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Aimee Blue (Chapter 19) - Tue 26 Jan 2010

*bites FF* Luckily I have favourited you on more than one site (being the fangirl I am) so i got updates! Loved this ending my dear although i'm sad it's over. I thought Sesshoumaru's sudden loss of egotism around Hana was funny!

daapatemysoul (Chapter 19) - Tue 26 Jan 2010

I loved the epilogue! The whole story was great- very, very steamy, with just enough plot to make it a story and not just smut. I enjoyed being told how things turned out at the end, and the hints in previous chapters that Kags and Sesshy live to see her mother again. Fabulous all around- I can't wait to see what you do next.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 19) - Tue 26 Jan 2010

awesome hahaha still trying to get those rosery on him! yanno i bet if she did it she's be like o.o now what hahahaha

stars (Chapter 18) - Mon 28 Dec 2009

please updata

autumngold (Chapter 18) - Sun 27 Dec 2009

Part of me wishes that Kagome had gotten the subjugation beads on Sesshoumaru.  Not for good, but I think it would have been funny if he had to worry about them for a couple of days.  Thank you for the fun update!  Thank you so much for this story!  I can't wait for the epilogue!

Jess (Chapter 17) - Mon 21 Dec 2009

I love this so far :D You are a very good writter! :D

Seshiepersonalpriestess (Chapter 17) - Mon 14 Dec 2009

lol...bravo on a great chapter.

Lexie (Chapter 17) - Sat 12 Dec 2009

That for a practise story was awesome. maybe a few spelling mistakes here and there through the entire thing, but still pretty wicked. and you're entirely right - a little extra smut NEVER hurts. xD

stars (Chapter 17) - Fri 11 Dec 2009

please updata

Kira (Chapter 17) - Thu 10 Dec 2009

I think a little bit of smut only ever helped anyone! lol, wonderful chapter, as per always, im thinking. I love how she figured out how to use his own tricks against him, i as wondering when she'd figure it out. after this, have you thought of doing a sequel? thatd be very awsome, with a child maybe?

of course, it might not working with the ending you have planned, which is essential... so, i'll leave you to it! i hope the now last chapter is as wonderfully descriptive as this one, and that the epiloge is great as well!


autumngold (Chapter 17) - Thu 10 Dec 2009

I think it would be only fair if Kagome was able to make Sesshoumaru beg in the next chapter.  At least just a little.  :)  Love the update!  Can't wait for more!

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 16) - Wed 09 Dec 2009

OK - I just spent all morning reading this story - I LOVE IT!

I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite Kag/Sess story EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You were simply brilliant with molding the perfect pair together - you kept them in their original character will bending them to your story in an act of sheer brilliance! Brava!

I cannot wait to read more! I am very much looking forward to your future musings!

Best Kag/Sess story EVER!


laenfante (Chapter 16) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

I absolutely adore this work! It has everything: humor, action, romance, sex...and the teasing was fantastic! You have a talent for description. This has become one of my favorite pieces; I reread it every few days, and it always brings a smile to my face. Wonderful! /zen hugs/

Seshiepersonalpriestess (Chapter 16) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

Damn about time they got some action. Great chapter!

stars (Chapter 16) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

this was great. thaks

FayeMegan (Chapter 16) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

Very hot! I liked the description of Sesshoumaru after he locked the door and stalked her. Can't wait to see more ;)

knifethrower (Chapter 16) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

That was hot!

Lilla (Chapter 16) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

Great practice, if I may say


autumngold (Chapter 16) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

Don't you dare be critical of your love scenes.  I think it was perfect.  I like how you showed it was more than just sex, it was love.  Thank you so much for the update.  This is such a beautiful story!  Can't wait for more!

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 11) - Tue 17 Nov 2009

Wow! That was some chappie. I think you have satisfied this fic reader's craving for lemony goodness. That was sooo F***ing amazing. I am soo jealous of Kagome. And I never expected Sesshou to thank Inuyasha for anything... Being an idiot is not something I would think he would be thankful for. Anyways, keep up the good work and keep those lemons coming. :P

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