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Sex On The Beach by tenchi no mai

Sex On The Beach

This was written as a response to Joshua  K.'s  challenge.

Prompt:  Beach 

Due:  August 24, 2009 - I know it's late.  

Include:  beach - sand - salt water - floats - rafts - boats - fish - drawbridges - sharks - sunburn - tan - hotel - waves -

             surfing - skiing - snorkeling

Karma:   To those who manage to include all of the above.

Minimum Word Count:  None

Actual Word Count:  5569 Story Only

Universe: Alternate Universe - Modern Day

Rating:   MA - Please no minors/no underage readers!

Warnings:  Just a piece of PWP (Porn Without Plot) or Smut, whichever you prefer.

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media.   Only the plot to this story and my original characters, Shun and Haru, are my own intellectual property.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. 

'Italics' - thoughts 


"Sex On The Beach", for anyone who doesn't know, is the name of a mixed drink.   The most widely used ingredients include vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice.  However, there are as many variations to "Sex On The Beach" as there are bartenders preparing the drink, or if you prefer, as many deviations as there are to sex on the beach. 


Sesshoumaru was currently sitting with his feet up, in one of the teak deck chairs on the shiro's private beach.  Kagome had seen the chairs in a store while on vacation and insisted on purchasing several of them, saying they reminded her of the ones from the movie about the sunken ocean liner. After they were delivered she then bugged Shun until he carted them down to the beach and set them up in the shade under the trees.  With the thick cushions and small matching tables it was a very comfortable spot to sit and have a picnic, read a book, take a nap, watch the sunset, or as Sesshoumaru was doing, having an iced coffee while watching Kagome and Shun.  The slight breeze teased his hair, moving some of the silky silver strands across his bare chest.  Wearing only a pair of white silk hakama, he was about as cool as he could get in this heatwave they were currently enduring.  

He leaned forward, then raised his sunglasses as amused amber eyes trailed the footprints across the sand, through the small waves, and up Kagome's body as she put one hand on Shun's arm to steady herself while she pulled her fins on.  Smirking, he waited while she rinsed out the goggles then adjusted them and the rest of her snorkeling paraphernalia.  Shun already had his gear on and was towing a small raft with the divers-down flag unfurled, underwater cameras, slates and the other necessary supplies to gather the required information for the first yearly report on their little project. 

The cove and beach were protected from the worst of the direct effects of westerly storms and winds, which had created a microclimate with a small coral patch reef.  Kagome had noticed it the prior summer while watching the dolphins that would enter the cove and feed before heading back out to the open water.  Sesshoumaru remembered how excited she had been as she told him and Shun about her discovery.  

Taking many pictures showing various views, and mappng out the site, Shun had contacted the Littoral Society who helped him get a  Designated Federal Marine Santuary status for the cove.  There was an official government sign attached to a piling just outside the entrance to the cove along with several announcing private property, trespassing prohibited. 

This was an excursion to document the condition of the reef, measure any growth, then fill in the annual report to be submitted to the government agency in charge of these things.  He had originally been somewhat against applying for the protected designation, but after listening to Shun's explanation, as well as input from Haru, a demon friend who was with the Coast Guard, he relented.  Haru explained that it would help protect the entire shiro, since the littoral rights encompassed the entire cove, as well as parts of the surrounding ocean, and the designation would bring governmental backing if necessary in any dispute.  So, once again, he was in possession of something unique and desirable that was in need of protection. 

Sesshoumaru's smirk widened into a true grin as Kagome flopped into the water, then struggled with the long sleeved t-shirt she was wearing.  He could see her patting her arms, trying to get the air bubbles out of the sleeves.  Earlier Kagome had asked for his help putting on sunscreen;  she always slathered herself with it now when she went out in the sun.  He snickered  when he remembered how upset she had been when she found out that demons didn't tan or get sunburned; if by some strange occurance they did, it was gone by the next morning.  Kagome burned something terrible if she was out in the sun too long.  He had, unfortunately, found that out when she came into the house one day after working for too long in the garden.  She was a bright pink, which intensified to a dull red once she had gotten washed up.  What followed was several days of pain and chills, then later on peeling skin.  It was not pretty.  After that episode, he always made sure she had sun block with her, preferably the highest SPF that could be found. 

