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Eggnabbit! by Walter205

Egg Nabber! Egg Nabber!

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 The purifying arrow hit the bird demon dead center, the bird dissolving into ashes. Kagome looked down in annoyance at the small cuts across her forearms. Honestly, she just wanted some scrambled eggs for breakfast, and she had thought the nest was abandoned.

But no, like her the momma bird had been out hunting to put on a little weight to sit on the eggs. With said momma bird dead, Kagome reasoned that it would be better to scramble the eggs on a frying pan rather than to let them suffer the possibility of hatching only to be eaten while alive.

So, feeling a little guilty, but also consigned to her duty, she skipped off to camp with the single egg in her backpack.

* * *

Sesshomaru walked hand in hand with the bird demon, which was transformed into his human form. Lord Takiko of the southern lands was a powerful bird demon, but one without a mistress. But, as he had informed Lord Sesshomaru, one of his mistresses had recently lain an egg, and so the bird demon planned to take said mistress as a mate and adopt the future child as heir to the southern lands.

As they were approaching the nest, a familiar scent entered into Sesshomaru's nostrils, the scent of the miko that traveled with Inuyasha's group. The smell of burnt ashes also entered into his sniffing range.

They rounded the corner of the next tree and came upon the nest, or whatever was left of it. Lord Takiko stopped in shock, staring at the pile of ashes on the ground, and the empty nest.

" mistress...," stammered Takiko, falling to his knees in sudden group. Sesshomaru advanced, and upon sniffing around some more, turned his head in the direction from which the scent lingered.

"The baby is still alive," stated Sesshomaru in an firm and knowing voice. Takiko looked up to him in suprise.

"I know who took the baby and killed it's mother. A known associate of my half-brother," Sesshomaru again stated in a flat and disgusted voice.

"You can find him, and save my son, my future heir. Please, I beg of you Lord Sesshomaru, save my son, and I will grant your wish, a blood oath for me and my minions to protect your wards while the hunt for Naraku lasts," pleaded Lord Takiko.

"Done," said the demon, before disappearing into the wilderness, leaving a sad looking Takiko kneeling next to his mate's to be ashes.

* * *

Kagome kneeled down in front of the fire Shippou had prepared, taking her frying pan out of her bag, and settling it over the fire. The pan began to hiss as it started to warm up, and she removed the giant egg from her backpack.

Just as she was about to break it open and let the yolk pour out onto the pan, a rustling noise caused her to lookup.

A brilliant green whip lashed out of the woods, slicing across her left hand, the hand holding the egg. With a cry of pain Kagome dropped the egg to the soft ground and fell backwards onto her back.

Shippou left up to defend his mother from the unknown attacker, only to recieve a spray of poision into his face which left him rolling around on the ground, gasping for air he couldn't breathe.

"Shippou!" yelled Kagome, rising to her son's defense, only to be brutually backhanded across her face by a white hand with magneta stripes. The blow was incredible, lifting her off of her knees, her feet, sending her flying through the clearing to crash against a tree, where she lay still, not moving.

* * *

Sesshomaru stood over the fire, looking at the egg next to it. The hatchling was still alive and well, which was good. But if heat wasn't provided for it soon, it would die. For killing the future mate of the Southern Lands and trying to kill and eat it's future heir to be, Sesshomaru was tempted to disembowl the miko and use her innards for warmth, but that would only last for twenty four hours or so before her body cooled off. He could do it and use her body to transport the egg back to Lord Takiko, but he was in no condition to care for his heir, nor would be know how to.

No, the miko would have to do the job, but how was another question. His eyes traveled down her limp form. He could shove the egg down her throat, but then she would die from lack of air and still cool off in a mere twenty four hours. Her breasts, although ample, were not big enough to shove the giant egg in between. Her stomach, no fat there to hide it under. Her waist....

Her butt was her primary means of disgorging waste. If that was clogged up, the miko wouldn't last thirty six hours before expiring, either from her kidneys or rectum bursting, or from starving. But on her other end....

