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Kathy (Chapter 4) - Mon 01 Jul 2019

I must say you need to give warning when you throw things at us. I just read the fifty foot dog pee on me part and busted up laughing. AT WORK mind you. Good thing no one was around to question me lol.

marisel (Chapter 28) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

This has been a very funny story, there isfunny  not a chapter That had not been funny.  Really good work.   I wish you would write more pieces like this.  Halorius  and entertainment to the maximum power.

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 28) - Fri 22 Feb 2019

Oh that's hilarious  I love it

Katrina Kee (Chapter 28) - Mon 15 Feb 2016

Ye Gods sesshomaru!!! You are quite a horn dog!!! Unless you could control the potency of your...em.....stuff.......Kagome should be preggers everytime she turns around!!!

Great story! One quick question though: Who did Kogua end up with though?


MythMagykFae (Chapter 28) - Fri 28 Aug 2015

LOL love this story, especially the chapters she had the guys in cuffs for! I would LOVE to see Miroku fried for his thoughts like that, i kinda hope someone does a fanart of it haha.

DeathDagger (Chapter 9) - Sat 11 Oct 2014

This has got to be my favorite chapter so far!! Lol


Zeelian (Chapter 10) - Wed 09 Jul 2014

Hehe, starting to see why demons went extinct...

Kanela (Chapter 28) - Fri 18 Oct 2013

that was hot. and I was laughing my ass off!!! XD excellent comedy, one of the best I've read XD

Samara (Chapter 5) - Fri 15 Mar 2013

You would think I would learn... but alas.. my cinnomin toast crunch has been thourouly choked upon.. bury like a dog bone... OMG...  okay... next chapter...  No cereal!!

Samara (Chapter 4) - Fri 15 Mar 2013

OMG.. usually i don't review completed stories until I have read the whole thing, but I just have to say.. I choked on my Cinnomin Toast Crunch reading that last line from Kagome... lol a 50ft do to pee on her.. lol... I think I woke my mom up from laughing so hard... AHHHAHAhAhaHA


Well I'm off to read the rest... 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 28) - Tue 30 Oct 2012

I love this story as I did when I first read it years ago, it was beautiful and the ending was wonderful.

Valkyrie (Chapter 28) - Fri 24 Aug 2012
The Most hilarious and best story that i have ever read this story is wonderful

Knight of Disorder (Chapter 28) - Tue 31 Jul 2012

Deleciously hilarious... really it is. If it were dinner I think it would a steak in the shape of a cat eating a dog, eating a fork. For what reason those three things in that order I don't know but that is my belief. Well, you've heard it before from many people but GOOD JOB!

Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 28) - Wed 31 Aug 2011

All I know is I have not laughed this hard in a  LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNG time. I mean really?? Naraku wanting her?? I busted a gut laughing and wow.....she got Sess good with that ball busting arousal flattening rosary....he totally deserved it. And Kouga was gay for InuYasha...I almost peed from laughter. Just plain good writing and thanks!!!

Lelia Golden (Chapter 22) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

Oh god..... I dont know what to say to that.... impotence collar....... i wanna give him a hug, support him in tharapy and hug him all at once


Lelia Golden (Chapter 20) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! koga!!!! why has thou betrayed the females!!!! while i like sesshy and all i was always a koga fan first     x_____X this is rather saddening

Lelia Golden (Chapter 1) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

Bahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!! i've only read chapter one and I already know this is going to be VERY amusing XD penis jokes just seem funnier when made by Sesshy XD

Quiet Whisper (Chapter 28) - Sun 03 Jul 2011

hahaha omg I've been in stiches over the last few chapters. ZOMG you did a great job, it was funny, and steamy, and kind of weird, and kind of @_@ all at the same time. Bravo for such an awesome story!!!

Silver Moon Inuyoukai (Chapter 4) - Fri 01 Jul 2011


MissTeak (Chapter 28) - Wed 29 Jun 2011 *bottom lip quivers* this can't be!! *clicks frantically for more* It's over?? It's really over? :(

I am already missing Accidentally Funny!! For all it's laugh-your-head- off goodness.

What am I going to now?? Re-read this a hundred times? Probably. Lol.

Great job on the final chapter as always, Amber dear! I never knew that Naraku could be so very entertaining - sure got me in stitches! :)

I hope you continue writing funnies! *hugggs* here's to a job well done!!

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