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The Diary of the Forbidden Lake by TamashaToko

The Dream

Somewhere in the fuedal era existed a small lake no one could understand. When it was approached it was easy to see across it, but the mystery began when someone attempted to walk around it. The further you walked the harder it became to see the other side. With every step taken the lake grew and it was impossible to walk in a complete circle, but yet impossible to leave. The lure of whether it was possible to finish the journey kept the lake's victims walking until they finally died of exhaustion.

This lake wasn't real, but Kagome Higurashi had been dreaming about it so many nights now it felt otherwise. She kept it to herself though not wanting to discuss her insanity with the others. Sango, Miroku, and Shippou would worry while Inuyasha would label her as an idiot.

At first things were fine except for the occasional lack of sleep afterwards, but when the dream began to change Kagome finally invested in a diary. This way she'd be able to let it out while sparring her friends the burden.

August 7th,

Rather than seeking help for these dreams I just want to know who the woman in the dream is. She reminds me of Inuyasha's mother, because of the hair and clothes, but clearly she's a demon with those silver eyes of hers. There's nothing kind in her eyes, which is why I'm not surprised that she ignores her child as it cries while she walks around the lake.

Inuyasha is all that comes to my mind when I see the child. Silver hair and warm yellow eyes, and if it wasn't for the child being so scared and disturbed I would at least crack a smile.

Though I'm not physically in this dream I still manage to cry when this witch of a woman stops at the edge of the lake and smiles despite the child's screams. Finally the sound stops when she forces the infant under water. The smile doesn't fade as the baby opens its mouth for air, kicking its legs and flailing its arms, but it doesn't take long before he stopped as he turned purple. The last thing I hear before waking up is the sound of the woman laughing.

I want to tell Inuyasha so badly, but I know he won't listen. He'd be more pissed at the fact that I spend more time exploring this dream than I do looking for jewel shards. Would he even care that the baby looks so much like him and that a demon woman took so much pleasure in drowning it.

"Kagome lets go!" Inuyasha shouted, "why do you waste so much time with school work?"

Kagome quickly threw her diary into the bottom of her backpack when the hanyou came near. She didn't need him tearing her inner thoughts up like he did to her Geometry book.

"I want to get into high school at some point," Kagome muttered, "my attendance is working against me."

"Well you had your week and now it's Miroku and Sango's turn."

Recently, since Naraku was once again hiding, they all agreed on a new way to divide their time during this period of peace. The first two weeks of every month would be devoted to hunting for Naraku and the jewel shards, the third Kagome could go home to go to school, and Sango and Miroku used the fourth to help villages out with their demon problems to collect funds for their journey.

"Why frown Kagome-sama?" Miroku asked, "at least during my time we get to sleep indoors rather than outside with the wolves."

"Feh. You act as though I serve you all on a plate. I keep the wolves away, cept for Shippou, that pipsqueak is on his own."

Kagome added nothing to this conversation except a smirk as she got ready to travel. The smile was only to keep them from questioning why she was being slowly worn down lately, even during her week when she had access to her own bed. These dreams made it so she could no longer function on the same plane as her friends. While they worried about demons and shards all she could think about was the lake and the poor baby.

"Kagome lets go!"

She took off running into the woods to catch up. While she'd been replaying the dream in her head her friends were almost out of sight.

August 8th,

I head the dream again last night, and I woke up sweating. Inuyasha thinks it's because I slept too close to the fire, but Sango suspects something. She asked me how I've been sleeping lately. I used the same excuse that Inuyasha gave about how hot the fire is.

August 9th,

The lake is real! I almost freaked out when a monk told Miroku about it. They say a demon put a spell on it and it absorbs lost souls to gain power. Inuyasha wants to go slay the demon thinking it has a jewel shard.

I'm confused about what to do next. I really want to go to this lake to see if it really is never ending, but that could just be the spell already taking affect on me. We can't go there! If the rumors and my dream are true the only way to encounter the demon is to die after aimlessly walking in circles, but what if my dreams are trying to worn me? They have come to me every night for a reason. Maybe the demon I keep seeing is real and plans on drowning a child. Can I stop it?

Everyday I spend in the fuedal era the idea of death becomes normal. After seeing hundreds of men die in battle as well as villages that suffered from famine I now accept that we can't save everyone and death cannot always be held off, but there's a connection I have to this child that I cannot explain. It's been months since this dream has been bugging me, and not once did I hold my tears at the sight of that baby struggling for life.

"What in the hell do you want Sesshoumaru?"

Kagome's diary entry was once again interrupted by Inuyasha, but this time she didn't take the time to hide her book. She reached for her bow and prepared to protect her life.

Sure enough when she came to defend Inuyasha the very first thing she saw was a calm and collected Sesshoumaru glaring at them.

"It's time for you to hand over the Tetsusagia little brother."

"Are you kidding me? Not only do you have to go through me to get it but you only have one arm! You can't touch it. I would at least think someone like you would come prepared before barking orders.

"I'll hold it for him," an unfamiliar voice replied.

Kagome gasped the moment she saw her. Sesshoumaru was joined by a quick and yet graceful taiyoukai. Her status was easy to determine just by how she spoke to Sesshoumaru like they were equals. The way she'd appeared to them in a cyclone revealed she was a wolf demon of some sorts, but none of that mattered to Kagome. All she saw when she gazed upon this demon was her long black hair, nice clothing, and most importantly her silver eyes.

