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Another wonderful start to a story that is not finished...sighs... hope your able to update soon this is a great start. Now I'm off to find another. 

GreyEcho (Chapter 3) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

now i'm not even sure. so....she is or isn't seeing the future....and naraku is trying to enter her dreams. the whole password thing was creepy cool.

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mah another wonderful update and i still want more. i'm such a greedy r0o!

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I think this story is sad because Sesshoumaru has a mate that isn't Kagome, but it is very interesting.  How will Kagome be able to keep Raikou and the baby alive with Naraku interested in the jewel.  It is too bad that Kagome can't trust Sesshoumaru and tell him about her dreams.  Please update soon!

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GreyEcho (Chapter 1) - Sat 17 Oct 2009 she snapping. I'm reallly curious to see how this plays out. >.< Can't wait!

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