathroom, he shoved the last bite of pizza in his mouth.  He smiled around the mouthful of pizza.  He had missed the noises Kagome made when she took a shower.

Kagome wasn’t very adventurous in the sack.  That’s what Kikyo, his ‘three input girl’ was for.  But nonetheless, she enjoyed the hell out of her shower massager.  The apartment building offered basically nothing in the way of amenities, but miraculously, it did possess a huge communal water heater and adequate water pressure.  And Kagome loved to take long, hot, steamy showers. 

There were a few downsides to being a half-dog-demon.  While he appreciated his acute sense of hearing, and women fawned over his soft, cute, doggy-ears, he could not tolerate getting water in his wide-open ear canals.  Furthermore, his hair had a unique texture, completely unlike the straight and silky locks genetics had blessed his father and half-brother with.  Water soaked into his coarse and heavy mane, taking hours to dry and smelling ‘doggy’ for days afterwards.  So when they first got hot and heavy, and she had begged him to join her in her shower play, he had told her it was never gonna happen.  That didn’t mean he didn’t get a great deal of voyeuristic satisfaction out of listening in, however.

He licked the last vestiges of grease from his fingers, and began unbuttoning his button-fly jeans.  He was hard already from listening to the moans and gasps of pleasure, combined with the sound of water pulsing from the shower massager emanating from the bathroom.  He always went commando, so his cock sprang free as soon as the restraint provided by the fly of his jeans was taken care of.  Women loved his cute ears, and his well-defined muscles, but most of all, they loved his enormous demon cock.  He owed his dad for more than access to his unlimited credit card.

Come to think of it, if he ever got disinherited, he could always supplement his income by working as a porn star, he told himself as he stroked his rock-hard erection.

Leaning hard against the wall, he abused himself mercilessly, driven on by Kagome’s moans and cries of pleasure.  The girl was really going to town on herself.  She was definitely missing her man!

“Yes!  Yes!! Yes!!!”  She screamed, above the pounding of the water.  He had never heard her so vocal, not even when he combined three of her four favorite things, outside of the shower, that is.  Namely kissing and sucking on her neck, grinding his hip against her clit, and pounding into her cunt at the same time!

‘That’s it!  She wants it and she is so gonna get it!’  InuYasha told himself.  Not bothering to tuck himself back in his pants, he launched himself through the doorway.  He was so gonna pull her out of that shower, throw her down on the tile floor, and give her exactly what she was begging for!

“Oh!  My!! God!!!  Sesshomaru!!!!”

He ripped open the vinyl shower curtain.  There stood his godly full-demon brother, buried up to his balls in his sweet little Kagome.          




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