Reviews for Eggnabbit! by Walter205

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Sat 17 Mar 2018

Yanno my dear walter i always loved this fic. and i really wish there was a a part 2, like what if she's preggy and its a rapid pregnancy, and sesshomaru has no idea she can have full inu;'s but when the egg coems out, a full puppy does too. Poor kagome but yeah. an idea.

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jun 2011


swift death (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Jul 2010

that was crazzzzyyyyyy :) weard strory but not the weardiest

DestinysTears (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 Feb 2009
Wow! I have never laughed so hard reading a fanfic in my entire life! That's not a bad thing, either, I'd like to clarify. I quite enjoyed reading this. I believe I need to read some of your other work... It's nearly 2 am, but it is SO tempting...

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Mon 19 Jan 2009

okay Walter dear I'm gunna need to know what happens after this, i find your stories are horribly addicitive, yet i am always wondering either how they got to this point or what happens after, and sometimes dear walter it makes me crazy. i really want to know what happens after this.

Dani (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Jan 2009
I thought it was funny. I don't know if it was meant to be but I really enjoyed it.

Nobody (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Jan 2009
Walter if find you to be one of the most uniques writers on this site. i loved your story you have such an interesting view. Great JOB!

Ikaru (Chapter 1) - Wed 07 Jan 2009
well that was unique...odd but unique....i liked it, you did a very good job, i can just imagine poor kags face as he walked out of the

LC Rose (Chapter 1) - Tue 06 Jan 2009
I cringe with excitement every time I see something you've posted and I just can't keep from reading it. Your writing is like a car wreck. One cannot help but look at it and admire the gruesomeness. And yes, this is entirely a compliment. I am ennamored with your work. Every time you never fail to give me an "ouch" or an "oh yuck" quickly followed by a laugh of glee. You torture the characters of Inuyasha in the very best of ways!!

Possessed (Chapter 1) - Tue 06 Jan 2009
Interesting take on this prompt! Never imagined it that way, but I can go with it! You do have a very unique look on their relationship...

SarahJane Tennant (Chapter 1) - Tue 06 Jan 2009
Errmm.. Oww Poor kags..(hey big is this egg?Is it like an ostrich(sp?)egg or smaller?Sorry but i've been wondering...-the fact that it's been on my mind;that in and of it's self leaves me baffled)Yeah..umm..also Sesshy was only holding hands with Takiko as a friend right?(no funny business-and if yes well..i'm intrigued..hmmm)Anywho it was a good story.Very original and creative!! =^.^= I can't wait to read another one of your stories!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Jan 2009

i have no idea how to take that... its kinda kinky and creepy. not really a good or a bad ending for kags but deffinatly painful and how big is that egg? and why were they walking hand in hand?

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