Settling back against the cushions, he lowered the sunglasses onto the bridge of his nose and continued to keep an eye on the pair of snorkelers while he observed the surrounding area and sipped his iced coffee. 


Kagome was excited, she hadn't been out to the reef for a while.  Sesshoumaru and Shun didn't like her snorkeling out there by herself, and had made it a rule that someone had to be with her, it not in the water, at least on the beach.  She was a strong swimmer, and the water was only about 30 feet at its deepest, and that was at high tide; she couldn't understand their reasoning but, for the sake of marital harmony acquiesced to  their demands.  Besides, if she really wanted to see the reef, she knew Shun or Bankotsu would go with her whenever she asked.  

She was actually hoping to see the pod of dolphins today.  They were nowhere in sight the last time she walked down to the beach, and she had gotten used to seeing them at least once or twice a week.  There had been some smaller fins the last time she saw them, and she was sure there were some new calves in the pod. 

They were now swimming out towards the reef, and Kagome glanced to her side to admire Shun.  Every once in a while she still had a difficult time wrapping her mind around the fact that this easy going demon was her second mate, and would occasionally feel guilty that she had two absolutely dazzling males that she loved so dearly. 

With the strong kicks of his long, powerful legs they would be out to the reef very quickly.  It also helped that it was low tide, the water was probably about 10 to 12 feet lower than at high tide.  Arriving over top the reef, Kagome floated quietly, peering down at an enchanted fairy land, watching the fish swim around the delicate coral formations.  Shun tapped her shoulder, and they treaded water while he went over the system they would use to measure the small reef, she could then take all the photographs she wanted. 

Kagome nodded her understanding and adjusted the mouthpiece of her snorkel again.  She was proud of the fact that she had been practicing breathing exercises in the pool.  She could now hold her breath and stay underwater much longer than she could several months ago.  Sucking in a large breath of air, she followed Shun down to the sandy bottom and they were able to get half the measurements they needed before she had to take another breath.  Kicking their way to the surface, Kagome and Shun floated for a few minutes, talking about the changes they noticed on the reef.  Returning to the bottom, they quickly finished the necessary measurements, then surfaced to grab the cameras. 

Shun was going to take the photographs that were necessary for documentation to attach to the report, while Kagome was going to snap whatever caught her interest.  Shun watched her as she shot various fish and slowly rose to take breaths.  He was surprised that the breathing exercises had helped so much, she was certainly doing well and enjoying herself today, not breathless and exhausted like the first few times they visited the reef. 

They were pretty much done and he was getting ready to grab Kagome and head back to shore when he first heard the whining, rumbling noise.  Slowly turning in a full circle, he scanned the cove, trying to pinpoint where the irritating noise was originating.  The salt water distorted the sounds and the sloping walls of the cove kept bouncing it around.  Checking on Kagome, she was still taking pictures of fish and didn't seem to notice the noise, he made certain that she wasn't having any problems.  He couldn't confirm it, but the disturbance  seemed to be from outside the entrance to the cove in the open water. 


Sesshoumaru had been content to lazily watch the trails of bubbles rising to the surface, and gaze at his adorable mate and Shun as they popped up for air.  The very light breeze from earlier  had picked up slightly and the divers down flag was slowly rotating around its staff affixed to the front of the small inflatable raft. 

His ears twitched as he picked up the distant thrum of a powerful marine engine.  It had an odd resonance to it, as though it was misfiring.  The boat was some distance out in the open water, but was rapidly heading directly towards the cove.  Sessshoumaru sat up and leaned forward, watching closely as the boat quickly approached the property, noting that there was a fisherman strapped into the seat, apparently struggling with a large catch.  From the garishly painted logo on the side, it appeared to be a rental boat from the resort down the coast a few miles. 

Narrowing his eyes, Sesshoumaru intently watched the action playing out.  He had some problems last summer with a group of fisherman from the same hotel, who apparently either couldn't read, or didn't know that trespassing on private property was against the law.  Another reason he didn't want Kagome coming down to the beach by herself anymore. 

Whoever was playing at captain finally noticed the signage on the pilings, throttled down the engine and turned the boat quickly away from the cove.  This action, unfortunately, created a large wake which smashed against the wall of the sannomaru before engulfing the small spit of land then washing over the cove like a mini tsunami. 

