lara (Chapter 2) - Sun 06 Mar 2011

I guess i'M GOING TO HAVE TO READ MORE OF YOUR STUFF TO FIND out who shun i & haru are

1CarinoInu (Chapter 2) - Fri 26 Feb 2010

MmmmmRow!  More, please :)   I love the continuing exploits of Sesshoumaru and Shun with their mate Kagome.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 2) - Fri 26 Feb 2010

::Fanning self:: Whew! It's so hot in here...Tenchi...I think r0o, Purple Prose Ninja and Speedy Tomato could take lessons from you. That was REALLY good! And well-written too.

Bookwrm150 (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 Jan 2010

Interest? Interest? There's a LOT of interest for another chapter from this reader! please? please w/ a bunch of toppings on the ice-cream of your choice!!!!!! :D

i wanna see that fisherman get jailed too....

Aimee Blue (Chapter 1) - Sun 04 Oct 2009

i request a two shot! please! i'll give you a cyber cookie! i really liked it by the way (in case you couldn't tell)

Snowfall (Chapter 1) - Fri 11 Sep 2009
That was awesome! It helps that I'm a yaoi fan. Heh. I didn't get a description of Shun. Did I miss it somewhere? I'd love to see another one-shot with...more. I'm a hentai. ^_^ Thanks for writing and posting.

Lilith (Chapter 1) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
Da Tenchi!! :D Lilith loved the one-shot. ^.^ oooh, the glory of a threesome! :) I demand (pwease) that this be a two-shot!!

Kira Cross (Chapter 1) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
please continue it i love your stories ^_^

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