A small smile coming to his face, Sesshomaru took the knocked out miko into his arms and lifted off in his ball, flying off torwards his palace at breakneck speed....

* * *

Kagome awoke with a groan, tenderly rubbing her head where she felt a large bruise was. Or trying to.

Her eyes opened fully when she felt the bindings on her arms. She was lying on something soft, a bed she saw when she craned her head to the side. A cool breeze drifted in from the window, tickling her skin. She looked down and a loud 'eep' escaped from her lips when she saw her clothes were missing, all of her clothes.

Her gaze traveling across the room, she was startled to see Sesshomaru standing in one corner, a giant egg in his hand.

"What are you doing here? What have you done with me?" demanded Kagome, her anger rising, until a giant splitting headache made her lean her head back and she issued a small moan of pain.

Sesshomaru opened his eyes, keeping they opened no wider than slits, as he gazed at her helpess form.

"Miko, you have trespassed on lands of the Southern Lord, killed his future mate to be, and just before I intervened, had kidnapped and was about to make breakfast out of the Southern Lord's future heir to be," stated the demon lord in a flat, cold voice.

Kagome gasped when she heard the news, and went absolutley shock still. Her first emotion was overwhelming guilt, tears forming at her eyes and flowing down the sides of her head.

"To think that I would knowlingly do such a thing...when I came upon the nest, I thought it was abandoned, and the mother came back and attacked me...I didn't want to kill it then, but it pursued me when I tried to leave...I had to defend myself...I didn't want to leave the baby alone to hatch and die...I was hungry after all...," Kagome began to stammer out before Sesshomaru interrupted her.

"Normally, under such circumstances, the immediate penalty would be death. However, I have granted an exception in this case. If you are willing to keep the baby warm and protect it until it hatches, you will be allowed to live," said Lord Sesshomaru, something between a sneer and a smile on his face, one that Kagome with shut eyes didn't see.

She needed less than a moment to make up her mind and open her now red eyes again.

"Yes, I will do whatever it takes to save the innocent life of one that I almost destroyed," she stated in a firm and resolute voice.

"Good," replied Sesshomaru, leaping into bed immediatly.

With a suprised shriek, Kagome tried to close her legs, but only found that they were bound as well.

Not wasting anytime, having already shed his clothing, Sesshomaru pumped one, then two of his fingers into her nether region, sliding the fingers in and out, already developing a rythm. Normally he would have indulged in quite a bit of foreplay, but time was of the essence here.

Kagome's shrieks turned almost immediatly to moans as pleasure started to course through her lower body. To Sesshomaru's suprise, she was still a virgin, although he knew his brother still hadn't marked the eighteen year old girl as his mate.

He stopped at three fingers, and quickly positioned himself to her entrance. He waited just long enough to make eye contact with her, before plunging inside, breaking past her barrier and deep within her body. He wasted no time, for although the miko started and continued to wail then whimper in pain as her body was stretched too much than what it was meant to.

He continued until he reached his climax, spilling his seed into Kagome. Opening his mouth wide, he bit into her collarbone and neck, marking her as his mate. He pulled out, and before she could catch up with what was happening, he inserted the egg into her now wide, bleeding, although rapidly healing, entrance.

"What, happened?" Kagome whimpered.

"There is only one place in your body that the egg could be kept safe and warm until it hatches. The egg is in place now, and although very uncoomfortable for you, it will only take six weeks before it is ready to hatch and would be removed from between your walls. Marking you as my mate will enable me to take control of your body, if needed, to ensure that the egg will not be crushed. Just to make sure, you will remain in bed during his time period, although I will attend to my mate as needed," informed Sesshomaru.

"......" Kagome was speechless. She was now Sesshomaru's mate? When had she agreed to that?

"Oh, and welcome to the family, my mate," said Sesshomaru, kissing her forehead before walking out of the room, leaving a still naked Kagome tied to the bed.

The End


 Another quickly written story. Probably has a good amount of spelling or grammer errors, but hopefully not too many. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the story. See you next challenge perhaps.


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