Sesshoumaru had stood up and was carefully making a mental note of the boats registration numbers to report them to the local police and the Coast Guard.  There were rules regarding how close a boat could approach the shiro, it was after all not only a certified marine habitat but was listed as an historical site as well.  Finally satisfied with the distance they were keeping, he listened as the engine sputtered and died.  Little did he realize the silent, possibly deadly, chaos that was playing out under the water. 


Shun saw it first, a large shark with a hook in its mouth came zipping into the cove, erratically thrashing from side to side .  He felt Kagome bump into his back as she excitedly pointed over his shoulder.  Putting one hand back to hold her close to him, Shun quickly started turning in a circle trying to keep the shark in his sight.  

There were a number of sudden, large swells which lifted them several feet before depositing them back above the reef.  The contents of the raft were dumped into the water when the first of the swells hit.  Shun dropped his camera as the shark violently curved around a section of the reef and came towards them veering roughly to the left after passing him and continuing to swim in ever smaller circles. 

Shun felt the sharp sting as heavy fishing line wrapped around his legs, and could feel that Kagome was being ensnared in the trap with him.  Panic seized him as he desperately kicked for the surface, an act made more difficult by the several hundred pounds of angry shark on the other end of the line.  


Kagome was confused.  In what seemed to be the space of a minute, or less, she had gone from taking pictures of the tropical fish on the reef, to somehow becoming bound to Shun, while watching a shark circle them. 

Shun reached towards his shoulder and with his claws clipped what appeared to be fishing line.  This freed her feet and fins from the ensnaring line and she wrapped her legs around his hips.  He was turning in the opposite direction the shark was circling, and she realized he was trying to unwind the fishing line enough to cut the shark free before it got too close.  

Suddenly there were streaks of gray everywhere.  The dolphins came bursting into the cove and several of the larger ones attacked the shark, butting it in the gills repeatedly with their rostroms.  The rest of the dolphins herded the calves into the middle of the pod then circled Kagome and Shun as if to keep the shark away.  One of the dolphins broke from the pod and swam underneath them, thrusting Shun towards the surface. 

Kagome was able to grab a quick breath before the shark pulled them under again.  Suddenly they were free and roughly shoved to the surface.  She could hear, as well as feel, the pops and clicks of the dolphins ecolocation as they scanned her.  One of the calves brushed against her hand, and she felt it shiver in response. 

She watched the shark as it took off out of the cove with two of the dolphins in pursuit.  The rest of the pod then disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. 

Shun pulled her around in front of him, hugging her tightly to his chest.  "Kagome, are you alright?" 

"I'm fine, are you okay?"  Kagome tried to get a better look at him.  "Shun, there's blood in the water.  One of us is bleeding."  Panic tinged her voice as she looked around to make sure the shark was nowhere in sight. 

"It's probably me.  I can feel the line still wrapped around my calf."  Shun began to swim towards shore, making sure to keep both of their heads above water.  Feeling his feet touch bottom, he yanked off his fins and carried Kagome up the beach towards the blanket spread out in the shade under one of the sugi trees.  

Standing her on the edge, he stripped off her snorkeling gear, then the t-shirt and bathing suit, checking her over for any injuries.  "I'm fine!"  Kagome shrieked at him, grabbing for a towel to cover herself.  Maybe her demons didn't mind walking around naked, but she certainly did, especially outside!  Trying to sound calm, she reassured him again.  "I'm okay.  Let's take care of your injury." 

Sesshoumaru had quickly stalked over and was unwinding the fishing line from around Shun's leg.  Growling when he came to the part that was still embedded into the flesh and muscle of Shun's calf, Sesshoumaru carefully worked it out of the still bleeding wound.  He raised one eyebrow as he looked at the large hook on the end.  'Hn.  250 lb. test line and a size 15/0 ring hook.  What were they fishing for?  A whale?' 

Kagome sat down, trying to get a better look at Shun's leg.  Suddenly his swim trunks dropped past her face and onto the sand with a wet plop.  Raising her head, questioningly, Kagome eyed him cautiously as he grabbed his already semi-erect cock and began quickly stroking it.  His eyes were rapidly glazing crimson.  

