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Huge.... Tracts of Land by phishbon3s

Fairy Tale

Quick AN: I made a few revisions to this chapter. I was not happy with some of what I had previously posted, so I did a little re-write to those parts that offended me. :P 


This first chapter is for Skye's Weekly Challenge (July 26, 2009) - Fairy Tale. Revised chapter word count - 1953.

Including the bonus of :

Not including a fairy tale

A prince who wishes to be a frog

Yeah, remind me to never write ANYTHING after a dinner of bacon bunties and Smirnoff Ice, while watching that damned movie. I do not own the rights to the movie Legend, but I do own a copy of it on DVD! I do not own InuYasha. All rights belong to their appropriate owners.


Now, on with the show~!


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Turning the key in his front door lock, Sesshoumaru called it a night. And a successful one at that. The merger went without a hitch and his father was off his back for the time being. All that was needed to end the night on a high note was to relax with a glass of scotch.

However, the scent that met him as he opened the door promised to make the night anything but relaxing. Kagome was here. Tilting his head slightly, Sesshoumaru was able to zero in on her location.

"It must be dread indeed to trouble you, lordship."

Why is it always my bedroom? Why must she insist on using that TV and not the one in the living room?

Mentally shrugging, Sesshoumaru deposited his brief case on the coffee table and his keys on the hook. Tossing his jacket on a chair, Sesshoumaru went to where he kept his store of scotch. He would defiantly need a stiff drink or two. Every visit from Kagome was a test of his patience, strength and will power.

"What be this bait? Please, you teach me."

"Innocence... innocence."

She has been his best friend since they were naught but children in grade school, when they met at a local park. He was in the fourth grade and exceedingly bright, reading at 7th grade level, which is what brought the girl to him that day. His father and stepmother were taking his younger half-brother to the park and insisted he come along.

Insisted, Sesshoumaru gave a mental snort. More like demanded, pleaded and whined.

He had settled himself in a shady spot, against a tree and began to read. As the prince of the Western Lands, Sesshoumaru had been tutored and groomed for his prestigious position all his life. One of his few joys were books and reading was a passion. It was this passion that engrossed him so on that day, which caught the eye of a young girl on the merry-go-round. Kagome, a 2rd grader, fearlessly approached the older youkai boy, sat down next to him and asked him to read to her. Assuming she would quickly loose interest, Sesshoumaru began to read once again, this time aloud. However, one minute turned to two and two into ten. When their parents came to collect them, both were surprised at how much time had passed. This became a ritual that would span years. This would become a friendship that would last.

Standing in the doorway of his bedroom, Sesshoumaru looked at the girl that had become a woman, and a permanent part of his life. She has been many things over the years, but mostly, frustratingly blind to his real feelings.

He wanted more than just her friendship. He wanted her.

"Oh. The willful heart invites despair. Like blind men creeping in a dragon's lair."

"Not a country proverb nor king's command can keep me from the woods today."

Currently, the vexing girl was laying on his bed. No, laying was too light of a word. Kagome was sprawled across his bed on her stomach, ankles crossed and eyes glued to the screen. Her hair was loose and flowing haphazardly around her shoulders. Her chin was cupped in the palm of one hand and the other was curled around a green lump she was laying on. She was the picture of childlike innocence, despite what she was wearing.... or not wearing. Her black nightshirt had bunched up around her middle, showing some of her lower back and the fact that she was forgoing shorts tonight.

A silver eyebrow arched at the black cotton panties she wore. To complete the image before him, she had donned knee-length toe socks in white and green stripes.


That damned green lump.

The frog plushie.

It was a green monstrosity that he had bought for Kagome several years back on a trip to an out-of-state aquarium. They were in the gift shop when she noticed it. The horrid thing was on a shelf with various stuffed fish. It was plainly out of place and haphazardly tossed on the shelf. She had picked it up to move it back to where the other frog plush toys were, but after two laps of the store was unable to find its brethren. Saddened by how the frog was alone and pitiful, Kagome looked pleadingly to her best friend. Unable to ignore the twinge of his heart at the sight Kagome made, he made the purchase that would soon turn out to be the bane to his existence.

"Do you like it? Is it sweet?"

"I know someone sweeter."

"Maybe innocent. Maybe sweet.  Ain't half as nice as rotting meat."

"Hello Kagome."  

Kagome gave a squeal of delight as she launched herself off the bed and into the open arms of her favorite demon. Clinging to him like seaweed, Kagome nuzzled into Sesshoumaru’s neck with a muffled greeting of "Welcome home! How was work?"  

By only the virtue of his infamous ironclad will, was Sesshoumaru able to suppress the buckling of his knees from the petite woman’s breathe on his neck. He was not able to stop the gooseflesh on his arms and his citrine eyes from dilating.

Adam’s apple bobbing with the effort to swallow with a suddenly dry mouth, he replied "The merger went well. Father is quite pleased." Voice growing steadier with each syllable, he nudged the side of her head with his chin. “How long have you been here?"

"Hhmmm?" Kagome blinked up at him, only to blink again as his question registered in her mind. "Oh, about an hour or so."

