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Fetch by Kanna37


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"Dammit, Kagome, we don't have all fucking day for you to play in the sand!  We've got shards to find, and a day playing at the beach isn't part of that, stupid wench,"  he grumbled.

The day was beautiful, all clear skies and warm sun, and Kagome was determined to get in a little play time... no matter what the grouchy hanyou companion she'd had for several years thought.  Something came to her, then, and she giggled mischievously.

If I can just find the perfect stick...

"Oh, do be quiet, Inuyasha!  It's too nice a day to listen to you whine, seriously."

Miroku laughed, hiding his expression behind a hand, while Sango just shook her head.  They were all well used to the constant bickering between the two.

Shippo, on the other hand, jumped right in.  "Yeah, bakayasha!  Leave K'gome alone.  So what if she wants to play in the surf a bit while we're walking?"

Just as Inuyasha scrambled over, intent on smacking the kit on the head, Kagome found the perfect branch and scooping it up, yelled,  "Inuyasha!"  As his head spun towards her, she drew back her arm and threw the stick well down the beach... and predictably, the hanyou's eyes lit up just as he took off after it.

Th group left standing on the sand laughed, but then everyone froze when an additional chuckle was heard -  and it hadn't come from any of them.  Slowly turning, the group was stunned at the sight of Inuyasha's elder brother standing behind them in all his glory.

Kagome stepped forward, eyes narrowed.  "What are you doing here, Sesshoumaru?  And why are you laughing at Inuyasha?"

He raised a single, slender brow, still staring down the beach at his brother, who had by now noticed his presence and was returning at a run.  "Do you not find it amusing that he chases that stick like a pup?  I do."

Shippo and the others laughed a bit uneasily, but Kagome planted her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes on him.

"How about I find a stick and throw it for you , Sesshoumaru?  Will you play fetch with me?"

Everyone froze as he slowly turned his gaze on the young priestess just as Inuyasha returned.  "Oi, what the fuck do you want, bastard?"

Sesshoumaru ignored his younger brother, and tilting his head, slowly and openly ran his eyes first down the miko's form, and then back up, before finally meeting her eyes.  

Just as he turned away, he said suggestively,  "There's only one thing here that I would play 'fetch' with, miko... and it wouldn't be a stick."

With one last glance at a stunned young woman, he walked away, saying over his shoulder,  "If you ever decide to take me up on that, miko, I won't be far.  All you must do is call my name."

The Inutachi was left standing on the sand, staring between the disappearing Western Lord, and the red face and open mouth of the miko he'd been speaking to.

Inuyasha opened his mouth to say something, but then, with a confused blink, shook his head, and said gruffly,  "Keh.  Let's go everyone. We've done enough standing around."

A short distance back in the direction they had come from stood a very pleased daiyoukai.  

Hn.  I can think of many pleasant uses for that open mouth of yours, miko, and soon enough, I'll have the pleasure of trying them all, too.  

A wicked grin split his face as he thought about that.

'Fetch' indeed.


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