Scrambling to back away from him, Kagome shook her head.  She instantly knew what he wanted.  It was the youkai way of reassuring themselves all was well, and to reinforce their claim on their mate after an unsettling incident.  "No, Shun!  Not here.  Let's go back to the house..."  She shrieked, but didn't get very far before he dropped to his knees and swiftly grabbed her ankle, pulling her back towards him then ripped the towel off her body.  Lowering himself over top of her he kissed her roughly, his youkai instincts in high gear.  Kagome struggled to get out from under Shun, which she knew was an impossibility.  She smacked him sharply on the shoulder, trying to get his attention. 

"Kagome, stop fighting me, you know I won't hurt you.  I don't want to lose control, let me..."  Lifting up his head, he flashed his fangs at her then raked them down her neck, stopping to suck on and bite into his mating mark.  The brief struggle then the sudden scent of her arousal reminded him of the night he marked her, and the throbbing in his groin intensified.  

'Oh, Kami!  He's not going to make me do this out here in the open, where anyone can see us, is he?' was the last coherent thought Kagome had as he reached between her legs and began rubbing her little bundle of nerves.  That was all it took,  she was gasping by the time he took one of her nipples in his mouth and gently bit down, while pinching the other one between his thumb and forefinger. 

"Besides, the only other person here is Sessh, and he's seen us both naked plenty of times before."  Shun mumbled around a mouth full of breast.  Shun laid his head on her chest, breathing heavily, as he quickly brought her over the edge, screaming his name.  Without any hesitation, he plunged into her wet, silken depths, shuddering when he felt her muscles clamp tightly around his throbbing erection as her orgasm continued to wrack her body. 

Sesshoumaru stood there smirking, watching the two of them, trying to decide whether or not to join them, when his cell phone rang.  Looking down at the obvious tent in his hakama, he debated for a couple seconds on not answering.  Against his better judgement, he flipped open the cell phone and both eyebrows raised up high under his bangs when he heard Haru's voice. 

"Hey, Sessh, this is just a cavet.  I'm giving you a 20 minute warning.  We had a call here at the station about a woman being raped on your beach.  Because I didn't answer the call, a report has been filed and we have to do a fly over.  If that delectable little mate of yours is on the beach with either you or Shun, you may want to get her to cover up.  I don't think you want her exposed to the flight crew."  Haru snickered.  As a demon, and a close friend, he figured he had better give Sessh a heads up before he flew a helicopter over his property.  He also knew that Kagome would not appreciate being put on display, she wasn't youkai after all.  

"Thanks, Haru.  Take note of the boat that is adrift off my property.  I'll be filing a report with the Coast Guard later, maybe you can head the investigation.  We had a rather nasty incident here a short time ago."  Sesshoumaru's first thought was that the call came from whoever was on the boat and they were trying to negate any report he filed by calling first. 

"Okay, Sessh, will do.  Maybe the three of you can join me for cocktails and dinner tonight.  I'll give you a call back later."  Haru shoved his cell phone into the breast pocket of his olive green flight suit and zipped it up before grabbing his flight helmet and trotting over to the helicopter. 

Sesshoumaru tossed the cell phone onto the deck chair, and quickly decided the occupants of the boat were not youkai.  If they had been, they would have known whose property this was and not wanted to call attention to themselves.  Also they would have been aware of what was happening and not interrupted another youkai with his mate.  

With an evil glint in his eye, he suddenly had a truly wicked idea; he decided to give them a show they wouldn't soon forget.  If there was anything that made even the most well endowed  human voyeur feel inadequate it was catching a good look at a naked demon, especially an aroused, naked demon. 

Untieing his hakama, he kicked them off.  The cool breeze felt good against his heating skin as he watched Shun and Kagome on the blanket.  His erection had subsided slightly while he was talking to Haru, but seeing  Kagome in the throes of an orgasm brought it back full force. 

Making sure he was in full view of the fishing party on the boat, he leaned back against the trunk of the tree and began to slowly stroke his very obvious, very impressive erection. 

He continued to enjoy the lustful look on Kagome's face as Shun ground himself into her and came with a loud snarl.  Still breathing heavily, Shun rolled over onto his back, taking Kagome with him.   Her legs were on either side of his hips, and her head was resting on his chest as they both panted and tried to catch their breath.  She was in the perfect receiving position, except for the fact that Shun was still buried to the hilt between her glistening folds. 

Sesshoumaru had admitted shortly after Shun became Kagome's second mate that he was more of a hentai than he had realized.  He truly took a great deal of pleasure in watching Kagome with Shun, and after the first few times feeling somewhat jealous had quickly gotten over it.  They shared well, separately and together, both making sure that Kagome was more than satisfied. 

