Sala (Chapter 5) - Sun 22 Nov 2009

Cute fic.  One nitpicky point: there are eight phases of the moon, not nine.

(1) New Moon

(2) Waxing Crescent

(3) 1st Quarter

(4) Waxing Gibbous

(5) Full Moon

(6) Waning Gibbous

(7) Last Quarter

(8) Waning Crescent

And then the cycle starts again. :)

1CarinoInu (Chapter 5) - Sun 22 Nov 2009

Nice work..I like how you've made this into a little story.  Very clever!

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 5) - Sun 22 Nov 2009

Love it cant wait till they get together!!!

AmaViarra (Chapter 4) - Mon 21 Sep 2009
Wonderful. Was the first thought that came to mind when reading this chapter. It was cute, you are able to write both Sesshoumaru and Kagome so well. Along with their relationship, its very touching and makes me go 'awe' along with having a smile on my face. This chapter had a nice flow to it, wonderful job. I'm looking forward to reading more of these in the future :)

PRVN (Chapter 4) - Mon 21 Sep 2009
I love pretty much everyone of the one-shots so far. They are very cute and well written. However, isn't the third and fourth chapter the same?

autumngold (Chapter 3) - Mon 14 Sep 2009
Poor frustrated Sesshoumaru. He really, really needs to tell Kagome how he feels. How could she not be excited to know that her best friend loves her too. Fun story! Can't wait for more!

Lilith (Chapter 2) - Mon 03 Aug 2009
0.0 oohh!! I wonder what's ganna happen to Kags.. Will she find Sess doin' the dirty!!!

Priestess Skye (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Jul 2009
haha, a) love the t-shirt and panties. b) love the interpretation of prince wishing to be a frog and c) that was just a sweet story. bonus karma and your token has been delivered!

17th Floor (Chapter 1) - Sun 26 Jul 2009

OMG! Legend+Inuyasha = sweet Sunday joy for me. Thank you!

...*sliding dork glasses on* I even knew that was from the 'Eurpean version' with the Goldsmith score...*sliding dork glasses back off again*

Smittee (Chapter 1) - Sun 26 Jul 2009
I loved it. Very nice job, phish. ^.^ I love Legends. *sighs*

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