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Sess Koibito (Chapter 4) - Fri 11 Sep 2009
Sesshomaru would definitely be able to smell my arousal if he was here right now! Great chapter! Please update again soon! :)

DocBevCulver (Chapter 4) - Fri 11 Sep 2009
*faints, nose bleeding* ... *comes to* Oh damn Amber! That was mean but oh soooo good. :P I loved it! Submitting, you damn skippy! I'd submit in a heart beat. But then again, later I would turn the "tide". LOL Bravo! As always! Can't wait to see what happens next. :D

Adriana (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
*raises hand and waves it around* I do! I do! I think Sesshoumaru's hot!! :) update soon! I cant wait to see what Sesshoumaru collects as his next prize!

sunset in love (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
hot? oh no, he is absolutely far BEYOND that! he is the sun itself... and he is all for me, so is Yasha and so is Kouga... i'll let you know that they were all under my command... but i'll compansate you, you can have all of Naraku or Hojo, i wouldn't mind that... huh, delusional am I...

Rowdys girl (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
Whew! I had to turn the air conditioning on after the third chapter.

fatcatmom (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
Wonderful story! Please keep up the great work and amusing story line and give us the next installment soon. One small point: I did not think Milord refers to himself as 'I' when speaking; I thought he always says 'This Sesshomaru...".

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
lol :3 naughty puppy!

mia (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
absolutly awsome i can't wait for next chapter

DocBevCulver (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
*fans herself* Damn, I want to play 'Hide-n-Seek' with Sesshoumaru! Now! Oh my. Damn, sry hentai fangirl slipped her chains. Loved it!!! :D I can't wait to see how 'Tag' goes. *evil grin*

Lilith (Chapter 2) - Wed 09 Sep 2009
:D Riku loves this! lol. ^-^ it made me smile! hmm, no wonder its on my favs! lol. i cannot wait for more!

DocBevCulver (Chapter 2) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
RAWR! I would SOOO roll over and beg for more. *coughs* erm sry. That was was perfect! Loved it! Bravo, as always! Can't wait for more. :D

FangedBeasty (Chapter 2) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
lol Sesshoumaru likes games, but Kagome is a bit shy to play them. :) I like it.

Adriana (Chapter 2) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
I didnt realize that this story was complete.. So you should totally make another chapter where Kagome breaks and calls for Sesshoumaru or something :D PLEASE?? *puppy dog eyes*

Adriana (Chapter 2) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
WOW.. O_O so this is a side of Sesshoumaru I have never read about before.. and to tell you the truth, I kinda like him. ;) So when's Kagome going to give in and call for him?? update soon

natasha (Chapter 2) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
ok so i love this story it is so funny, and it is somthing that sesshomaru would actually pull on kagome. and i think you should make just one more chapter where sesshomaru actually gets his prize. with all the love in my heart Mihara_wolf

loveless (Chapter 2) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
I LOVE this! It was funny and i like this version of Sesshomaru. Please update soon. I NEED MORE.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
naughty puppy! =x and thats hilarious, inu chasing sticks! :3

Inu Guardian (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 Sep 2009
Oh my goodness!!! Who would have thought that Sesshoumaru could use innuendos so well?! That made me all giggly!

Sweet_Dark_Silence (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 Sep 2009
Lucky Kagome! Grumbles quietly, I would play 'fetch' with him...

DocBevCulver (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 Sep 2009
Hehehe, oh my. Loved it. :D

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