Straightening up, Sesshoumaru walked over to stand between Shun's feet, all the while continuing to delicately stroke the tips of his long, elegant fingers along the length of his erection.  Catching Shun's eye, he quirked a brow at him.  Giving Sessh a grin, Shun reached down to help his softening, yet still semi-erect, cock slide out of Kagome. 

Kneeling, Sesshoumaru straddled Shun's muscular thighs while gently running his claws over Kagome's hips and buttocks, watching the shiver run up her spine.  Leaning down, he kissed first one cheek then the other before tracing his fingers over her folds, making sure he gave special attention to her little pleasure button.  Hearing her groan and feeling it pulse beneath his finger, he smirked.  Listening to her gasps and moans of pleasure, he decided not to wait any longer. 

Repositioning himself, Sesshoumaru grasped her hips pulling Kagome slightly towards him then taking hold of his cock, slowly rubbed the tip of his erection up and down her slit.  Feeling her arch her back further, and try to press herself onto him, he put his other hand in the center of her back, and using light, steady preassure held her still.  "Oh, no, little one, I'm in control here, you will do well to remember that."  Sesshoumaru leaned back, enjoying the sight of his cock sliding over her slick folds. 

When Kagome lifted her head and pushed herself up on his chest, Shun snaked his hands between them and began to lightly squeeze her breasts, making her gasp.  Seeing the lust once again burning brightly in her eyes, Shun positioned himself on his elbows, so he could reach up and kiss her.  Moving one hand to the back of her head, he held her in place as he greedily devoured her mouth, his tongue running over every inch. 

Waiting until Kagome was thoroughly involved in kissing Shun, Sesshoumaru wrapped his hands around her hips and began to slowly sink himself into her hot sheath.  Her loud groaning "Ohhhhhh" was captured by Shun's mouth.  Just as slowly he pulled back out until only the head was encased in her tight, slick heat.  The sight of his huge cock, little by little, disappearing between Kagome's swollen folds was absolutely mesmerizing; it was something he never tired of watching any chance he got. 

Leaning over Kagome's back, he suckled and bit on his mating mark, driving her wild with desire as she writhed between the two of them.  Wiggling his hand between her and Shun, he wrapped an arm around Kagome's waist, pulling her back tight to his chest.  He could feel Shun's lengthing erection against his inner thigh and knew he would be ready for another round in a few minutes.  Never losing his slow, unhurried pace, Sesshoumaru sat up bringing Kagome with him.  

Shun lay there for a minute watching as Sessh slowly pressed  upwards into Kagome.  When he sat up, Kagome lifted her arms then wrapped them around Sessh's neck, scratching the nape of his neck and pulling on his hair.  Admiring his mate so erotically on display, Shun lustfully eyed her heaving breasts that were rising and falling with every panting breath she took, as well as jiggling with every thrust from Sessh. Her legs were spread wide open around Sessh's hips, and he could feel her toes curling against his knees.  Tightly gipping his erection he stroked his cock as he wriggled himself out from under Sessh's thighs. 

Kneeling in front of Kagome, Shun began delicately tracing designs on her naked flesh with the pads of the fingertips on his free hand, working his way down towards her dark curls and exposed core.  Reaching her pleasure button, he slowly rubbed it as her breathless moans increased in volume.  Licking her nipples, suckling first on one breast, then the other, Shun decided he liked the smell and taste of the salt water mixed with Kagome's own natural scent. 

Shun raised an eyebrow at him when Sessh reached out and  wove his fingertips into his braid, pulling him up into a  passionate kiss.  They had, on occasion, done this before, but  never indulged in any true sexual acts with each other even though it was fairly common among youkai males.  Breaking off the kiss, Sessh whispered in his ear what had occurred with the phone call and that he wanted to make what would appear to be a "Kagome sandwich". 

Shun knew that Sessh desperately wanted to have them in an actual threesome one day, but he also knew that Kagome wasn't thrilled with the idea yet.  They had often done what they were doing now, taking turns.  Shun barely nodded his head, letting Sessh know he understood what he wanted. 