Arching an eyebrow, Sesshoumaru asked "And how long have you been reduced to such a state of undress?"

A subdued giggle escaped from her bubblegum lips. "About 20 minutes. Give or take, I think."

"Ah. And to what do I owe this unexpected," Sesshoumaru paused to curl his lip in a mock grimace at the next word ".... pleasure?"

Smacking him lightly on the shoulder in retaliation, Kagome jutted out a full-pouting lip. "A coworker loaned me this movie."

"Hn." Sesshoumaru snapped his fangs playfully at her stuck out lip with a light click. "This does not sufficiently explain your state of undress."

A wicked grin flitted across Kagome's lips, replacing the previous pout. "Ah-ha, but this too can be explained.” Kagome fell into an inaccurate but playful imitation of the demon she was currently wrapped around. "I'm staying the night, of course."

Feigning an affronted aire, Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at the woman in his arms. "You wish to commandeer this Sesshoumaru's bed and interrupt his sleep?"

"Uh huh." Kagome replied cheekily, her hand absently stroking her chin. "Now that that question is answered to everyone’s satisfaction. The only real question left is," Kagome leaned back slightly to be able to poke him in the chest with a finger, "where are you going to sleep."

Rolling his eyes at this little display of theatrics, he caught a black blur of lettering out of his peripheral vision. Getting a good look at her shirt for the first time, Sesshoumaru gave a deep chuckle at the text across it. If you speak Parseltongue, you can open my Chamber of Secrets.

Kagome averted her gaze as a blush spread across her face, bring out the light dusting of freckles across her nose.

"Jack, teach me rabbit."

"Oh! The movie! I nearly forgot." Wiggling out of his grasp, Kagome settled back onto his bed.

Taking off his shoes and unbuttoning several buttons on his shirt, Sesshoumaru began to gather his things for the night. He turned sharply as the petite woman gave a tiny gasp. Eyebrows knitting together, Kagome worried her lip at the turn the movie was taking.

Looking to the action of the movie, the princess ran out of her hiding place to the horror of the male next to her. The music was gaining volume to display the importance of this act.

Why are they using whale song for this scene. Hn.

"No! No, please."

Kagome cringed at the plight of those on screen, more gasps leaving her tiny mouth. "He said no! What are you doing!?." 

Sesshoumaru settled himself beside Kagome on the bed, as she yelled, "Oh shit!" Sesshoumaru turned his eyes once again to the movie as the evil attacked the good.  Kagome's lips parted slightly as the princess questioned the hero about his anger at her actions, while the scene cut to show the innocent being run to ground.

"Where's the harm in that?"

"What the hell? You were just angry at her! She betrayed your trust!"

Heartbeats and whales song played with fast instrumental as snow and cherry blossoms flurried across the screen. The princess ran and hid in the home of her peasant friend, now frozen in time and ice.

"Wrong, t'was beauty that lead the beast to bay."

"She was so sweet, I could eat her brains like jam."

"I could shuck her bones...."


"Ewwww!" Kagome wrinkled her nose as she popped another piece of popcorn into her mouth.

Sesshoumaru stretched out next to her and rested his head on the heel of his hand. Covertly glancing out of the corner of his eye, he gazed at the girl next to him. How can she be comfortable? She laid with her stuffed frog lying half beneath her body while the other half resting under her chin. But what captured his attention was the fact that it was nestled between her breasts.

Narrowing his eyes, he glared at the damned thing. The Prince of the Western Lands should not be jealous of a damn bit of fluff and fur.

Kagome squealed at the actors on screen and wiggled, unconsciously rubbing those mounds against the kami-be-damned thing.

Sigh. I never thought I'd find myself wishing I was a frog.

"What is a bell that does not ring, yet it's knell makes the angels sing? Answer me this and all will be forgiven."

"Flowers . Bluebells. To hear them ringing means your life is at an end."

"Damnation! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

An hour or so later as the movie came to its climatic close, he could see Kagome's eyes were unfocused.  Nudging her as he grabbed the remote to shut off the TV, Sesshoumaru motioned for her to get up. Kagome got to her feet and into a full body stretch, joints popping.  A flash of white caught his eye. Confused, Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes. Was that.... is that writing on her panties? Squinting, Sesshoumaru found text in the small space at the front. A small pained groan escaped his lips. Warranty Void If Removed.

A jolt ran through him, a wave of urge and need sang in his veins at the words and location. Nostrils quivered at the light musky scent that escaped from her as she crawled back onto the bed. Turning, Sesshoumaru walked to the adjoining master bath to change for the night. Closing the door, he leaned against it and closed his eyes. Clenching his jaw, he tried to dispel the image of her upturned ass, clad in only black cotton panties and wiggling as she moved across his bed. Quietly letting out a long slow breathe, Sesshoumaru centered himself and tried not to think of the long night ahead.

Kagome was already under the covers and asleep when he switched the bedroom light off.  Sliding under the covers, Sesshoumaru lightly kissed her cheek before settling behind her to spoon. His arm slipping around her waist and pulling her closer, he buried his nose in the crook of the neck. Inhaling deeply, Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. 


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