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marisel (Chapter 19) - Mon 11 Mar 2019

Really funny and sexy.  I did enjoy your story to the max.  Read it twice  great job

sr (Chapter 19) - Tue 13 Mar 2018

well done!

sr (Chapter 4) - Tue 13 Mar 2018

wow...just wow

Miko Sefiyer (Chapter 11) - Fri 18 Jan 2013

One word decribes this fanfiction....Yummy~

Sadie_Fanfictioner (Chapter 8) - Sun 20 May 2012

Sesshomaru will not try to kill, only to maim, or seriously injure!

lara (Chapter 19) - Fri 11 Feb 2011

I read this story all at once & at the end found myself a bit confused over the jewel. I had believed The Jewel was made by Midoriko using a spell in a last ditch effort,after many days of fighting to defeat a youkai or a group of them that killed both human & youkai until turning so bloodthirsty their souls became tainted with evil,to stop them (before they could defeat her & carry on killing & destroying) she trapped her soul & the evil soul/s she was fighting in an endless battle within The Jewel.Midoriko was considered the mother of all Miko's & known & as the most powerful Miko ever to exist.The jewel was considered dangerous because it contained the most powerful holy power &  an equally powerful quantity of evil power & because of the dueling powers of equal strength within it called out to those weak to power of evil & couldn't affect beings more powerful then the combined power contained within the jewel &/or those who had pure souls that were more powerful than the combined  power contained within it. The benefit of one with a pure soul that was more powerful than the combined power within the jewel is that being could keep the Jewel purified of any taint from others & their own power would overwhelm the Jewel & basically smother it. The only way to rid the world of the jewel was by making a wish on the jewel in its purified state(the evil within is null or powerless),the catch being that the wish had to be selfless & at the same time free Midoriko's soul to move on.

  So, I coudn't figure out how a wish on a tainted jewel could rid the world of the jewel & since Kagome was the only being powerful to purify,protect or contain the Jewel. That is what made her the most powerful human,she also had the largest soul & purest or brightest aura that was said to be so bright it could blind someone looking at it too closely...

  A hanyou is produced when one parent is human with no powers at all & one parent is youkai with powers the child of those two because of the one parent that is powerless their essence would weaken or waterdown the essence of the parent with power causing the child born to be half power (all youkai have some power picture that as a +1 if mixed with a being that carries no power picture it as either -1 or 0.....+1& -1=0 or +1&0=1) 

Sessh thinking his father a Dai youkai & a human with no power had a hanyou.Sessh was aware that Kagome was the most powerful Miko/human ever & he was the most powerful youkai.....he assumed that him being youkai & her human would automatically make their pups hanyou but he didn't take into affect that a Miko is a being with power that alone makes them a being that is more than human..... since he's the most powerful Tai youkai (but holds no evil)& Kagome being the most powerful Miko ever ,together they're child would be an unknown variable...... since he's youkai but carries no evil his essence is no threat to hers so her reiki will not fight his youkai but could protect it or enhance it....which I believe could make they're pup/s ..........either miko/Inu Tai youkai with both parents powers or if her reiki only protected his non threatening youkai seed in her womb & her power didn't dilute it then their pup/s could be born as either Inu Tai youkai only or Inu Tai youkai with Miko immunities or his Inu tai youkai + her Miko human could make pups Miko Inu hanyou having Miko powers youkai powers but due to her humanity even with her powers the pups wouldn't be as strong as tai youkai's filled with variables....I wish you'd have told us what the pups ended up born as & being that their was one each pup could possibly have different powers or combos of the parents powers

missy (Chapter 1) - Sat 08 Jan 2011

this is a good, wonderful, great sory and i love and like this story since i first started reading it, your a very great author who wrote this very great wonderful good story!

Anonymous (Chapter 1) - Fri 24 Dec 2010
thank you much for pointing out the fact that inuyasha is a necrrophiliac!

Lady Nefertiti (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 Oct 2010

lol...'fetch indeed.' I think Inuyasha didn't get it though....he's not well versed in 'dirty' implications. Or perhaps it's just b/c it's sesshomaru. 

Wynter89 (Chapter 19) - Fri 27 Aug 2010

Sad to see this story finished. I got a lot of kicks out of it!  

I am looking forward to reading more of your work!  

'Fetch', was highly entertaining!   Good humour, I love the doggie puns!  Never got tired of those!  XD

Good luck!

Black Light Brightness (Chapter 19) - Sat 14 Aug 2010

i LOVED this story! disappointment should be reserved for empathy NOT applied to this! ^_^ it's very good and considering the awards? PFT! 


awesome job ....again ^_^

kait<3 (Chapter 2) - Thu 12 Aug 2010

i can't remember if i have ever left a review on this story before, but i have read it countless times:) it's wonderful and i love how you portray sesshomaru he seems so deliciously naughty and devious:)lol fetch indeed has to be the best line in the entire story:)

love kait!!!!!

SashaMarie (Chapter 19) - Sat 31 Jul 2010

I love this story. It was AWESOME. I cant wait to read more of your stories. They are great. Good job.

Hesunohana (Chapter 19) - Wed 05 May 2010

a good fiction, even with a small plot inside. well-written.


bravo !

Patricia (Chapter 19) - Tue 04 May 2010
Dang Woman! That was wonderfully sinful. Had me panting and wanting to drool., At my age! *blushes. WOW.

T'Keyah. (Chapter 19) - Thu 29 Apr 2010

You've done my favorite pairing proud, Kanna.
You've done them proud.
Being a long-time fan of Sesshomaru, I was surprised by how this entire story managed to make me hot, sad, silly and aroused all at the same time.
Thank you and keep writing!

Hairann (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Mar 2010

Congratulations Fetch has won third place for best lemonfic in the Dokuga 4th quarter awards. You can pick up your awesomely made banner, complements of the lovely Priestess Skye, at Congrats again and keep up the amazing work :).

jihan (Chapter 19) - Tue 02 Feb 2010

love it!!!

Lady Ashurii (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Jan 2010

Damn i can feel that things are going to get good.

laenfante (Chapter 19) - Tue 26 Jan 2010

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was so thrilled when I saw the alert; "Fetch" is still one of my all-time favorite Sess-Kag stories. And I DO appreciate you stretching it's a winner, even with the sad fact that it's over. Five stars! And Zen chocolate for you!

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