After his next stroke, Sesshoumaru grabbed his cock and quicky repositioned it between the cheeks of Kagome's ass and his abdomen.  Reclining slightly, he held Kagome tightly to his chest and planted one hand down on the blanket behind himself to help support their weight.  This effectively opened her up wider, giving Shun the opportunity to take over.  

Shun kneeled between Sessh's spread thighs and gently stroked Kagome's wet core before palming Sessh's balls and giving them a friendly squeeze or two, listening to him grunt in response.   Putting one arm around her shoulders and the other under her thigh, he took some her slight weight off Sessh.  When he slid his throbbing erection into Kagome's tight, hot core, Shun was quickly lost in his own personal heaven. 

Kagome had been wrapped up within her lust some time ago, but it was fueled higher when she finally took notice of Sesshoumaru and Shun kissing.  She didn't know why it turned her on so to watch them kiss, but she wasn't about to take the time to analyze it right now.  She brought one arm over and wrapped it around Shun's neck, hugging both of her mates to her.  Shun was surging upwards, filling her to capacity, rubbing against her oversensitized little bundle of nerves with each stroke.  She could feel another orgasm starting to coil tightly in her lower abdomen.  Kagome threw her head back against Sesshoumaru's shoulder and screamed his name with her release, Shun following after a few more strokes, snarling loudly.  

Sesshoumaru could hear the rotors of the Coast Guard  helicopter approaching, and took a quick look over at the boat, which was still adrift off the property.  As the 'copter flew overhead,  Shun looked up, grinning, and raised one hand to wave Haru over towards the stranded boat.  He waited a minute to catch his breath, then slid out of Kagome and moved over to give Sessh some space. 

Sesshoumaru quickly placed Kagome on her elbows and knees in front of him, then holding onto her hips slammed into her.  She yelped at the forceful intrusion, but was rapidly brought to yet another orgasm when Sesshoumaru reached around to quickly rub her pleasure button.  When Kagome melted into a sated puddle of a mate, Sesshoumaru used his demon speed to bring on his own release.  Throwing back his head and roaring his completion, Sesshoumaru then leaned over his mate, wrapped his arms around her and rolled onto his side, bringing Kagome with him. 


Haru did a double take when he flew towards, then over the beach and saw just what was taking place on the blanket.  'Oh, yeah, this will fuel my fantasies for years to come!'  After taking another quick glance, he was overhead, looking down at the threesome as he headed towards the disabled boat.  

He was glad that his usual navigator, another demon, was off duty this afternoon.  The crew was all human, their eyesight wasn't nearly as good as his.  His exceptional eyesight as a dragon demon was what had originally gotten him this appointment to Search and Rescue. 

After hailing the boat on the radio and finding out there was no emergency onboard, the co-pilot let the fishing party know that a cutter would be there shortly to tow them in to dock.  Haru had to stay on site in case there were any problems before the cutter got there.  Once the cutter had hooked a towline to the disabled fishing boat, the helicopter crew headed back to base. 

On their return flight over the cove Haru hoped for one more good look at whatever was going on but apparently the party was over, and it appeared that Shun was in the process of recovering something from the middle of the cove near the reef.  'Shimatta, at times like this is doesn't pay to be the pilot.  If I was just a member of the crew I would have been able to keep an eye on the action, instead of having to keep my eyes on the controls and fly this thing.'


When Sesshoumaru realized that Kagome was falling asleep he covered her with one of the large beach towels, then pulled his hakama back on before helping Shun gather up the scattered snorkeling equipment and wet clothing.  Putting on his mask Shun waded out into the cove to begin retrieving the equipment that had been spilled into the water from the raft.  Finding his fins he put them on and quickly kicked out to the reef. 

When he caught sight of the reef Shun was glad that Kagome was asleep.  She was going to be devastated when she found out how much damage had been done.  Picking up the cameras in their underwater housings from the sandy bottom, he noted, somewhat perplexed, that the disk on his was full, but Kagome's still had plenty of space on it.  Coming up for air, he put everything he had gathered onto the raft, then used Kagome's camera to document the destruction of over fully 1/3 of the reef.  As he kicked back to shore he made a mental note to talk to Haru later to see if they could press charges, and against whom, for the damages. 

Shun hauled their snorkeling equipment across the beach towards his pickup truck.  After rinsing it all off under the solar shower, he put it in the bed of the truck and went back to help with the rest of the stuff they had brought down to the beach.  'Kagome packs like she is going away for the weekend, not an afternoon at the beach.'  Shun shook his head as he and Sessh made another trip over to the truck, then back to get a napping Kagome.  