"So you found a mate?" Inuyasha laughed to himself, "Sesshoumaru I don't give a shit about your business, so don't think you can just show up and demand my sword every time there's a new development in your life that you want to share!"

"Silence halfbreed! If you weren't the mate of my brother I'd rip you to shreds!"

"His a hanyou therefore beneath us," stated Sesshoumaru, "don't use blood as an excuse to spare him Raikou."

Inuyasha took a whiff of the air before smirking, "Your bitch is pregnant! What kind of mate would take her into battle?"

Pregnant? Kagome's eyes widened as she put the pieces together. Everything she knew about the lake turned out to be true in real life, and the woman she dreamt about now stood before her. Now that she got a closer look at Sesshoumaru the struggling child in the dream began to look less like Inuyasha. The child Raikou would end up drowing was her own son she shared with Sesshoumaru?

Sesshoumaru was one of Inuyasha's sworn enemies and had on occasion attempted to kill her. He hated all humans and showed no respect to those weaker than him, but yet she still felt a connection to his future child. Was it up to her to save him?

After a brief exchange of words and the usual clash of swords Inuyasha once again found himself on the ground at Sesshoumaru's mercy. Raikou smirked as she leapt forward and grabbed hold of the Tetsusagia. Kagome took this chance to make her move.

"How does it transform?" Raikou demanded an answer.

Sesshoumaru growled, "I already told you. Only by protecting a human can it be used. I was hoping with your powers you could break the seal."

Raikou examined it with her silver gaze before shaking her head, "A seal is something put on an object later after its creation. All the magic this sword has is built in. Only way to change it would be to melt it down and start over, but its power would become weaker in the process."

"Perhaps it's better melted down than in the hands of a hanyou who can't use its true power."

"Last time you said that I almost killed you with the windscar," Inuyasha growled, "and remember when it was broken? How would you like to be faced with my demon form again?"

Sesshoumaru thought it over for a minute before shaking his head, "Raikou drop the sword. Its useless to me at the moment."

Raikou rolled her eyes before turning around to release the fang, but the moment she did she found an arrow aimed at her stomach.

"Is this human girl serious?" Raikou chuckled.

"Kagome no!" Inuyasha shouted quickly running towards Sesshoumaru.

One lesson that had to be learned when it came to dealing with youkai was that you never threatened the life of another youkai's mate or child. Due to the difference in personality it was obvious that Sesshoumaru and Raikou's union had been arranged somehow, but that wouldn't stop his instinct to protect his mate and murder all threats.

Kagome didn't even notice how quickly Sesshoumaru's eyes turned scarlet. She had a choice to make. She could prevent the baby from ever being born and suffering a horrible fate now, or let the bitch live to see if the dream would indeed come true.

The moment Inuyasha tackled Sesshoumaru down Kagome dropped her weapon. Though these dreams were obviously a sign she couldn't justify her actions with them. Especially since she wanted all of it to remain a secret and she didn't want her friends to suffer Sesshoumaru's wrath.

"Good choice," Raikou raised an eyebrow, "should I kill you now, or perhaps give you a chance to see bye to all your friends first?"

"I'll deal with it," Sesshoumaru pushed Inuyasha off and reached for the Tokijin.

"Sesshoumaru please don't!" Inuyasha almost begged, "she didn't know what she was doing."

The rage in his eyes finally faded now that the threat was gone, but no one made him lose control like that without paying a penalty.

"I grow tired of you protecting this wench," he spoke walking slowly towards Kagome, "perhaps if she were your mate I would offer her another chance, but she should have died the moment she drew the Tetsusagia. Freeing that sword and hunting down those shards is her only purpose in this world, and since I don't care about those pieces of glass I have no need for her to continue to be a constant nuisance."

"Don't touch her!" Inuyasha got ready for battle again.

"Don't interrupt!" Raikou laughed before pushing the hanyou over.

Kagome made no attempt to run. Her bow remained at her feet, and though it was out of character Inuyasha thought she would at least plead for her life. Nothing. She just remained there looking up at her soon to be killer.

She then spoke really low under her breath hoping only Sesshoumaru would hear her, "A quick death?"

He lowered his sword, "I'd rather not hear you suffer. Your voice disgusts me."

"You can make a gag."

Sesshoumaru rose an eyebrow at her. What did she want from him? She wanted him to kill her slowly?

"Torture me," Kagome made her demand with a defying look, "your hate goes beyond me. Every chance Inuyasha had not to be a disgrace to your family he ruins it because of human women. First there was Kikyo and now me."

"I prefer to no longer concern myself with him."

He rose his sword again before she continued, "But you can't help him. He stole your inheritance and abandoned you in the war. Every time you try and make him manages to escape you. Not only will serve my punishment for threatening your mate Sesshoumaru, but I'm offering to accept Inuyasha's punishment."

"Kagome what the hell!" Inuyasha screamed.

Sesshoumaru paid him no mind, "You want me to torture you?"

"It's not your style, but maybe if I serve this sentence your rage for Inuyasha will finally be settled. You'll never have to concern yourself with him again."

Sesshoumaru only thought Inuyasha's bitch had finally gone crazy offering her health up so he could work his anger out, when torturing really wasn't his style. The truth of the matter though was that Kagome was a bit crazy. It wouldn't be long before these dreams took a toll on her and she finally became mad. At least this way Sesshoumaru might allow her to live and she could be close to see if there was indeed anything to these dreams.


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