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DemonicAngel91 (Chapter 20) - Mon 09 Apr 2018

this is the second time I have read this story and I still love it. I think it such a lovely story even if poor rin died she still got a second chance at life. this time with two parent to love her always.

Eva (Chapter 20) - Fri 09 Sep 2016

I've really enjoyed this story. The change of perspective was jarring, but enjoyable. I realise formatting like line breaks can be a problem with some sites and I've heard others complain of difficulties on Dokuga. I loved the first person perspective from all of the characters, especially and surprisingly Jaken. Thanks for sharing Your work and talents with us.

satuross (Chapter 10) - Mon 11 Nov 2013

where is da lemons haha. love your writing style

Tasha (Chapter 20) - Mon 22 Apr 2013

I LOVED this story! It was fluffy and warmed my heart more than any story I've read thus far. I will be looking into your other stories as well and I hope they are as enjoyable as this one was. 

Stacie Bryan (Chapter 20) - Sun 25 Mar 2012

I know it has been a long time since you have posted this story here. After reading so many stories; I decided to start at the end of the mature section to re-read the ones I have not in a very long time. I was surprised to find this one, which I had not had the pleasure of reading yet; although I do not know why. I must say that there are few stories that move me to tears and really make an impact on me. I am fortunate to say that yours has done just that. I thank you for having the courage and inspiration to write this, as this is one of few that I believe encompasses the characters true being on what they are to symbolize and represent. I am truly greatful for your work, and I am now going to have it listed in my favorites so that I can read it again. I apologize that I could not have read this earlier and tell you how wonderful and surreal this story is. To make a long story short; I want to say that I absolutely loved it. While there are a few grammatical and structural errors; those do not matter all that much in the way the story impacted me.


Thank you


Karli (Chapter 20) - Thu 19 Jan 2012

that was a wonderful story. thank you for sharing this

KaminokoDaughters (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Jun 2011

Dying is mispelled as dieing. other than that, a great re-read.

--Kaminoko (c)2011

SashaMarie (Chapter 20) - Sat 23 Apr 2011

I loved this story. Thanks It was great.

Lady Silq Ice (Chapter 1) - Wed 15 Jul 2009
This was truly a beautiful and inspiring story. What I liked most about it was from start to finish it was refreshingly different. Most stories are told from the third person perspective with insight into their thoughts. Switching from first person to first person created a stunning mixture of overpowering emotions and fluidly flowing thoughts. Then there was the subject of the story. Too often, to include myself, authors fall into that rut where their stories closely follow the plot of one another. Of course each story is different an unique in their own way, but they follow that same thread. Yours was entirely different and was a breath of fresh spring air. The humor, the laughter and the tears were all perfectly balanced and kept me enraptured up to the very end. This is indeed a "happily ever after" story and I plan on referring back to it when my muse has run silent. Thank you for sharing this gem with us and may you continue to write more beautiful literature.

Ayui Young (Chapter 1) - Wed 01 Apr 2009
The prologue made me cry the whole time i am saying Kami dont take her fromhim please!oh that made me very sad. You are a good writer.

kim (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Mar 2009
thats so sad it made me want to cry great writing its was almost like you were sesshomaru

Yuzuki (Chapter 20) - Tue 23 Sep 2008
This is a very beautiful and powerful story. I loved every moment of it. Amazing job sweets.

Terri (Chapter 20) - Tue 19 Aug 2008
I loved it until the ending. It was sad that Kagome who loved children was only allowed to have just the one child. This seem to be more about Sesshomaru's love for Rin than an actual romance story about Kagome and Sesshomaru. Doesn't Kagome deserve a true love story? I felt that Sesshomaru only mated with Kagome for the child, and honestly that is a poor reason.

InuPriestess (Chapter 20) - Mon 18 Aug 2008
I just love the way you ended it. It seemed so real. I also respect your choice of not bringing up the who "kagome living forever" stuff or the "kagome will grow old while her family does not" stuff... It is a good, refreshing change to be able to have a story end like a story. Ya know? like the ones that end in a happy little fuzz that leaves you with a sigh? I like those endings... It's not all fake happy, and not all dreary.. just right smack in the middle.. that'll do pig.. that'll do *snorts at own Babe reference* (^.^)" happy writings. Ciao!!!

wawa (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Aug 2008
I just read your entire story and now its 2:30AM!! Now I have to add you to the list of authors that prevent me from sleeping. Great story.

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 20) - Wed 23 Jul 2008
I cried at the ending. Jaken made me cry!! It was so strange with him being so gentle and kind. Makes me want to be nicer to the toad in my own writings... oh well. Wonderful concept and superb exsecution.

Terri (Chapter 20) - Tue 22 Jul 2008
Anout the ending, It was sad to read that Kagome did not have any more children, and it never said truly much about her and Sesshomaru in the ending I enjoyed reading the first eighteen chapters, it was the lst two that seemed rushed and it seemed be be lacking. I loved the concept of the story. I feel it could have been more. With Kagome's knowledge of history, I thought the story could bring more out and the mating seemed to be an after thought. Did the mating cause Kagome to live longer?

Indigo_miko (Chapter 20) - Tue 22 Jul 2008
*sniffle* It's over! I just started it and I'm already sad it's over. Ah well. I kinda liked that you didn't answer all the typical ending questions. I also really liked that you ended it with Jaken's view. All in all, great story. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Indigo_miko (Chapter 4) - Sun 20 Jul 2008
I just stumbled across this story and it is wonderful. Oh my goodness the idea of Sesshomaru showing up at Kagome's hut and very blatantly asking to knock her up is hysterical. I love the story so far, but I have more to read. *rubs hands together in devilish glee*

Running in Circles (Chapter 19) - Wed 16 Jul 2008
I really love this story. I enjoy how everything flows together and goes smoothly. I can't wait for the next chapter!!

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