Sesshoumaru picked up Kagome, who stirred, and held her close to his chest.  "Looks like we wore her out again."  He grinned at Shun as he watched him shake the sand out of the blanket and gather up the dry towels. 

Stopping by the shower at the gateway to the beach, Shun winced as he let the warm water rinse the salt and sand off his body.  The wound on his leg must be deeper than he originally thought, it was beginning to throb, and appeared as though it might need stitches.  Sesshoumaru was already sitting in the passenger seat with Kagome quietly napping in his arms.  He looked the still naked demon up and down and smirked at Shun as he opened the drivers side door.  "You might want to at least put down a towel, these seats are extremely hot." 


Several hours later after showering, watching the video feed from the security cameras, and transferring the photographs from both of the underwater cameras, Sesshoumaru and Shun had a improved timeline of the incident, as well as a better comprehension of the details. 

Kagome was heartbroken when she first saw the pictures of the destroyed section of the reef, but was fascinated by the video of the dolphins.  When Shun had dropped his camera, it had jarred the shutter from still photos to video and they had a complete underwater viewpoint of the entire incident, as well as the above water video from the security cameras that pointed at the beach.  

Now somewhat casually dressed, they were on their way to meet Haru for drinks and dinner.  Kagome was wearing a halter dress with a slim fitting skirt that she had bought on their Hawai'ian vacation and a pair of high heeled sandals.  Sesshoumaru and Shun were both wearing white silk summer trousers and Hawai'ian print shirts, also from their vacation. 

"Where are we going again?"  Kagome, was sitting in the middle of the back seat, leaning forward between her two mates as they headed down the coast road.  She had never been to this restaurant before, and couldn't place the name.  

"We're meeting Haru in the lounge at the Half Moon Resort.  He  made dinner reservations at their restaurant."  Sesshoumaru was slowing down to look for the entrance to the resort.  There was a low wall with a familiar looking gate and drawbridge.  Following the signs Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes as he took in the décor of the resort. 

"Oh, look Shun."  Kagome was pointing to the large sign advertising the sporting activities available.  "They have water skiing and a wave pool for surfing!  Golf and tennis.  And fishing charters.  Maybe we can come back someday and try surfing in the wave pool.  I was just getting the hang of wind surfing when our vacation was over." 

Shun chuckled at her enthusiasm.  "That's a possibility Princess.  We'll have to see what's on our schedules for the next couple weeks." 

Parking the car, Sesshoumaru helped Kagome out, then put an arm around her waist as they walked through a moon gate to follow the path to the lounge and restaurant.  Shun held the door of the lounge open then followed Kagome and Sesshoumaru into the subdued lighting of the lounge, noting the large salt water aquarium dividing the lounge from the slightly more brightly lit restaurant. 

Approaching the crowded bar, they found Haru sitting at the far end near the entrance to the restaurant.  Rising from his seat, he greeted everyone with hugs all around and a kiss on the cheek for Kagome.  After Haru motioned for her to take his seat, Shun, putting his hands around her waist, lifted her up onto the high barstool, placing a quick kiss on her lips. 

Talking quietly for a few minutes, the males traded information on the incident from the afternoon, including the fact that the rental boat was from the Half Moon Resort.  Kagome had already heard most of what was being discussed, so she sort of tuned them out while looking around the bar then settled on  watching the tropical fish in the salt water tank.  That at least was much more interesting than listening to the groups of fisherman sitting around bragging about their catches and the ones that got away. 

Haru was leaning towards Sessh and Shun.  "No, I don't know which group of fisherman it is, however the Coast Guard have their names and will be issuing tickets for quite a few infractions.  However, I have an idea how to find out.  Keep your eyes peeled." 

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at Haru as he motioned for the bartender, who quickly approached.  "Another round Capt. Haruhara?" 

Speaking rather loudly, Haru ordered another round of drinks.  "Yes, my friends here will have the same as I am, and the lady will have a Sex On The Beach."  Haru glanced over his shoulder when one of the resort guests spewed his beer across the table onto his companions. 

Turning back to Sesshoumaru, Haru lifted an eyebrow and smirked at him as Kagome turned wide eyes to look at Haru.




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