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ilia (Chapter 10) - Sun 12 Dec 2010

loved it hope you right the next chapter soon and finish even faster!!!

Breona (Chapter 10) - Sun 12 Dec 2010

3032...impressive. And the chapter was good, I especially liked the curiosity bit. What was disturbing was I could picture spiked fur on a very un-catlike Kagome. Right before the more appealing kitty version came up. I can't wait for the next chapter and hopefully it wont tak as long (puppy dog eyes). I can't wait to see some singed fur on Sesshoumaru. Heh. Dog's going down..there's just too much pent up frustration for the 5 years of thankless service going for Kagome. Oh what a way to get back at your boss *maniacal laughter* and the funny part is he asked for it. You know, I almost feel sorry for him.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 10) - Sat 11 Dec 2010

ooooh, and early Christmas present!!!! We have to be nice and we have to do our begging politely; at least, we have to do so if we want you to write us more chapters. You are right - this is a huge chapter! And so very good!

I noticed one little thing: He said in a [gravely] gravelly voice,

Mizuko Takayama (Chapter 10) - Sat 11 Dec 2010

Yea! What a great holiday gift! Twice a s long as usual! I loved this chapter!

Happy Holidays in your new house! (I consider a home new until a person as lived in it for a year. =P)


loveyaa (Chapter 10) - Sat 11 Dec 2010

I am quite intrigued with you story. I really like the idea behind it and can't wait to see how things continue from here. I personally like the characterizations that you have created and the thought that you put behind everything. I have really enjoyed the interactions between Kagome and Sesshoumaru and can't wait until more is provided. Im really excited to see where their relationship is going. til next time :)

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 10) - Sat 11 Dec 2010

He could almost picture a small cat with it's fur ruffled as she slammed the door. <--- hahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh that's just awesome! =x


So yeah i love this fic. more please!

serasvictoria666 (Chapter 10) - Sat 11 Dec 2010

wonderful chapter! Happy Holidays! ^-^

REDWOLF (Chapter 10) - Sat 11 Dec 2010

Hahaha.....Sesshoumaru has to take his mother on a trip. I'll bet he makes Kagome go too.

Rissa (Chapter 10) - Sat 11 Dec 2010

Tee hee I was waiting for an update I thought you forgot this story but im so happy they kissed C: and the story is comming along. I can't wait for your next update even if it takes a while due to holidays. I want more

Krazy (Chapter 9) - Thu 09 Dec 2010

Heeeeeeeeey... I'm so glad you're continuing this story!!!!

It's SO GOOD... I really hope everything goes well with you. Like... your life and job and classes!

Don't stress out :) you'll be fine.


PS. loved this chapter... Tho maybe later on you could... describe more? ofc, when you get the time hehehe and oH! the change of scenarios was weird O_o 

Jacqueline (Chapter 1) - Wed 08 Dec 2010

I adore this story... to the point where I should be studying for my lovely... evil... finals, but re-read Vacation instead (yes, I'm just that awesome and dedicated a student. ;P).


I realize you have a busy life (read your note about the studying and working) so I'll refrain (barely) from bursting into virtual tears and begging you shamelessly for another update. I have to admit, the cliffhanger does not help my pathetically weak resolve hehe.


I won't nag you into updating, but I'll ask this of you: please update when you find time to spare. =P Two months have corroded away my tiny reserve of patience into the negative numbers.


Thanks in advance,


Your fan,




Taigi (Chapter 9) - Thu 11 Nov 2010

For a minute I thought your story was becoming a bit too predictable, but after this chapter I can only guess what will happen next. I'm ready for more.

Taigi (Chapter 1) - Thu 11 Nov 2010

Brand new here and the first story I click on is an A! I'm only on the first chapter and I forsee some good entertainment ahead. You have a nice fresh realistic start.

jojo661538 (Chapter 9) - Tue 09 Nov 2010

this is still a great story keep up the great work i hope to read more soon ^_^

janjan (Chapter 1) - Wed 27 Oct 2010

Great chapter cant wait for next!

RW (Chapter 9) - Mon 25 Oct 2010

Good work with the chapter, short but sweet. Keep going!

Manatee (Chapter 9) - Sun 24 Oct 2010

Thanks for the update!  I'm excited to see where the story goes from here!

Terry Lynn (Chapter 9) - Sun 24 Oct 2010

I just found this fic and caught up to your last chapter. By the time I finished chapter 9, I scrolled down for the 'next' button only to find no such button. D: You had to end like that?? Update your fantastic fic soon!

Izzy (Chapter 9) - Sun 24 Oct 2010

I ADORE this story! Please please please update soon <3<3<3

Rowdys girl (Chapter 9) - Sun 24 Oct 2010

So, so, so very good! I don't mind waiting if my reward is a good chapter like this.

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