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Accidentally Funny by Kanna37

Anatomy Lesson

Anatomy Lesson:

Kagome was frozen stiff, staring in shock ahead of herself, as were her companions.

Surely, if this was an attempt at humor by the kami, then it had to be one with a very... hentai sense of one. Because this... was just wrong.

And the worst part of it was, Sesshoumaru didn't seem to have any idea of just what was objectionable with this particular form of his – either that, or he didn't care.

Which, she had to concede, as Sango choked with shock and then spun around to face another direction, was highly probable – he was not one to care about the opinions of others.

She herself couldn't seem to stop staring, unlike her friend – red-faced as she was, the sight before her was like a train wreck – she couldn't look away no matter how much she wished she could, and as the huge white dog looked down at her, she could almost feel his smirk.

With a flash of light, and a whirlwind of dust, the daiyoukai switched back to his human form from his true form, and cocked a brow at the still stunned woman before him.

What is the matter? Have you never seen one before, miko?”

She blinked, then blushed an even more fiery red as her temper got the better of her. Stomping forward, she huffed and slammed an irate finger into his chest, inhaling deeply, then letting it all out in a rather garbled shriek.

No, I haven't seen one before – and I hadn't counted on my first one coming in the form of a fifty-foot tall dog!”

Sesshoumaru smirked wickedly, then flicked a lock of silver over his shoulder as he turned and began to move away, ignoring every other member of the extended pack save her as he said, “A penis is a penis, miko, whether it is covered in fur, or in clothing. However, if you wish for a close up, all you must do is ask. I would be amenable to allowing it... in whichever form you prefer.”

He continued walking away, leaving a frozen Kagome staring at him in red-faced shock, finger still raised in the air.

The entire tachi, including Inuyasha, was so stunned, that nothing was even said about the incident – apparently, in this case, everyone thought that the better part of valor was indeed discretion – especially when it came to dogs – and Kagome.


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